Top Street Foods to Try in Jaipur

December 15, 2023

Searching for the best street food in Jaipur? In addition to being a feast for the eyes with a rainbow of colours, the Pink City also promises a treat for your taste buds. The local street-side food scene in Jaipur boasts an intense gamut of flavours, right from sweet churma to spicy chaats, decadent sweet dishes, and thick lassis. From high-end eateries to undiscovered gems, the city’s foodies reveal their favourite street food delicacies you must not miss out on.

In addition to the famous attractions all around the city, one aspect that makes Jaipur a distinct city is its distinguished, varying flavours of endless street food items. When you are visiting the famous historic city, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to trying out the Jaipur street food items. 

Best Street Food Items in Jaipur

The unique and mouth-watering flavours of Rajasthani cuisines will make you fall in love with the local food culture of Jaipur. Here are some of the must-have street food items of Jaipur you must give a try.

1. Gol Gappas

Gol Gappas

To start with, Gol Gappas makes the local street food scene in Jaipur highly enticing and welcoming, especially for tourists from different parts of the country and the globe. The mouth-watering, flavourful taste of small-sized gappas will make you want for more. 

When in Jaipur, you will easily come across multiple street-side stalls offering this delicacy. The best part is that you get to choose from a wide variety of spicy, flavour-rich waters that the rich cuisine of the city has to offer you. 

2. Pyaaz ki Kachori

Pyaaz ki Kachori

It is one of the most sought-after specialities of Jaipur that you must have as you explore the beautiful city. Prepared with a mixture of flour, onion, and mélange of spices, this mouht watering snack is best served with green or tamarind chutney.

The delicious crunchy snack is native to the state of Rajasthan. As you team a hot piece of pyaaz ki kachori with your favourite beverage like hot tea or a glass of lassi, it will be a perfect evening-time snack. The famous eatery Rawat Misthan Bhandar in Jaipur is significantly famous for this delicacy. The taste here is simply unparalleled and unique in comparison to other stalls or eateries. 

3. Chaats


 The street food culture of Jaipur will be incomplete without a platter of delicious, lip-smacking chaat. The wide range of flavourful chaats, including aloo chaat, papri chaat, bhelp puri, sev puri, and so more, remains at the heart of Jaipur’s local street food scene.

In Jaipur, you will come across a number of street food vendors selling this delicacy, some with unique versions of their own. The spicy, mouth-watering flavours of chaats here are quite tempting.

4. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka

A famous street-side eatery named Hanuman Dhaba in Raja Park, Jaipur specialises in a wide range of dishes prepared out of paneer, including paneer tikka. The eatery is renowned for serving the softest and the most delicious paneer tikkas in entire city. 

As you taste the most flavourful paneer tikkas here, you can enhance the overall flavour by combining the same with green mint chuntey that serves as cherry on top. Famous street food vendors also serve raw onions as the side along with this scrumptious recipe. 

5. Falooda Kulfi

Falooda Kulfi

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this sweet delicacy the street food landscape of Jaipur has to offer you. Falooda kulfi is a sweetened form of ice cream dessert that is topped deliciously with falooda noodles in addition to a sweet rosy syrup. 

As you visit the Old City of Jaipur, you will easily come across a chain of street food stalls and eateries offering this sweetened speciality. Even amidst the overall chaos and maddening crowd, you will love relishing the sweetness and freshness of this dessert, especially on a hot sweltering day. The best part is that you can order from the best sweets restaurants online as well.

6. Mutton tikka

Mutton tikka

While you might regard Jaipur as a totally vegetarian delight, the non-veg lovers here will also not be disappointed. The Pink City offers a scrumptious range of non-veg delights as well to enlighten your taste buds. Mutton tikka is one such delicacy that is proof that Jaipur offers delectable flavours of a non-veg platter as well.

The juicy and spicy mutton tikka is best tried hot along with the flavorful mint chutney. If you are relishing something rich and tasteful while being in the comfort of your home, you can order this dish online from famous spots like Sethi Barbeque. 


Whether you prefer spicy flavours or something on the mellow end, the city of Jaipur will never disappoint you with its wide array of options for the best street foods. The city has an extensive network of sought-after street-side food stalls and vendors that are frequented by both locals and tourists. 

To enhance your overall experience, most vendors nowadays offer online food delivery option as well. Therefore, with the help of Swiggy, you can order food online in Jaipur and have a great time.


Jaipur is a food paradise for those searching for lip-smacking street food options. The city has a number of local food delicacies that impress one & all. Some of the must-have street food items here are pyaaz ki kachori, kathi roll, gol gappe, and so more. 

2. Where can I find the best street food in Jaipur?

Jaipur has endless options when it comes to trying out the best street foods. If you visit the Old City, you will come across a number of street food stalls and vendors selling distinguished delicacies that are hard to find anywhere else.

3. What is the specialty of Jaipuri Pyaz Kachori?

The delectable pyaaz ki kachori in Jaipur is one of the most sought-after street food items. The local delicacy features unmatched flavours, especially when you have it hot and fresh. It is one of the most favourite evening snacks that it best coupled with hot tea or chilled lassi. 

4. What are the must-try sweets or desserts in Jaipur?

As you visit Jaipur, you can also try a myriad of sweets or desserts in addition to savoury delights. Some of the must-have sweet dishes in the Pink City are ghevar, gajar ka halwa, rasmalai, mawa kachori, and churma. 

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