Does mint chocolate chip ice cream make you scream?

April 26, 2023

Ice cream flavours come and go. You tend to remember the ones that you really like, and the ones you genuinely dislike. Which category does this one fall in? 

How often do you face the dilemma of what ice cream flavour to order, either at a parlour or while ordering online? It is a tough choice – probably because the world of ice cream is full of delightful variations, complete with great toppings. Among the numerous options is mint chocolate chip ice cream. It has divided the fanatics and the enthusiasts alike. But before we get to the why, let’s first see how the creation came to be. 

There are two stories that cover the history of this combination. Baskin & Robbins have it on record that it was among the original 31 flavours they had when they first launched the brand in 1945. It has been a staple ever since and has even become a crowd favourite. On the other side of the spectrum is the story of Marilyn Ricketts. Originating 28 years after the Baskin-Robbins tale, the culinary student’s rise to fame was a royal wedding.

Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ’s only daughter, and her would-be husband, Captain Mark Phillips, were on the hunt for the perfect ice cream to serve at the wedding. Among the participants who saw this as their path to immortality was Marilyn Ricketts – the woman who won over the couple with mint chocolate chip ice cream.

She had aptly named it Mint Royale, and once they served it, there was no looking back for her or the flavour. Her dessert was crowned the champion and she was conferred with a Silver Cup as per traditions. This victory catapulted her to global stardom. The 1973 celebration brought to prominence an ice cream that has since developed a reputation. 

Brands lined up to interpret the flavour. Some people liked it because of the flurry of freshness it brought. Paired with the chocolate chip, the fresh taste rounded off the richness of the ice cream for them.  On the other hand, many disliked it (and continue to) because of its “toothpaste-like” taste. The mix of two contrasting flavours doesn’t sit well with some. The debates have continued ever since, and almost five decades later, there is still no unified answer. Despite the divide, one thing is for sure. Mint chocolate chip is here to stay. 

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