Get on an Impressive Gastronomical Journey by Trying Out the Best Street Food of Aurangabad

March 10, 2024

Aurangabad has a historic significance in terms of serving as one of the ancient cities of India. It is a beautiful historic city in the state of Maharashtra. As far as trying out the vibrant street food culture of India is concerned, Aurangabad deserves a special mention. The spectacular city is not only renowned for its architectural marvels but also for its scrumptious street food.

The local culinary scene of Aurangabad offers an amazing blend of rich flavors, getting significant influence from the regional Marathi and Mughlai cuisines. Let us help you dive into the delectable world of street food in Aurangabad as you get to discover some of the local dishes that make the city a food-lovers paradise.

What are the Best Street Food Items in Aurangabad?

The culinary scene of the city is a nod to the influence of Mughlai cuisine due to its rich history. A number of local dishes in the city are prepared with recipes that have been handed down across centuries. They turn out to be rich, spicy, and loyal to the royalty. 

As Aurangabad is situated within the state of Maharashtra, the city’s street food culture also borrows unique dishes and cooking techniques from the local style of cooking, including the use of powdered spices to deeply flavoured veggies and meats. When in Aurangabad, here are some of the must-have street food in Aurangabad you should give a try:

1. Naan Qalia

Naan Qaila

Getting its origins from the rule of the Mughals in the area, Naan Qalia is one of the most iconic dishes of Aurangabad. It is available as a succulent meat curry. The rich, spicy curry is prepared by using tender pieces of mutton. The succulent mutton pieces are cooked tenderly by adding a blend of rich and flavourful spices.

As the gradual process of cooking proceeds, the meat pieces become tender and perfectly complement the flavour-rich, spicy gravy. This scrumptious curry is best served hot with naan, a type of soft Indian bread. As far as trying out this dish across the street stalls is concerned, the dish serves to be a true testament to the historical significance of Aurangabad.

2. Bhadang

Bhadang, chana dal

It is a type of snack that is tangy and spicy at the same time. Bhadang is also known as Murmura in several other parts of the nation. It is a popular snack item that unveils the love of Aurangabad for tangy and spicy flavours.

The snack item is prepared with the help of crispy puffed rice mixed with peanuts, an array of spices, and crunchy fried chana dal. With every bite you take of this delightful dish, you will be offered a burst of rich flavours. It serves to be a perfect combination of your favourite snack with a leisure stroll you would love taking through the bustling streets of Aurangabad.

3. Tandoori Chaat

Tandoori Chaat

Try out this tangy twist to the standard chaat flavours. The local delicacy blends the best, rich flavours of Indian street food culture with influences from Gujarat and Punjab. Across the streets of Aurangabad, you will spot this delightful snack item Tandoori Chaat, offering a unique culinary experience.

The famous local dish features a wide range of common chaat ingredients, including crispy papdi, tangy chutneys, diced veggies, yoghurt, and a generous amount of tandoori paneer or Indian cottage cheese. The charred, smoky flavours of the tandoor add an amazing twist to this high-end chaat experience. Therefore, it has become a must-have street food delicacy in Aurangabad.

4. Sev Bhaji

Sev Bhaji

It is a must-have, scrumptious breakfast delight that is loved by both locals and tourists alike. For the locals here, indulging in a plate of delicious sev bhaji is almost a breakfast ritual. As you order a plate of this flavourful dish from a street-side vendor or an eatery in the city, you will get a mildly spiced and flavour-rich gravy prepared out of tomatoes, onions, and a mix of spices.

The dish is served piping hot across most street stalls. To enhance the overall flavours, the dish is beautifully garnished with crispy sev, a type of fried noodles. Given the overall rich texture and divine flavours, this dish is a satisfying and hearty breakfast option that will make you feel energised throughout the day.

5. Shawarmas and Kebabs

Shawarmas and Kebabs

There is no denying the fact that kebabs and shawarmas are exquisite Mughali treats that you must try out in Aurangabad. A visit to this historic city is incomplete without relishing the drool-worthy shawarmas and kebabs offered by multiple street food stalls and eateries. 

Whether you are trying out the flavour-rich chicken shawarmas or succulent kakori kebabs, these hearty dishes offer a unique burst of flavours and spices. The best non-veg food nearby carries forth the true essence of the popular Mughlai cuisine, a signature cuisine in Aurangabad.


Aurangabad has a rich historical significance. At the same time, its local culinary scene is equally tempting and sought-after. If you wish to indulge in the high-end street food scene of Aurangabad, you can go through our list and order your favourite dishes online. You now have a chance to order food online in Aurangabad from Swiggy as you get to relish your favourite delights in no time.


1. What are the famous street foods in Aurangabad?

As you wish to give the local street food items of Aurangabad a try, you can come across a number of options that are equally delicious and tempting. As you are visiting the city, some of the must-have delights here are dal bafla, tandoori chaat, kala jamun, and so more. 

2. Where can I find the best street food in Aurangabad?

There are several streets and narrow lanes in Aurangabad that are dotted with famous street food stalls and eateries to satiate your cravings. For instance, you can come across leading street food vendors across famous streets like Nandgaon Road and Nirala Bazar.

3. How spicy is the street food in Aurangabad?

Due to its rich influence from the local Marathi and Mughlai cuisine, the street food culture of Aurangabad is known for its rich, spicy delicacies. The dishes served across the city are slightly on the spicier end. However, you can still customise your order by ordering online from Swiggy.

4. Does Aurangabad offer any special street food for sweet lovers?

For all the sweet lovers out there, Aurangabad has a list of special sweet dishes and desserts. Some of the must-have sweet dishes here are kala jamun, emarati, and jalebi.

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