Vizag: Best Street Food Items You Must Try

February 29, 2024

Vizag or Visakhapatnam is a popular South Indian city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is primarily renowned for its stunning coastline and pristine beaches. The city also boasts a rich history, peaceful locals, and lush greenery along with a highly sought-after street food scene. 

In addition to the succulent flavors of seafood, the city also surprises you with its array of gourmet dishes that are widespread across the famous eateries and even street food vendors. Vizag is also famous for its mouth-watering local cuisine that will enhance your taste buds to a completely new level. If you are making plans to visit the city anytime soon, you can go through our list of the best street food in Vizag that you must try.

What are the Best Street Food Items in Vizag? <h2>

Vizag is a city wherein beaches are beautiful extensions of homes and the local food scene meets the hearts of the residents and tourists alike. The city is popular for its scenic beauty and unmatched culinary delights that are loved by one & all. Here are some of the must-have street food delicacies of Vizag that you should not miss out on your next trip:

1. Punugulu


Punugulu is available as a small-sized, rounded dumpling that is too irresistible in the overall taste. This popular local snack is prepared with the help of pounded rice, split black gram, and urad dal batter. The snack is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside to entice your taste buds.

When you order a plate of punugulu from a famous street food vendor or eatery in Vizag, you will usually get complimentary delicacies like coconut and ginger chutney. 

2. Tomato Bajji

It is a famous superstar dish across the beautiful beaches of Vizag. When you are taking a stroll across the pristine Vizag beaches, you will encounter a number of street food vendors selling this delicacy. 

The dish is prepared by coating tomatoes in a batter of besan or gram flour. The balls are then deep-fried and cut into halves while serving. The tomato cups inside the batter are usually filled with a mix of delicious muri mixture and crunchy peanuts. Everyone in the city savors this popular local dish. You can also try out the other variants featuring brinjal or bread. 

3. Muri Mixture

Muri Mixture

This snack is an iconic street food delicacy in Vizag. The dish shares the same glory as that of jhalmuri in Kolkata. The snack item primarily features puffed rice mixed with a variety of condiments, including onions, tomatoes, peanuts, spices, and chillies. The overall preparation method tends to vary. 

A good dash of lemon adds to the overall tanginess while adding great flavours to the dish. Some of the street food vendors innovate the dish by adding galangal and mangoes. It is usually the daily ritual of the residents to head to the beach, buy a pack of muri mixture, and enjoy the sea breeze.

4. Cheekulu


As you explore the street food lanes of Vizag, whiffs of grilled meat are assured to hit your senses. Across most of the famous lanes of the city, you will find street food vendors or carts selling chicken skewers. 

The rich recipe of this famous snack item features marinated succulent pieces of chicken that are pierced into bamboo skewers. These skewers are placed on a hot plate of coal while being cooked by continuous fanning of the oven with the help of a hand fan. The process helps in imparting the classic barbecue flavour to the dish. 

4. Aratikaya Bajji

Aratikaya Bajji

Could you imagine a street food delicacy prepared out of aratikaya or raw banana to serve as a highly sought-after dish? In Vizag, it is! This local delicacy is prepared with the help of slices of raw banana coated with the besan or gram flour batter. The batter is enriched with the goodness of a myriad of spices and salt. Then, the mixture is deep-fried to enhance the overall flavors.

This local delicacy is available at almost all famous eateries and street food stalls in the city. When you order them, you are given a plate of sliced or cut pieces. The raw banana mixture is usually stuffed with chopped onion or fried groundnuts to boost your overall experience.


When in Vizag, there is no dearth of options when it comes to indulging in a high-end gastronomic adventure. If you wish to try out the true local flavors of the city, you must give its street food a try. The best part is that you can now order food online in Vizag from Swiggy to enjoy your favorite dishes right in the comfort of your home.


1. What street food is Vizag famous for?

There are several famous street food items in Vizag. As you visit its famous landmarks and beaches, you will encounter several street food stalls selling some of the most delicious and sought-after local items, including muri mixtutre, punugulu, dosa, liver kebab, and so more. 

2. What are some famous sweet dishes available on the streets of Vizag?

In addition to a wide range of savory delights, you can also enjoy delicious sweet dishes or desserts in Vizag. If you are craving something sweet and fulfilling, some of the must-try items are motichur laddu, malai peda, rasgulla, kaju katli, and so more. 

3. Where can I find good street food in Vizag?

Vizag is home to several street food stalls or carts selling some of the most scrumptious dishes for you to try. If you are exploring the city or ordering from home, you should know about the famous places to order street food from. Some of the famous hotspots in Vizag are Ramesh Hot Chat, Dayaram Sweets, and Sri Sivarama Reddy Sweets. 

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