How Swiggy Empowered India to Celebrate NYE ’23! 

January 9, 2024

Discovering the memorable orders and trends across India on New Year’s Eve 2023.

Welcoming the new year is an exciting occasion at Swiggy. Is it just us or do you also experience a boost in energy at work, the warmth of the holiday season, and a sudden urge to join the gym? Though it’s only a change of calendar year, it feels like the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new journey. 

The orders Swiggy served on New Year’s Eve shows you too love having a blast celebrating the occasion. And if you’re like us, we’re sure you must be curious about how food enthusiasts across India bid farewell to 2023 and welcomed 2024! 

Here are some assorted trends that give us a glimpse of how India celebrated the occasion.

Food Trends:

  • India’s love for biryani scaled higher than the fireworks, hitting a rate of 1244 biryanis ordered per minute. The top three cities ordering the most biryanis were Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. 
  • 1,04,12,762 people wished their distant loved ones by ordering food for them. When we saw one user feeling left out, we sent them some goodies as a friend. The surprise and delight of the user was totally worth it! Also, the gesture ended up going viral.
  • One smart user from Hyderabad beat the prime-hour order rush by placing 33 orders well beforehand!
  • Mumbai showed its love for the South Indian delicacies by ordering the highest number of idli-vadas on NYE. Spreading the love beyond cultures, one Swiggy user from Bangalore ordered 95 samosas. 
  • One more fascinating moment was when a user from Surat ordered 200 packets of ketchup; sounds like a saucy party! 

Quick Commerce: 

  • 2023 had lots of highs to celebrate! That’s why Instamart saw a 10x increase in searches for tonic water, cocktail mixer, and glasses.
  • But who said you need alcohol to let loose? Here’s a kicker: more than 22,000 users ordered buttermilk on New Year’s Eve! Hinting that people who know how to party can have a good time with anything!
  • One city which didn’t hold back on snacking essentials for its party was Delhi. The hearty city  spent a whopping Rs 16 lakhs on chips and mixers alone! Imagine how much they must have spent on the main essentials.
  • 2023 must have been a hectic but fulfilling year. India not only partied responsibly but also loved responsibly, as condom orders peaked at 1722 packets per minute on NYE. 
  • There were no compromises on partying all out. 4377 users ordered Red Bull to make sure they were fully prepared to party all night. These people sure weren’t winging their orders!
  • Speaking of bulls, why should our four-legged buddies be left behind? Pet parents and animal lovers all over the country made sure their furry friends were also included in the festivities. After seeing 1220 pedigree packs being sold on just NYE, everyone knew someone had let the dogs out!
  • As the night got closer to bidding farewell to 2023, more than a million active users adorned the Swiggy app to amplify their celebrations. Gyms from all over the country started calling us to get a few tips on attracting a crowd.

Going the extra mile:

  • Taken by people’s enthusiasm and the celebratory spirit, Rohit Kapoor, Swiggy’s CEO – Food Marketplace, declared free deliveries on food and Instamart orders for the entire night!
  • To be sure no one’s partying on an empty stomach, delivery executives took to the popular Marathi phrase ‘Jevlis Ka?’ to ask whether every city has enjoyed a good meal. 

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