From Petting to Pet-Parenting

April 11, 2023

For National Pet Day on April 11, Swiggsters shared their most cherished pet stories, the peace they bring, and how Swiggy’s WFH policy helped with their pet-parenting duties.

Swiggy is home to many pet parents who are also part of the company’s pet community. And, on National Pet Day (April 11), we asked a few of them how their lives have changed after getting a pet.

  • What is the cutest/funniest memory you have with your pet? 

Riya Rashmi: Every day is a cute memory. I find it the cutest when both my dogs sneak into bed to sleep next to me at night.

Sagnik Ghose: I remember a ‘Marley & Me’ moment from when my German Shepherd, Ace, was young. One day, I left for work, leaving Ace alone at home. When I returned late at night, all the lights were off and the house was unnaturally quiet. As I opened the door, I stepped into a puddle of water. When I switched on my torch, I saw that my house had turned into an ankle-high pool of water. This was because of Ace.
In her boredom, she crept into the washroom, pulled out the health faucet from its bracket, and chewed on it till the head came off. Over time, water flooded the apartment and shorted the main circuit. It took me five hours and three double bedsheets to wring the water off. I was angry then, but now I think about that incident and chuckle to myself. Ace lived a long and hearty life, and passed away peacefully in August 2022, at the grand old age of 15.

Sagnik Ghose with his dogs.
Sagnik Ghose with his dogs.

Anuradha Sharma: We recently went on a road trip which was Ivy’s first long journey, 10+ hours. Now she tries to get into the car every time anyone steps out of the house. It is hilarious because you cannot get her out, so you have to ride with her to the school, to sports practice, or to the grocery store. I think she liked the long drive, and I am now wondering how to rid her of this habit.

Sailen Ghosh: Yuki insists on giving you a back massage when she wants to wake you up (usually for food). Gutsu, the ginger, is more of a wildling, so there are plenty of funny (at times, frustrating) incidents with him. One thing I really love is how needy he gets when you return home after being away for a few days.

Priyanka Thaker: My cats show me complete disregard as they go about climbing around the house, breaking every glass item, chewing headphones, tearing my books, or eating my plants. But as soon as I start packing for Bangalore, all my 7 cats jump into the suitcase and won’t allow me to pack, not wanting me to leave. I find this really cute.

Being around plants and animals is said to have a positive effect on people. We asked our Swiggsters how having a pet impacts their wellbeing.

  • How has your pet helped your mental health?

Riya Rashmi: I adopted Coffee in 2020 during the pandemic. I was living alone and felt that he would be great company. He kept me so busy for the next few months that I really didn’t think about anything other than cleaning his poop and pee. I believe having a pet is a healthy way to be “busy”.

Sagnik Ghose: It is not just about having a pet, but being around animals and enabling them to live a happy life is what gives me mental peace. I have been working independently in the field of animal welfare, rehabilitation, and rescue for over ten years now, and have worked with scores of dogs. I believe there is no greater joy than giving animals their share of joy, love, and care, which they so richly deserve.
When I see a sick and ailing dog return to the pink of health with dietary, medicinal, and healthy living interventions, and when the spark comes back in their eyes, my spirit feels cleansed and my heart fills with joy. Being with animals and working for their betterment makes me feel fulfilled and mentally satisfied.
Like I keep saying, every home may not have a dog, but every dog must have a home!

Anuradha Sharma: There are many ways in which her presence has helped us. She is 4 years old now and is extremely lovable and friendly. She never leaves you alone, happily offers her company to anyone who is at home alone, nudges you to step out now and then, lets you know when she is happy or wants a tummy rub. She reminds you to keep life simple.

Anuradha with her dog Ivy.
Anuradha with her dog Ivy.

Sailen Ghosh: There’s something special about experiencing a living being grow and develop its own personality. Being a part of that nurturing process for both my cats has been incredibly rewarding.

Priyanka Thaker: They say cats think they are gods, so I am worshipping 7 of them at once. Jokes apart, my cats have taught me to be a chill mom and be a super-patient parent. I now react less and observe more, and feel more empathetic towards others. I guess I am becoming a better human through my cats.

Priyanka Thaker with one of her seven cats.
Priyanka Thaker with one of her seven cats.

Pets come with their own set of challenges and responsibilities. Pet parents are accountable for their fur baby’s food, exercise, training, socialising, maintenance, medical care, and more. This requires time, flexibility, and effort.

  • So, how has Swiggy’s WFH policy helped you become a better pet parent?

Riya Rashmi: Thanks to Swiggy’s work from home policy, I can take better care of my dogs. I can see both of them grow in front of my eyes, and I also get to take them for their evening walks. There is a vast difference between leaving your dogs alone at home and being there at home with them. The WFH policy has had a positive impact on my as well as my pets’ life.

Riya with her dog Vanilla.
Riya with her dog Vanilla.

Sagnik Ghose: Have to rush your dog to the hospital in the middle of the day? No problem! Unwind after a tough negotiation to just get back into the groove? Play with your pets for five minutes and you will feel better. Ensure that their meals are being given on time? Perfect. Attend business calls and ensure all your dogs are fed and tucked in? Done. Work from home has been such a convenient way to get things done without sacrificing the needs of your loved ones, which in my case are all my dogs.

Anuradha Sharma: She always cuddles under my desk or near my chair when I am working from home. She is my constant companion. I get to notice her habits, keep an eye on her food and diet. Because of her fur, she gets uncomfortable in the hot weather. So, I make sure to look after her, keep her healthy and energetic. In the past, we relied on house-help, but not everyone knows how to manage a pet. So it’s a big advantage to be working from home as a pet parent. As far as Ivy is concerned, I think she totally loves to have all of us around all the time and was possibly most happy when the lockdown happened.

Sailen Ghosh: Besides them creating a ruckus during our online meetings, having my cats at an arm’s distance while I work is nothing short of a privilege. Can’t comment on increased productivity, but one thing is for sure, I’m happier.

Sailen Ghosh with his cat Gutsu.
Sailen Ghosh with his cat Gutsu.

Priyanka Thaker: I am a co-parent of 7 beautiful indie cats. The WFH policy really helps me to be around them on days when there is a health issue or an emergency around them. Folks at Swiggy are very understanding and help me prioritise in such situations. I can just share things as is without the fear of being judged. There is no pressure to fit-in or to be a certain way. At Swiggy, I get to be myself, and that’s a blessing.

Riya, Sagnik, Anuradha, Sailen, and Priyanka are just five of the many people who have been touched by the love of their pets. The drastic rise in pet-ownership and adoption is a sign that an increasing number of people are realising the importance of animals in our lives.

This National Pet Day, treat your good boys and girls to some well-deserved belly rubs and delicious pet-friendly treats from specialised stores at Minis on Swiggy. Happy petting!

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