How Food Delivery Apps Are Changing the Way We Eat?

March 10, 2024

Suppose we travel back in time. You are hungry but tired. Yet you want to have your favorite meal which would require you to do some quick shopping, chopping, and cooking. Not to forget the vessel-washing post-dinner. You had to go through all these or skip it. Even going to a restaurant requires you to get ready and step out. But now, you have an extra option. Order your favorite food and freshen up. Your food will be at your doorstep within half an hour. This is the simplest way to explain how online food delivery apps are changing the way we eat. There is more to food ordering apps, and this blog will explain how it has made our lives more convenient and has largely influenced the food industry. 

Rise of food delivery apps and their impact on the food industry

The number of online food delivery app has increased ever since the pandemic. Before the lockdown, we had some food-ordering apps which were widely used. Now, a new crop of such applications has been coming up. Like multiple restaurants, you have loads of food delivery apps, especially in big cities. 

In retrospect, the growth of these applications is similar to our watching experience and development of OTT platforms. Like we get to explore a range of films and series from different languages and regions, we can now also consume food in the comfort of our houses and try several varieties and cuisines. There are several ways of ordering food. While you can still go the traditional way, some eateries like Dominos Pizza have their own delivery services, whereas others go the modern way and sign up with delivery partners like Swiggy and others.

The Convenience And Accessibility They Bring To Consumers

There is just so much comfort with an online food delivery app. You don’t have to reserve prior or wait in a long queue to get the table. There is, of course, waiting time until your food is prepared and delivered. But you can do whatever you want while you wait. A small nap or a game, go for it. Eating is something that we do as a duty when we are in a hurry and as a pleasurable act when we are tired after a long working day or when it is finally a holiday. A taste of your favorite food can go a long way in bettering your mood. So, when you get to eat them easily at your own convenience, you don’t want it any other way. With food ordering apps, the accessibility to the different restaurants is also good. You get food from all the best restaurants serving nearby and from the ones located far off. Suppose your favorite restaurant is an hour away from your place. You can easily order in and enjoy. It gets better if you pre-book it anytime. So you can get the delivery at the preferred time, and you don’t have to wait anymore. The payment is also convenient. You can pay through cash, online payment, card or net banking — all types of payment facilities are available with delivery platforms. Right from choosing your favourite food to enjoying it as you savour the taste, the convenience and accessibility that the delivery apps offer you make eating an even better and gratifying experience. 

Food Delivery Apps Change The Way We Eat And Drink

If you always like to have company while eating or find it too difficult to eat alone amongst a crowd of people, you would know the numerous benefits that online food ordering has offered. Likewise, people who love watching something as they munch their favourite food understand the great deal of joy and satisfaction you derive with the help of such applications. 

Take this scenario, for instance. What if your loved one who lives in a different city suddenly falls sick? You can’t probably reach them without spending time travelling to their place. But they might need some instant support. At times like these, you can order some soup and other healthy drinks which get delivered to them quite quickly. Rest assured, by the time you get there, they’ve at least had good food and have regained some strength. 

It has also stopped us from limiting ourselves. You no longer need to have the same food on multiple days just because that’s the only meal available in your vicinity. You can order any food that is listed on their platform. Be it Chinese, Korean or English, you can even have one cuisine every day, and there is going to be absolutely no hassle. Sometimes we might want to meet our close friends and have some fun. Before, you might have to either go to a restaurant or at least get a takeout if you want to enjoy some private time. But it’s just gotten several times better because now you can also do a get-together at one of your houses and chill all day and night, order in, and enjoy your “us” time. Besides, if each of you likes a different cuisine or is in the mood to try different dishes, worry not. Order from the several restaurants available and you can enjoy many varieties at once. 

Future of Food Delivery Apps

As we discussed earlier, there has been a largely significant increase in the number of food delivery partners and there is an equally increasing number of customers who are starting to prefer and opt more of ordering food online. Of course, with more applications, there is more competition. But on a bright note, the world of food delivery doesn’t suffer from the monopoly that hampers progress in many industries. Besides, it benefits both customers and restaurants, an extra hand at this age of fast delivery is quite helpful.

PS: There is also an increase in discounts; who doesn’t love a good deal?! 


Food delivery applications and the facility to order online have changed the way we eat in multiple ways. Suppose you had any midnight cravings and the food is only available in a restaurant, you would have to wait for a whole night before you get to relish it. But now, you can order and dig in. Besides, these apps have also changed the 4Ws and 1H. It has altered how, when, why, where, and what we eat. With the growth in the digital world, the space of food delivery platforms and online ordering is not a mere fad to fade away any time soon. 


Can I find exclusive deals and discounts on food delivery apps?

Yes, you can find exclusive deals on food delivery apps. There are also discounts based on several occasions and the payment mode you choose. If you can’t find the right code to get the deal, you can always search on the web to find the current discounts offered and the code to be used.  

Are food delivery apps safe and secure for online transactions?

Yes, food delivery apps are absolutely safe. You can rest assured your online payment transaction is secure and your personal data is well protected. You can also save your card details to use for future payments to make it a more seamless process. 

What role do customer reviews and ratings play in food delivery apps?

Customer ratings and reviews help you narrow down your choices in the food ordering apps. It gives customers immediate clarity about the restaurant, the best food available, and their service.  

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