Best Must-try Street Food in Faridabad to Impress Your Taste Buds

March 10, 2024

Serving as a major part of the renowned NCR region surrounding the capital city of India, Faridabad is equally responsible for maintaining the overall status of the reputation of the capital city in terms of everything, including food. There is no denying the fact that Delhi is famed across the nation and even abroad for its scrumptious spread of must-have street food items. 

As you explore Faridabad, you will search “food restaurants near me” and the results will list a number of establishments, kiosks, food carts, and local stalls around the town serving some of the most sought-after dishes by the locals. Quite similar to Delhi, the street food of Faridabad also offers a myriad of options for all food enthusiasts. It serves as the centre of a plethora of high-end restaurants and famous street food vendors offering delicious recipes that are affordable at the same time.

What are the Best Street Food Items in Faridabad?

Serving as one of the largest cities in North India, Faridabad features an interesting blend of people, cultures, and even cuisines from surrounding regions. Referred to as the Cosmopolitan City of the state of Haryana, Faridabad brings forth a seamless blend of intense flavours by presenting an array of must-have street food items in its vicinity.

The delectable street food scene of the town takes its inspiration from the Royal Kitchens of the Mughals and the British Rule as well. Some of the must-have street food delicacies in the town are:

1. Chaat


As a North Indian, you must crave a delectable plate of chaat from time to time. Thankfully, Faridabad has no dearth of options when it comes to trying out the most delicious variants of chaats. As you order from famous street food vendors and eateries like Sanjar Chaat Bhandar in the town, you can try out some scrumptious variations like Aloo Chaat, Papdi Chaat, Dahi Bhalle, Gol Gappe, and even Tikki Chhole. 

If you wish to try out something unconventional and fiery, a plate of spicy, flavour-rich chaat is a must-have in the town. Some street food vendors go ahead with experimenting with the innate flavours of the dish and making it more drool-worthy for food lovers.

2. Chaap


In addition to a delectable plate of chaat, the overall love of the locals for scrumptious chaaps is undeniable. If you wish to enjoy the most delicious servings of chaap on your tour to Faridabad, you must not miss out on the heavenly flavours offered by Veer Ji Chaap Waale. 

It is one of the most famous eateries that is renowned for its extensive menu of delicious chaaps with interesting add-ons. The best part is that you can enjoy the exquisite flavours of this famous dish at highly affordable rates. Across Faridabad, chaap is a famous evening snack item that is loved by both locals and tourists alike. With an extensive menu of several chaap variations, you must order some of the highly sought-after options, including Afghani Chaap, Malai Chaap, Tandoori Chaap, and so more. 

3. Dosa Chole

While you might be easily mistaken with the name, the dish does not typically feature a dosa with chole rather than the standard potato filling. Served across multiple street food stalls and carts of the town, Dosa Chole typically features fried bread with spicy chole tucked inside in the form of a sandwich.

To enhance the overall flavours, the dish is also enriched with a number of delicious sauces and other condiments. The scrumptious flavours of this dish are so irresistible that you will end up ordering a plate or two to fulfill your culinary cravings.

4. Fire Manchurian

Fire Manchurian

While we refer to Fire Manchurian, we are not highlighting the use of fiery spices in the preparation of this famous local dish. We mean FIRE on literal grounds. A must-have for all spice-lovers, the dish is prepared by burning the Manchurian balls directly by using flames to light up all the ingredients and impart a delicious smoky flavour.

The distinguishable smoky flavour of the local recipe is highly sought-after by the residents of the town. It has instantly become one of the most favourite Indian Chinese recipes that you would love to try out. 

5. Cheese Bhaji Burger

Cheese Bhajji Burger

Wouldn’t you start drooling at the picture of the roadside stall combining the richness of spicy bhaji with extra-buttery cheeseburgers? While there are limited stalls serving this delicacy, you would be astounded by the overall taste and uniqueness of this famous local dish in Faridabad. 

The stalls in the town serve ultimately delish cheese bhaji burgers featuring the filling of the juicy, flavourful bhaji along with cheese slices. The entire burger bun is then fried with an abundance of butter and served piping hot. It is also known locally as the famous Heart Attack Bhaji Burger in Faridabad.


While not a major street food delight, the town of Faridabad is still famed for its local street food scene. Featuring close proximity to Delhi’s street food in terms of variations and overall taste, the street food items in Faridabad are equally delectable. The best part is that now you can order food online in Faridabad from Swiggy to make the most of your culinary experience.


1. What is Faridabad street food known for?

The local street food scene in Faridabad is renowned for its rich flavours and uniqueness in terms of the dishes served. The local food scene here also bears quite a resemblance to the street food culture of the neighboring capital city.

The city is filled with a number of options when it comes to trying out delectable street food items. Some of the must-have street food delicacies here are chaat, chaap, bhaji cheeseburger, fire Manchurian, and so more. 

3. Where can I find street food in Faridabad?

There are several streets and lanes dotted with several street food stalls that serve some of the most delicious items you would relish. If you wish to order food online from Swiggy, you can search your desired food items and order from the list of available restaurants and eateries in the city.

4. What are some sweet treats available as street food in Faridabad? <h4>

Several sweet items are highly sought-after in Faridabad. Some of the must-have sweet dishes here are motichur laddu, malai peda, kaju katli, and rasgulla. You can come across street food vendors selling these delicacies in the city. 

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