Meet the Swiggy community that ‘catches’ the eye because of their enthusiasm

November 10, 2023

Saksham Kumar and Sumit Gupta didn’t run out of words when describing the connection between Swiggy’s Cricket Community members.

In recent months, the entire world has been swept up in cricket fever, and our Swiggsters are no exception! From the high-octane action of the IPL to the nail-biting moments at the Asia Games and now the Men’s World Cup, our Swiggsters have found a unique way to come together – the Cricket Community. It’s where they unite, exchange match insights, and even square off in online prediction battles.

At the heart of this passionate community, we have two cricket enthusiasts who are making all the difference. First up is Sumit Gupta, our Senior Engineering Manager at Swiggy, who’s been leading the charge for our in-house cricket fanatics. Then, there’s Saksham Kumar, a Software Development Engineer whose deep knowledge of the sport consistently propels him to the top of the charts in the Community’s engagement events.

Join us as we dive into their world and discover how they infuse boundless fun into the Cricket Community. Get ready for some sizzling hot takes on the sport and a glimpse into the magic that keeps our Swiggsters glued to the action. Let’s swing into this lively chat with Sumit and Saksham!

Saksham Kumar (SK): You know, my love affair with Cricket had the most epic start. It was way back during the T20 World Cup in 2007. I was just a young, innocent kid, busy watching cartoons when my dad insisted on catching the India match. And, like all kids, I didn’t want to give up the remote control without a fight! After a good old remote control tug-of-war, which I’m sure many can relate to, my dad emerged victorious, switched the channel, and bam! My six-year-old mind was completely blown! For those not in the know, the 2007 T20 World Cup is legendary for Yuvraj Singh’s smashing six sixes in a single over!

Saksham Kumar.
Saksham Kumar.

Sumit Gupta (SG): Whoa! That’s hands down the best way to get introduced to Cricket. What a great moment in cricket history as well.

SK: You bet! And that one moment snowballed into years of me being absolutely obsessed with Cricket. While the format and speed of T20 drew me in, I grew to love the game. I started following every match, no matter the format. Of course, India matches tend to steal the show, but I’ve always been all in, whether it’s an international match or a tour. Even today, with my schedule, I try to keep up with the game by checking the scorecard, squeezing in some highlights when I can or when time permits– watching a game in the stadium. 

SG: That holds true for me as well. I’m such a massive fan of the sport that I try to catch as many games as possible. It’s incredible how Cricket has evolved over the years. You mentioned 2007, and that was the maiden T20 World Cup. Since then, the game has witnessed an explosion in its fan base. It’s like a magnet for the masses.

Sumit Gupta.
Sumit Gupta.

SK: So, do you lean more towards T20 or are you a Test match purist?

SG: No way! Test Cricket holds a special place in my heart. I absolutely adore the commitment, resilience, and sheer display of talent in a gruelling 5-day test match. I’m not the biggest fan of the franchise-centric approach, early retirements, and the showbiz that T20 has ushered in.

SK: I get what you’re saying. It has gotten a lot more commercial, but I also think it’s made the sport more accessible. It’s funny how we’re coming from different schools of thought while sharing the same love for the game. That’s the beauty of Cricket, though – there’s something in it for everyone.

SG: Exactly. I’m not trying to be a purist, but I just have an unwavering affection for the 5-Day Test format. It truly showcases a player’s strengths. That said, I’m fascinated by how the newer, shorter formats have taken Cricket to the tiniest villages in India. It’s what unites us as a nation, rallying behind Team India, no matter where you are.

SK: Absolutely! That’s why World Cup season happens to be such a vibrant time in our nation.  Cricket is perhaps one of those special things that truly transcends everything. And at Swiggy we take it up a notch. Apart from the business side of it, we use it as an opportunity to connect with each other, use our knowledge of the game we love so much, and cultivate a sense of friendship with each other. Personally, I’ve gotten to know so many people from various teams thanks to the Cricket Community.

SG: And especially with a large part of our workforce working remotely, the chatter on our Cricket Community Slack channel is my everyday dose of water cooler conversation.

SK: Exactly, I’m often clued into the community’s conversations about each of the games. It’s such a treat to watch everyone pour in their opinions. These conversations flow so naturally, and it’s like attending a virtual game night, with everyone contributing their insights on how the match could’ve gone differently.

SG: We take arm-chair expertise to the next level! 

SK: Ha, you’re not wrong there. Who can resist offering their two cents, right? In fact, I have similar threads with my close buddies where we dive into a play-by-play discussion of the game, and it’s not all that different from our Cricket Community.

SG: You know, workplace communities can often feel a bit impersonal, mainly because of that “work” label. But that’s not the case at Swiggy. I think having the space to pursue your passion and witnessing people managers and senior leaders also share the same enthusiasm is what makes the Cricket Community so special here. It’s not just another work-related Slack channel; it’s like a group of friends bonding over a shared love for the game.

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