Restaurants can now grow their business with Swiggy Brandworks, here’s how

May 19, 2022

As online food ordering grows, customer food choices continue to evolve. Restaurants and food creators can now count on Swiggy to help them cater to new taste buds; to reinvent their  offerings and grow their online food business.

Swiggy Brandworks works with restaurant brands on the platform helping them create unique ‘for delivery only’ menus and innovate with minimum investments.

Swiggy BrandWorks enables restaurant partners, with superior culinary capabilities and unutilised kitchen capacities, to co-create delivery focused brands. It aims to promote the proliferation of businesses with multiple brands under one umbrella within the capabilities of the parent brand.

Adding a new tadka to the good old brand promise!

With Swiggy Bandworks, restaurant partners can create different intriguing ideas out of a single kitchen, giving customers refreshing new experiences and menus with each ‘Virtual Kitchen’. Swiggy helps with the menu creation including portioning and pricing, go-to-market strategy, marketing and financial aspects to ensure the new brand grows sustainably. The brands on the other hand take care of the food and packaging as they operate out of their existing dine-in facilities.

Apart from nurturing the creative side of food demand, this initiative is helping restaurant partners maximize their kitchen’s full potential or set up new delivery only kitchens with a step-by-step approach. For instance, operational downtime in the kitchen and cuisine expertise analysis is practiced to eventually bring about  incremental revenue/profits for the restaurant. 

While meeting market demands drives menu concept creation, making business profitable for restaurant partners and stabilizing it is a consistent incessant effort. Swiggy Brandworks indexes on a  low-investment model, scaling rapidly and generating revenue for restaurants from day one with negligible capital investment — a win-win for all.

With a little help from Swiggy Brandworks

Since beginning in February 2020, Swiggy Brandworks has so far successfully co-created 66 sub-brands with 400+ outlets spread across 20 cities. Restaurant partners from cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad have so far been part of the initiative.

Swiggy Brandworks functions on the model of ‘Business Empathy’ – filling the demand gaps creatively while utilizing the operational gaps in kitchens of our restaurant partners and ensuring that they are profitable for them. We look forward to working with many such brands that have the potential to expand their culinary skills to satiate customer’s food craving in an asset light model.

After Swiggy Brandworks.. here are a few stories of change & success

“We started our journey to create RNR Biryani more than 1.5 years back. We wanted to launch by collaborating with one aggregator & considered Swiggy as our first option. We launched in collaboration with the Swiggy Brandworks team and during this short period, we have gone from one location to 14 including a physical outlet in Jayanagar, South Bangalore. Our business has grown exponentially & we were able to touch the INR 1 Cr target as per our goal. Overall, I am glad to have worked with the Brandworks team.”

“Chinese Hawker has a highly curated menu of popular dishes that Indians love to eat from Som Tam Salad, Satay, Chilli Chicken, Pad Thai to our Indian style Hakka noodles and chicken manchurian. All made from freshly made noodles and sauces every day.

Through our partnership with the Swiggy Brandworks team, we became an instant hit. We have grown 10x in the last two years. Their valuable insights from the data sets helped us achieve desired ROI and ROAS. Chinese Hawker is currently available from seven cloud kitchens across Delhi and Noida and we plan to expand our presence to entire north India in next two years with a vision to go national in 5 years. 

The truly phenomenal growth and support from the Swiggy Brandworks team gave us a business reason to go exclusive with the Swiggy platform. And why wouldn’t you when you are getting better capital efficiency with one partnership.”

“Brandworks by Swiggy gave our delivery brand “Kitchens Of Punjab” huge insights in terms of Outlet Positioning, Menu Engineering, Offers and Packaging.This association proved very successful for us as it brought in incremental sales and recognition for our brands.

Thank you Brandworks for the wonderful support offered to us.”

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