Wonder Women of the Food Industry.

March 15, 2023

Discover the women whose inventions have enhanced our lives.

While women have long been involved in our progress as a society, many of us are unaware of their contributions, especially in the field of technology. You’d be surprised to know just how many popularly used items were invented by women. From tech, to operations, to doorstep delivery, hundreds of women help Swiggy be an effective food delivery service. This made us curious about all the other women who have indirectly shaped convenience. 

Here’s a look at some women-led inventions that have impacted the food industry.

Computer Algorithms

The food items we suggest to you on the Swiggy app are based on an algorithm. The same goes for videos, music, news, or any other suggestions you receive on the apps you use every day. Algorithms are the foundation of tech functions around the world. The concept of computer algorithms was invented by a female mathematician named Ada Lovelace in the year 1843. She published the first paper on how machines can be programmed to perform certain actions using codes. Between then and now, several people have used her investigation as a foundation to build more complex computing devices. But, she is still considered the first computer programmer. Lovelace’s invention has grown to become intertwined in everything we do today, making life smoother, easier, and more convenient.

Flat-Bottom Paper Bag Machine

On seeing this machine, one man stole its designs and claimed it to be his, saying that a woman could not have invented such a machine. But the true inventor fought for her invention and became the first woman to be granted a patent in America. This was Margaret Knight, who invented the flat-bottom paper bag machine in 1871. Before Knight’s invention, paper bags were either conical or envelope-shaped. These bags couldn’t stand upright and were too weak to carry multiple items. Flat-bottomed bags needed to be made by hand, which made them expensive for commercial use. Knight’s invention produced flat bottomed bags faster, cheaper, stronger, and in bulk. Her machine spread all over America and enhanced the overall consumer experience for millions. She went on to create around 80 more inventions, with the paper bag machine being the most famous one. Through her work, Margaret Knight became a symbol of women’s empowerment.

Margaret Knight invented the flat-bottom paper bag machine in 1871.

The Ice Cream Maker

Before freezers were invented, ice cream was an exotic dessert enjoyed by the wealthy on special occasions. Making ice cream took a lot of labour and time, which made it difficult to produce in bulk, and thus expensive .But one woman named Nancy Johnson decided to change this. In 1843, Nancy invented a machine that brought salvation to many (especially ice cream enthusiasts). Her machine made the ice cream-making the process easier, faster, and more economical. She made the dessert available for everyone and at any time. 

Nancy Johnson  invented a machine that brought salvation to many (especially ice cream enthusiasts).

Coffee Filter

Though coffee was a popular beverage in the 1900s, making it was not easy. The existing coffee filters at the time left grounds in the brew, spoiled the taste of the beverage, and were difficult to clean. One day, an annoyed German homemaker named Melitta Bentz started experimenting to create a better filter. She replaced the filter cloth with blotting paper, and the result was a cheaper, disposable, and easy to clean coffee filter that made tastier coffee. Needless to say, her filtration system became an instant hit. After getting it patented in 1908, she started a successful coffee business named Melitta, which is still run by her family. 

Melitta Bentz, a German homemaker, experimented until she found an easy way to filter coffee.

The stories of these women and their spirit inspire us to continue innovating solutions that delight people. Today, all these inventions, in one way or another, are adding convenience to our lives, helping Swiggy deliver a rich culinary experience to you.

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