SUN Mobility Partners with Swiggy to Make Last-Mile Delivery More Sustainable with E-Bikes

September 5, 2023

  • SUN Mobility will power over 15,000 e-bikes on Swiggy’s delivery fleet over the next 12 months 
  • With this deployment, Swiggy will be able to reduce Co2 emissions by as much as 20,000 tons every year, furthering its commitment to greener transportation 

Bangalore, September 05, 2023: In line with its commitment to transform last-mile delivery operations and promote sustainable transportation in the country, SUN Mobility, the leading provider of energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles (EVs), has joined hands with Swiggy, India’s leading on-demand convenience delivery platform to power more than 15,000 e-bikes in Swiggy’s delivery fleet in the next 12 months. 

Through this partnership, Swiggy’s last-mile delivery e-bike fleet will have access to SUN Mobility’s state-of-the-art battery-swapping technology and a wide network of battery-swapping stations. With the introduction of e-bikes into the ecosystem of delivery vehicles owned or leased by Swiggy’s delivery executives, Swiggy will be able to further its commitment to quick, dependable, and environmentally friendly deliveries. 

“We are happy to partner with Swiggy, a pioneer in the food and on-demand delivery industry, to drive the adoption of electric mobility in India,” said Anant Badjatya, CEO, SUN Mobility. “SUN Mobility is committed to promoting sustainable last-mile deliveries through electrification of the delivery fleet. Through our partnership with Swiggy, we will work towards our shared vision of reducing our carbon footprint, promoting sustainable mobility, and contributing to a greener environment. 

Mihir Shah, Head of Operations at Swiggy said, “As part of our early and long-term commitment to greener transportation, Swiggy is always looking for ways to increase the adoption of electric vehicles in our delivery fleet. Working with SUN Mobility allows us to solve concerns about access to battery-swapping stations. Our delivery partners can keep going without putting in extra miles or delays due to battery-swapping; all while giving them savings on fuel and vehicle maintenance and contributing to a greener environment.”  

Swiggy’s fleet delivers millions of orders each month with delivery executives traveling an average of 80- 100 kilometers daily. With quick access to battery-swapping stations in close proximity to hubs of delivery activity such as busy restaurants, Swiggy aims to encourage its existing fleet of delivery executives to transition to EVs. This will also enable them to save up to 40% of the vehicle running cost, positively impacting their earnings.     

The move aligns with Swiggy’s commitment to cover 8 Lakh Kms per day through Electric Vehicles By 2025. 

About SUN Mobility 

SUN Mobility is a global leader in offering battery swapping as a solution to the transportation industry. This technology makes it possible for electric vehicles to be refueled in a quicker, more affordable, and more convenient manner, facilitating the mass adoption of electric vehicles worldwide and the transition to a sustainable, pollution-free future. Founded in 2017, SUN Mobility is a joint venture between SUN Group and Maini Group and pioneers in areas of electric mobility and clean energy. The company is co-founded by Chetan Maini, previously founder of Reva Electric Car Company now Mahindra Electric, Uday Khemka, Vice Chairman of SUN Group, and Ajay Goel, Co-Founder & Executive Director, of SUN Mobility. In 2019, Bosch acquired stakes in SUN Mobility and has since helped accelerate SUN Mobility’s technological development as a strategic collaborator. The biggest independent oil trading firm in the world, Vitol, is also a strategic investor in the business. SUN Mobility’s energy solution, deployed at Swap PointTM, uses its interoperable battery swapping technology by means of Smart Battery, Quick Interchange Station, and Smart Network. SUN Mobility has deployed 550+ Swap Points™ in 18 cities across the country so far, powering over 230 million kms and over 9 million swaps in the country so far. Through our efforts we have been able to save ~40,000 metric tonnes of CO2, thus contributing to a greener and cleaner future.     

About Swiggy

Founded in 2014, Swiggy is India’s leading on-demand convenience platform with a vision to elevate the quality of life for the urban consumer by offering unparalleled convenience. It connects consumers to over 280,000 restaurant partners in hundreds of cities. Its quick commerce grocery service Instamart is present in over 25 cities. Swiggy’s latest addition, Dineout, offers users experiences in high-use categories like dining out and events in close to 25 cities across the country. Using innovative technology, Swiggy provides a hassle-free, fast, and reliable delivery experience. Every order delivered by Swiggy’s delivery executives, ensures a host of customer-centric features like lightning-fast delivery, no minimum order value, live order tracking, and 24/7 customer support. For more information, visit

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