Discover Ahmedabad: Famous Sweet Delights of the City

March 17, 2024

From Basundi to Godpaapdi, there is so much sweetness you can include in your platter as you are visiting Ahmedabad. While the local Gujarati cuisine here in the city is quite sweet itself, the world-famous sweet dishes and desserts here are a unique treat in themselves. If you are visiting the textile hub of the country, it is high time you try out the famous sweets in Ahmedabad. 

In addition to all the amazing snacks, including dhokla, khandvi, Gujarati thali, and others, the local Gujarati cuisine in Ahmedabad also offers a delectable range of sweet dishes that are not easily available in any other region. The best way to relish them is in the comfort of your home, as you can now order food online in Ahmedabad from Swiggy.

What are the Most Famous Gujarati Sweets in Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is known for its local street food culture. People from all parts of the nation visit the city to acknowledge its delectable range of local delights, both savoury and sweet. Therefore, if you are a sweet-lover, you must try out the famous desserts the city has to offer. You can easily spot some of the local sweet restaurants or street-side food stalls in the city.

On your next trip to Ahmedabad, here are some of the must-have sweet dishes that you should try:

1. Basundi


It is a famous pudding-like sweet dish from the popular Gujarati fare. The popular dessert item is a close cousin of the North Indian delicacy rabdi. In addition to Gujarat, basundi is a highly sought-after sweet recipe across other neighbouring states, like Maharashtra and some parts of South India as well.

It is a popular milk-based dessert that is prepared out of sweetened condensed milk while featuring the divine flavours of saffron and cardamom. Depicting a slightly thick consistency and texture, basundi is typically served chilled while featuring a delicious garnishing of chopped nuts and dry fruits.

2. Golpapdi


It is a simple yet mouth-watering combination of jaggery and wheat flour. The highly sought-after local sweet recipe is quick and easy to prepare and has, therefore, garnered the respect of a household Gujarati sweet dish in Ahmedabad. Most of the locals prepare this dish on special occasions or festivals like Diwali.

Additionally, it is also common to spot this delicious sweet across leading sweet shops of the city. In typical Sindhi cuisine, golpapdi goes by the name of sukhadi. The version that is prepared out of jaggery is known as Gur Papdi. During the preparation, flour and jaggery are kneaded together while imparting a biscuit-like shape to the final dish. The dish is then eventually set in the refrigerator. 

3. Atte Ka Sheera

Aate ka sheera

It is a mouth-watering, rich, and decadent dessert popular across Gujarat. The sweet dish is also popular across state boundaries in some parts of Rajasthan. Prepared during festivals like Makar Sankranti and Diwali, atte ka sheera is the name given to halwa.

The thick, wheat-based pudding is prepared by cooking wheat flour and sugar in a generous amount of ghee. The dish is sweetened with the help of jaggery or sugar. During preparation, the halwa is stirred continuously to bring about the desired taste and consistency. To enhance the overall flavours, most local sweet shops garnish the sheera with chopped dry fruits and nuts.

4. Mohanthal


It is yet another iconic sweet meat in Ahmedabad. It is not just a popular dessert item across Gujarat but also widespread across neighbouring states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Mohanthal is available as square-shaped bites that are prepared using unique ways in different regions.

While the Rajasthani version of the sweet dish features khoya, the delicate Gujarati version is made without any mawa. As you visit a local sweet shop in Ahmedabad, you will be mesmerised to witness its preparation. Aromatic gram flour is stirred continuously in generous amounts of ghee and milk. The ultimate goal is to make the overall paste thick and consistent. Chopped nuts are added to the mixture while being allowed to set in a large thaal. Once settled, the dish is sliced into smaller pieces and enjoyed scrumptiously. 

5. Doodh Pak

Doodh Pak

As the name of the dessert implies, this famous sweet in Ahmedabad is prepared by featuring the goodness and richness of fresh milk. To prepare this heavenly dessert, milk serves as the primary ingredient. 

To bring about the best flavours, milk is stirred continuously with the addition of sugar and rice. Doodh Pak can be regarded as the thickened version of kheer. During its preparation, milk is boiled slowly on low flame, after which sugar and other flavours are added. The use of saffron in its preparation lends it a drool-worthy aroma. At the same time, garnishing with chopped nuts helps in enhancing the richness of the sweet dish.


Gujarat is a sweet state throughout. While featuring sweetness and immense hospitality in its savoury items, the sweet dishes and desserts of Ahmedabad are a must-try. As you visit the beautiful city, it is imperative for you to try the best of both worlds. There are endless options to choose from. You can even order food online in Ahmedabad from Swiggy to enjoy the delicious flavours in your comfort zone.


1. What are some sweets unique to Ahmedabad?

When you are in Ahmedabad, there is a wide range of delectable sweet dishes that you should not miss out on. Some of the highly sought-after desserts in the area are gol papdi, gur papdi, basundi, and doodh pak.

2. Where can I buy traditional sweets in Ahmedabad?

The city of Ahmedabad features several popular sweet shops and eateries offering the goodness of traditional sweets for you to try. Some of the must-visit destinations are Rajkamal, Dhree Marutinandan, and Shreeji Khana Khazana.

3. When are sweets particularly enjoyed in Ahmedabad?

There is no specific season to enjoy the sweet delicacies of Ahmedabad as they are available through every season and can be enjoyed anytime you prefer. Still, if you are visiting the city on special occasions like a festival, you can relish the true sweet flavors of the city at its peak.

4. How are Ahmedabad’s famous sweets made?

Most of the famous, traditional sweets in Ahmedabad, including doodh pak, are prepared using conventional methods. These traditional methods of preparing the most delectable sweets have been passed down through generations to deliver the best taste and experience. 

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