How to redeem Swiggy Money Voucher Code?

March 16, 2024

Swiggy is one of the leading online food ordering and delivery platforms in India. As the market for online ordering expanded, the company also extended its delivery services to groceries through Swiggy Instamart and package delivery with Swiggy Genie. To keep up with the changing times and lead the ever-growing market, they have numerous discount options and deals that intrigue the customers. One among those several facilities is the voucher aspect. 

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Have you heard of the Swiggy Voucher Code? Do you not know how to use Swiggy voucher? It is one of the several offers Swiggy provides customers to enrich their food ordering and eating experience. If you are someone who orders often and spends a lot of money on food deliveries, Swiggy money vouchers are your best friends. It makes this whole process cheaper and more affordable for you. Best part? You can use the offer to even order groceries. Here is your guide to learning how to use Swiggy e voucher and learn about its innumerable benefits. 

Swiggy Voucher Code

Before you understand how to use the Swiggy voucher, you must know what this voucher is and its benefits. A Swiggy Voucher aka Swiggy Money Voucher Code is a digital code that can be used as currency to make payment. 

Use of Swiggy Money Voucher Code

The Swiggy Voucher Code is used to make payments while you are ordering food online. It is a form of a gift coupon that helps you get additional discounts. So you will have to pay only a lesser amount for the same food. 

Step by Step Guide on How to redeem Swiggy Money Voucher Code

Swiggy voucher codes are quite easy to redeem once you know about the steps. One of the best aspects of this platform is its easy usage and navigation. So don’t worry, you can redeem your Swiggy money voucher in simple steps.

Account Section

To start your redeeming process of the Swiggy Money Voucher Code, you must first know where to find the redeem option. You can log in to your account on the app version and go to the “account section”. It is vital to remember that Swiggy money voucher codes are not available in the website version.

Swiggy Money

Even if you receive offer codes, it is important to activate the option to be able to receive further benefits. There is a separate but easy process to use the Swiggy Money option. You can click on the “Swiggy Money” option in the account section and you can select “Activate Swiggy Money”. The facility will be instantly activated and ready to use.


While there are no other restrictions or rules to use the voucher except that you have a logged-in account, to be able to use the Swiggy money, you should have the minimum KYC. So, if you have not done it, process your KYC digitally to be able to process your Swiggy Money Voucher Codes.


Once the KYC is done, you can see the option to “Add Voucher” on the Swiggy Money page. It will be in the form of a link. Click on the link to redeem the voucher. 


If you check the voucher you received, you will have a pin, which is also known as the Swiggy Voucher Code. You can now enter the voucher code and pin of your Swiggy Voucher on the new page to redeem your gift card. 


Once you have entered the details, click on the submit option and the amount will be added to your Swiggy wallet. This money added to your wallet is powered by their banking partner. You can use the money while making online orders for both food and grocery. But this money can only be used from your wallet. You can’t transfer to any other account. 


There are several other discount options available on the Swiggy application. What you need to be sure about is the expiry date on the coupon. While the Swiggy Voucher is expected to be valid for somewhere between 6-12 months, you might sometimes get codes that are valid only for a certain date. In addition, ensure that you finish your KYC and log in to your Swiggy Money facility to be able to access these codes. 

In these changing times, we have all got used to ordering services. On the good side, we get to satisfy all our cravings without any hurdles. But it also leads to increasing expenses and it is vital to be mindful of those. At such times, such discounts and deals help us to gratify our cravings while also keeping our expenses under our budget. Therefore, ensure you use these discounts and vouchers to the utmost benefit. 


Are there any expiry dates for the Swiggy Money in my wallet?

There are expiry dates for the Swiggy Money Codes. It is usually six months to one year. You can redeem the money on any orders before the expiry date. But once money is loaded in your Swiggy Money, it doesn’t have any expiry date for validity. 

Can I transfer or exchange Swiggy Money Voucher Codes with others?

Yes, you can transfer Swiggy money voucher codes to your friends or family. Swiggy lets you gift these vouchers to anyone. So you can transfer or exchange these vouchers and it is a very easy process. You can share the voucher details and pin with others and they can redeem and enjoy the benefits. 

Can I use multiple Swiggy Money Voucher Codes on a single order?

No, you can only use one Swiggy Money Voucher Code on a single order. If you have money in your wallet, it helps you reduce the expenses. The coupon policy of Swiggy doesn’t allow you to use multiple codes at once. So, you can split your orders to enjoy Swiggy money voucher codes or save it for a different occasion. But make sure you use it before the expiry period so your Swiggy Money Voucher Code doesn’t go wasted. 

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