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July 5, 2023

Puneeth Kumar joined Swiggy in July 2021 and is currently a Graphic Designer (DeSo) at Swiggy. We are excited to present #ANewSide to Puneeth: the determined, passionate, and exciting. Read Puneeth’s story, for he is #MoreThanASwiggster.

Music, in one form or another, always surrounded me. As a child, I would listen to my grandfather playing the tabla and my father playing different percussion instruments. It was because of them that, despite being a shy kid, I took to the stage: through music, dance, fashion, and even acting.

Puneeth Kumar performing at Swiggy's 8th Anniversary Party
Puneeth Kumar performing at Swiggy’s 8th Anniversary Party

Art liberated me in a way nothing else did, and I ensured I always put it first. I remember I used to bunk my classes in school to practise music in the auditorium. After all, it was my first true love, and we all break some rules for it, do we not?

When I joined college to study Engineering, I realized it did not provide much space for artistic expression. Our college had fests, but only on alternate years. But, when all doors seem closed, I believe in finding a window to jump out. So, despite all lacks, I ensured I, with my friends, participated in as many artistic activities and competitions as possible. My friends became my biggest cheerleaders and supporters in my journey. 

We tried different art forms, slowly started to win competitions and eventually got on a winning streak! The shy kid in me was so proud and happy!

I particularly remember this one performance – we sang in a fest before a crowd of 2000 people. We were so nervous about how we would perform, but once we got on the stage, we did what we used to do best: we expressed ourselves through our music. The cheering in the crowd faded away the remaining apprehensions! To this day, I remember that moment with so much love, gratitude, and fondness.

As our journey continued, we wanted to do more and more. At that time, Kannada Rap was in its nascent stages. So, I thought, why not rap in my mother tongue? I experimented, wrote songs, and composed music, but my want for perfection, the team couldn’t release the music. We were waiting for the right moment and chance. But, before we could get it, Covid hit us, scattering the whole gang. 

The worst was yet to come – I lost my childhood friend and one of the most talented people in the group. It felt like I lost everything. I didn’t make music for two years. It felt impossible to pick myself up, but I took baby steps. I just could not let go of my music. I persisted – practised, analysed my music, asked for feedback, and kept moving forward.

As a Swiggster, I never thought I would get to display my music to my colleagues. But on Swiggy‘s 8th anniversary in 2022, I was encouraged. Supreeth Samuk heard my music and ensured that I performed. Since it was in Kannada, some of my colleagues didn’t understand the lyrics but loved the beats of my music. My music wasn’t just accepted, but applauded!

I still haven’t been able to release my music. It is mostly because of my camera shyness and the fact that I haven’t been able to find a decent director. Nevertheless, I am proud of my journey.

It’s because of this optimism that I didn’t give up. I am sure there will be a day when my music is properly launched for everyone to see. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the one to put Kannada Rap on the map.

There’s one thing I can say with certainty – I am nowhere close to being done.

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