Best Street Foods You Must Try When You Are in Kochi

February 29, 2024

Kochi is one of the most developed cosmopolitan cities of Kerala. Over several years, the city has been under the influence of travelers from all parts of the world and even colonizers. Its local culture and food landscape have also been influenced by the Portuguese, Dutch, British, Chinese, and Arabs. The city has a vibrant history and remains home to different cultures that have inspired and adapted a unique cultural identity. 

The street food of Kochi is renowned and significantly rewarding for those who wish to explore the interesting cuisine here. Indeed, the overall craze with seafood is quite obsessive and real. There is much more to the city’s culinary trails that can only be unveiled when you trudge through the narrow lanes and streets like an ultimate foodie with a mission. 

What are the Best Street Food Items of Kochi?

Kochi or Cochin is the beautiful cultural capital of the highly endowed state and usually a melting point for your overall adventure in Kerala. Kochi is the perfect place for travellers who are interested in beaches, food, and history. Some of the must-have items to try out from the local street food in Kochi are:

1. Dosa


Rated as one of the best street foods in entire South India, Dosa is indeed a must-try local delicacy in Kochi. For the best-ever combination, try the famous ghee roast dosa with piping hot sambhar and chutney. 

The delicious Dosa batter is prepared with lentils and fermented rice. The batter is initially spread out and roasted lightly until it becomes crisp. The world-famous South Indian delicacy is simply mouth-watering when you have it from the esteemed street food vendors in Kochi.

2. Appam and Stew

Appam and Stew

Appam is a traditional dish in Kerala. Its combination with hot stew is immensely light and flavourful. Appam is typically available as a form of rice pancake featuring a thick, soft center with thin, crispy sides. 

Prepared out of a mix of coconut milk, fermented rice flour, and coconut water, Appam can be consumed with vegetarian gravies like the stew. Alternatively, if you are a meat-lover, you can also have appam with a rich non-vegetarian gravy like mutton or chicken curry. Usually, this famous local dish in Kerala is paired with meat stew or vegetable stew cooked in creamy coconut gravy to leave you spellbound.

3. Idiyappam with Curry

Idiyappam and Curry

Idiyappam can be regarded as a fun variation to the standard flavours of appam. Also referred to as the String Hopper, this delicacy in Kochi is a rice-based noodle dish that features a number of entwined rice strings bound together to offer a delectable texture.

Idiyappam is prepared by mixing salt, water, and rice flour. The noodle-like snack can be consumed with almost any type of curry to taste the best. You can order a vegetable stew or a spicy egg curry with your plate of idiyappam to enhance your overall experience.

4. Idli Sambhar

Idli Sambhar

It is one of the most fulfilling and the healthiest breakfast options across Kochi. In addition to South India, Idli Sambhar is a popular breakfast dish across the world as well. The dish is a perfect combo featuring fermented rice cakes and a delightful, spicy curry with vegetables, lentils, and aromatic spices.

While it is a favourite dish for its overall taste, Idli Sambhar also serves to be quite nutritious and fulfilling. Nothing can beat the overall comfort of soft, warm idlis with piping hot Sambhar with a topping of chutney to enhance the overall taste.

5. Kerala Puttu Kadala

Puttu Kadla Curry

The famous Puttu and Kadala curry in Kochi is a highly sought-after breakfast savoured across the city and the state. Puttu is available as steamed rice cake that is prepared in a cylindrical mould. The cake also features the goodness of coconut to bring about the healthy, tasty breakfast combination you will adore.

At the same time, the popular Kadala curry is a spicy version of a delicious curry prepared with black chickpeas cooked in a thick coconut-based gravy.

6. Payasam


Kochi has a special recipe for this famous South Indian delicacy. As a matter of fact, payasam is one of the most favourite desserts or sweet dishes in entire South India. Payasam is a popular sweet dish that is prepared on special occasions or festivals across Kerala.

The dessert is usually served at the end of meals. The overall preparation time and method might vary from one vendor to another.


If you are visiting Kochi anytime soon, it is a great idea to prepare a proper list of the must-have street food delicacies here. There are several veg as well as non-veg options to choose from. If you are getting short of options, you can always browse through the extensive menu of the must-have dishes on Swiggy. You can order food online in Kochi and enjoy it in your comfort. 


1. What street food is Kochi famous for?

Kochi is famous for its rich culinary and street food scene in Kerala. When you are in Kochi, you can try out its wide range of scrumptious street foods like porotta, fish molly, idli sambhar, dosa, and so more. 

2. Are there any unique street food experiences in Kochi?

There are several street food vendors in Kochi offering unique, innovative food experiences to the food-lovers here. For instance, you can come across innovative versions of the standard dishes like dosa and idli sambhar across multiple street food stalls.

3. Is there any particular street food market or area to explore in Kochi?

The streets or lanes of Broadway, Marine Drive, and Fort Kochi are some of the most sought-after destinations to explore the high-end street food scene in the city. You must explore these streets and try out the famous street food stalls here. 

Yes. There are several healthy, nutritious, and delicious vegetarian street food options in Kochi. If you are searching for veg options in Kochi, some of the must-try street food items are dosa, porotta, idli sambhar, and so more. 

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