Kolkata Street Food: Best Dishes You should Not Miss Out on in 2024

December 18, 2023

Kolkata Street Food: Best Dishes You should Not Miss Out on

Kolkata, the cultural capital of the nation, is a food paradise for all food-lovers out there, especially for those craving for something sweet and delicious. Bengali sweets in Kolkata are a match made in heaven for those who have a sweet tooth. In addition to this, the extensive range of tangy, savoury, and spicy street food delicacies in Kolkata will indeed make you crave for more.

A visit to this majestic city is incomplete unless you have tried out the mouth-watering flavours of the best street food in Kolkata. The City of Joy boasts a vast spread when it comes to delighting its visitors with scrumptious street food options, right from lip-smacking puchkas to flavourful chaats.

Best Street Food in Kolkata

If you are in search of delicious food and a great value for money, Kolkata is one such divine city where your search ends. There are a myriad of drool-worthy street food options in Kolkata providing quick bites, substantial in quantity for a fuller meal.

From the spicy jhal muri to piquant puchkas and even succulent kathi rolls, every nook & corner of the city has its own street food celebrity and a loyal group of customers swearing by their taste. Here are some of the must-have street food options you should try in Kolkata:

1. Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll

Enjoyed by non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike, these hearty and delicious flatbread rolls are a must-have amidst all the chaos of this metropolis. The rolls are usually stuffed with an assortment of savoury fillings. Due to the overall taste and unique flavours, this street-side delicacy has earned itself quite a name in the city’s local culinary scene.

As a matter of fact, Kolkata is regarded as the birthplace of this scrumptious dish. The dish was founded at the iconic Nizam Restaurant of the city. In its original form, the dish consisted of a kebab meat filling within a rolled parantha for the overall portability and convenience of eating.

2. Phuchka


Delighting your senses with a stuffing of mashed potatoes and sprinkled with spices, these rounded phuchkas are a street-side delicacy you will find locals relishing. The stuffed phuchkas are then dipped in pickled water to enhance the overall flavours. To give your taste buds a boost, most street-side vendors in Kolkata nowadays offer the option to choose from a wide range of pickled water, including lime water, pudina water, heeng water, and so more.

Phuchkas typically belong to the notorious Gol Gappa family. However, the unique taste of Kolkata and its special fillings are something that make phuchkas distinctive and highly tempting.

3. Fish Cutlet

Fish Cutlet

Featuring chopped fish and a wide array of mix veggies, the mixture is shaped into small-sized discs. These discs are then dipped into a flavourful batter. Eventually, the discs are deep-fried. This scrumptious snack in Kolkata is a delicious street food delicacy that is readily available across food stalls of the city.

Some of the street food vendors prepare this snack by simply dipping fish fillets into the batter and deep-frying the mixture. It is a delightful local delicacy amongst the locals of the city.

4. Luchi & Alu Dom

Luchi & Alu Dom

Fairlie Place is the central location of the city from where a majority of business operations take place. Therefore, you will find this street to be quite crowded and maddening all the time. As you watch corporate professionals in formal attire moving pace and forth, you can make way for some scrumptious street-side delicacy in the area. Even if you are ordering online, there are several eateries offering the must-have Luchi and Alu Dom in Kolkata.

Luchi is a smaller portion of the famous puris. On the other hand, Alu Dom is a Bengali version of the classic Aloo Dum. In addition to this combination, you can also try out the spicy, flavourful Alu Dom with rice and kachoris from Bengali cuisines.

5. Jhal Muri

Jhal muri

A quick and easy munchy, Jhal Muri is a famous street food in Kolkata that is simple to spot in any nook & corner of the city. The snack is deliciously tossed with a mix of plain puffed rice, peanuts, coriander, spices, tomatoes, onions, chillies, and other interesting ingredients.

The absence of oil and cooking procedure makes this famous snack one of the best street food options in Kolkata. The ultimate dish is served in conical paper sheets. Pair the snack with hot tea, or simply munch when you are craving for something lightweight and flavourful.

6. Shingara or Samosa

Shingara or Samosa

Samosa, as we know in other parts of the nation, Shingara in Kolkata is a famous triangular snack with different types of stuffing to enhance your taste buds. If you crave for a delicious snack, you can order a plate of Shingara in Kolkata and pair the same with a cup of hot tea.

In addition to potato stuffing, you also get mouth-watering variations like mutton shingara or chicken Shingara. Whatever choice you make, you are bound to fall in love with the local flavours of the city.


The street food culture in Kolkata is vibrant and endless. With a number of must-have street delicacies in the city, you will be spoilt for choices when you wish to order online in Kolkata.


1. What is the best time to try street food in Kolkata?

There is no specific best time to try street food in Kolkata as it can be enjoyed through all seasons. However, if you are craving for something unique and unforgettable, the wide range of evening snacks and delicacies here bring out their best flavours.

2. Are there any vegetarian options among the top street foods in Kolkata?

Yes. There is a myriad of options when it comes to relishing vegetarian delights in the streets of Kolkata. If you are a vegetarian and looking for the best street food in Kolkata, you can try out dishes like shingara, pani puri, dosa, sandwich, and so more.

3. Is street food in Kolkata expensive?

Kolkata is one of the metro cities in India that boasts the most budget-friendly street food options. Whether you are dining at a plush eatery or a street-side vendor, you can be assured of both top-notch flavours and pocket-friendly rates to enhance your overall experience.

4. Are there any sweet street food items to try in Kolkata?

Kolkata is famed for its mouth-watering offering of the best-ever desserts and sweet dishes in India. As you wish to explore the sweet culinary pleasures of Kolkata, some of the must-have sweet dishes here are Mishti Doi, Rosogolla, Chhanar Jilipi, and so more.

5. Are there any street food tours in Kolkata?

If you wish to indulge in the divine experience of trying out the must-have street foods of Kolkata, you can be a part of an ultimate street food tour by navigating the most famous streets and neighborhoods. Otherwise, if you are in the mood to sit back and relax in the comfort of your home, you can order food online in Kolkata from Swiggy. 

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