Taste of Tradition: Top Must-Eat Traditional Food Items in Delhi

February 25, 2024

Being the capital city of India, Delhi significantly contributes to the rich heritage and unmatched culinary essence that is difficult to find anywhere else. The historical capital of the country is also the Food Capital of the nation. From high-end international cuisines to lip-smacking street food delicacies, Delhi, as we fondly refer to as “Dilli,” is bound to blow your mind in every sense.

The love of the capital city for food will make you explore narrow unknown streets to plush, top-rated restaurants of the city. From budget-friendly variations of the famous traditional food in Delhi to splurging fine-dining options, the overall romance of Delhi with its traditional delicacies never discriminates. If you are fond of traditional, local cuisines of a place, you must try out the scrumptious variations of the best traditional dishes in Delhi.

Best Traditional Food of Delhi You Must Try

In terms of the best traditional dishes of Delhi, the city features an impressive amalgamation of cuisines revolving around delicacies from the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and even Maharashtra. Starting from world-famous international cuisines, you can head to the unparalleled flavour of the classic Mughlai cuisine.

Traditionally speaking, a blend of ancient Mughlai and Indian styled cuisine is now regarded as the authentic, traditional Delhi cuisine. Some of the must-have traditional dishes of Delhi are:

1. Chaats

Samosa Chaat

Indian cuisine, particularly traditional cuisine of Delhi, is synonymous with spice and rich flavours. The iconic chaat is evident of this fact in every sense. The different flavours of chaats and the manner in which they are prepared might vary from one region to another. Simple, yet flavourful, chaat signifies an umbrella term that encompasses various other must-try variations of chaats, including Aloo Tikki Chaat, Dahi Papri Chaat, Aloo Chaat, Papri Chaat, Samosa Chaat, and Dahi Bhalla. 

Across Delhi, chaat has garnered the reputation of the ultimate go-to dish that has been famous through generations. In a typical chaat plate, potatoes are the staple ingredients. From scrumptious aloo tikkis to hot cutlets served with a spicy condiment of different chutneys, chaats are a must-have when you are visiting Delhi. 

2. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

Trust us! Only Delhi holds the status to deliver the best-ever flavours of the iconic dish Chole Bhature. It is one of the most sought-after traditional dishes of Delhi and available across every nook and corner of the city. The local vendors and top-rated restaurants here make extra efforts when it comes to making the fluffiest bhatures.

To top it all, rich and flavourful chole is also prepared with a secret recipe by most vendors out there. A staple in a number of places as a popular breakfast option, this mouth-watering choice is one of the most sought-after dishes in entire Delhi.

3. Paranthas

Aaloo Parantha

In addition to serving as the household staple and a leading breakfast delicacy for Delhiites, fulfilling paranthas are also a famous traditional street speciality. From the standard salt base to a wide array of stuffing options, this Indian bread serves both as a main course or an accompaniment. 

The sought-after local delicacy in Delhi is available as both vegetarian and non-veg options. Some of the famous variations of this must-have dish are Keema Parantha, Aloo Parantha, Chicken Parantha, Paneer Parantha, Gobi Parantha, and so more. As you move away from the famous Parantha Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk, you will come across several other famous spots to order online from. Some of the best places to order a plate of parantha in Delhi are Prem Dhaba, Punjabi Angithi, Moolchand Parantha, and so more. 

4. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

The scrumptious traditional preparation was introduced into the capital city back during the 1950s. This celebrated recipe is one of the most popular curries of the entire capital. Also referred to as Murg Makhani by people from different parts of the country and the globe, this creamy curry blends in the perfect notes of the rich cashew nut paste with spices to delight the food-lovers of the city with the best-ever curry.

The presence of succulent chicken pieces in a rich gravy is indeed a heavenly delight. Delhi is famous for being the origin center of this heavenly curry. In the modern era, you can find this dish in almost every non-veg eatery and highway dhabas. It is best enjoyed with naan or rice. Order your scrumptious bowl of Butter Chicken from famous hotspots in Delhi like Mann Makhani, Prem Dhaba, Mughlai Mahal, and The Pal’s Kitchen.

5. Kebabs and Rolls

Kebabs and Rolls

Infused with the aroma of burnt coal and coated with delicious charred marinades, kebabs in the capital city deliver a heart-warming feel of true traditional flavours. Well-adapted to the attitudes of Delhiites, these scrumptious kebabs can be enjoyed both individually or even wrapped in paranthas, rumali rotis, naans, and other flatbreads to form a fulfilling roll.

A popular traditional dish of Delhi, in both variants, you can enjoy kebabs with a side serving of raw onions and fresh mint chutney. Some of the most sought-after forms of kebabs in Delhi are tikkas, seekh kebabs, and galouti kebabs.


In most instances, the overall love for food in Delhi surpasses all emotions. These popular traditional dishes in Delhi are fine instances of the same. You can enjoy scrumptious delicacies by ordering food online from Swiggy.


1. Are there any traditional food items in Delhi that have an interesting historical or cultural backstory?

Most of the traditional food items in Delhi have a rich history and influence. Most of them have been significantly influenced by the British Rule, the Mughal Dynasty, and the migration of people from all parts of the country and the world.

2. What are some traditional food dishes in Delhi that are known for their rich and aromatic flavours?

As you delve into the rich traditional flavours of the capital city, some of the must-have dishes in this context are Chaats, Chole Bhature, Butter Chicken, Kebabs, and much more. The dishes here are famous for their rich taste and aromatic vibes.

3. Are there any traditional food items that are considered iconic to Delhi’s culinary heritage?

There is a myriad of food items that form an integral part of the rich culinary heritage of the capital city. For instance, iconic dishes like Chole Bhature, Butter Chicken, Kebabs, and so more have been prevalent in the food culture here for generations.

4. What makes Delhi’s traditional food items unique and worth trying?

The unique flavours and the rich cooking style of scrumptious dishes here make Delhi traditional food items highly sought-after across the nation. You are assured to drool over the rich preparations and unparalleled tastes that are difficult to find anywhere else. 

Most of the traditional food items in Delhi are inspired by Mughlai or ancient Indian cuisines. Therefore, they are highly relished on special occasions or even festivities. 

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