Swiggy Launchpad offers 0% commission for partners new to Swiggy

March 17, 2023

Restaurant brands that are new to Swiggy can unlock the potential of online food delivery free for a month. 

National, March 17, 2023: Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience platform, today announced the Swiggy Launchpad initiative with a 0% commission for the first month for new Swiggy restaurant partners across the country who want to experience and grow their business with online food delivery. 

The Swiggy Launchpad initiative is to encourage restaurants that are new to Swiggy to recognise online delivery as an incremental channel to kickstart their growth. With this, restaurant partners can potentially save up to INR 20,000 through commissions and other benefits, and potentially invest it back into their business to drive further growth. Swiggy Launchpad seeks to build a win-win relationship with the restaurant partner ecosystem.

Note: This is applicable only for brands who are new to Swiggy and not for new outlets/ brands of existing partners.

The Indian restaurant ecosystem sees tens of thousands of restaurants debut every month. However, from day one, they face the immediate pressure to get consumers to recover fixed costs. Over the years, online food delivery has emerged as a credible channel for new restaurants to accelerate consumer traction and growth. Yet, many brands are unclear about where and how to begin. The 0% commission will work as a great tester for these new restaurants, while also saving them some capital.

“We are consistently looking at avenues to encourage new food entrepreneurs to experience online food delivery.” said Rohit Kapoor, CEO Food Marketplace, Swiggy. “With 0% commissions for the first one month of their operations, we hope more restaurants, cloud kitchens and other food entrepreneurs feel confident about online food delivery and take the plunge. We look forward to welcoming many new partners”, he added.

Swiggy on an average has over 2.5 lakh restaurant partners enabled on its platform, and typically onboards about 10,000 restaurants every month on an average. This offer is applicable to all partners that are new to the Swiggy platform.

A long term partnership with restaurants

New restaurant partners (who have never been on Swiggy earlier) can avail several benefits enabling them to control operational costs and drive growth as they get oriented to online food delivery. This not only includes the commission waiver but also support in the form of a dedicated growth manager, free advertisements on Swiggy app, extended delivery radius, apps to manage business performance and create high quality menus, as well as data & insights through business intelligence dashboards.

To know more about this offer, restaurant partners can reach out to the Swiggy Partner With Us page (here) or write into Swiggy Partner Support <partnersupport@swiggy.in> or call at 080-46706906

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