Chennai’s 3 Layers Takes the Restaurant Experience to New Heights.

February 29, 2024

How Swiggy bridged the gap between a multi-sectioned restaurant and its potential customers.

Have you ever thought of starting a restaurant with no prior experience in F&B? You’re not alone. Hari Krishna, the owner of Chennai’s beach-facing restaurant 3 Layers, was just like you.

This is the story of how one person set out to achieve their dreams, the challenges they faced, and how Swiggy helped them navigate through uncharted waters. 

3 Layers is home to a range of savoury dishes.

Laying the foundation

Besides being a foodie, Hari was far from the F&B industry prior to launching his own restaurant. He laughs as he says, “Previously, I worked in a land acquisition job. I had no experience with running a restaurant business. I ventured into this field without a degree or a course in this field. I am learning on the go by letting my instinct guide me.”

So why start a restaurant now? “I noticed a gap in the F&B industry in Chennai. Some places had great food but not great ambience and vice versa. And the few places that have both are expensive. I wanted to bring these elements together and offer them at a reasonable price. This is why I started 3 Layers.” 

The restaurant that started in December 2022, is a three storeyed building with three different experiences under one roof; family dining on the ground floor, a dance club on the second floor, and a rooftop pub on the third floor.

Hari says, “Being situated on the coast allows us to serve a unique variety of seafood, and more, all at a reasonable price and of the highest quality.”

Hari Krishna, the owner of 3 Layers.

Learning the curve 

Since its launch, the restaurant has garnered positive reviews for its food, service, and the concept. But the challenge was that word was not spreading fast enough, and the restaurant was not receiving the footfall they wanted. 

“I put together a concept, product, and service, but discovered that I needed help in marketing this offering to people, especially via digital means. This is when we joined hands with Swiggy,” he says.

“Initially, we only focussed on getting people to visit and experience 3 Layers in person, but Swiggy helped us with delivery orders. This added to our revenue and further boosted our visibility, which ‌brought more customers to the restaurant. With Swiggy, we could build a strategy based on their knowledge of the market and their understanding of our offering. They also helped optimise our operations, staffing, and packaging,” Hari mentions.

Breaking the ceiling

Leading the account from Swiggy’s side is Dominic Renold, who says, “After studying their account, we decided to take an online route to achieve our offline goals. First, we revamped the menu with original pictures and accurate descriptions of dishes. We showcased all three types of setups by uploading lively pictures on social media and on the Swiggy platform. Then we invested in boosting their visibility on social media platforms, encouraged customers to write a review, launched ads, and even engaged in influencer marketing. We also got 3 Layers on-boarded to the Swiggy Dineout service, which specialises in increasing footfall through table reservations. This multi-pronged approach increased their sales by 200 percent.”

With this digital-first approach, Dominic worked with 3 Layers to increase their footfall, while opening an additional revenue stream in the form of online deliveries. 

Dominic Renold, Swiggy’s Account Manager

“Swiggy has introduced us to a world of digital business. They keep me updated with the latest insight on market trends, campaign ideas, and on how the business is performing. Swiggy also helps us with recommendations on pricing, discounts, combos, and offers,” adds Hari.

So what does the future hold for 3 Layers? Hari says, “For now, our focus is on expanding our online business and building our orders there.”

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