Discover Vellore through its Food: Famous Food You Must Experience

March 17, 2024

Once a centralized location for ancient dynasties, the famous Fort City of Vellore is gaining a huge impetus across the world for its ancient heritage and architecture. The city is also renowned for its world-class medical facilities along with historic monuments and religious sites. At the same time, the historic city also serves as a major educational hub for most aspirants out there.

Due to its widespread fame, Vellore experiences the inflow of thousands of tourists every year. As such, the local food scene in the city is diverse and delectable at the same time. In Vellore, you can come across some famous food chains and high-end restaurants serving some of the most delicious recipes you will ever have. If you have planned a visit to this ancient city, it is high time you prepare a list of the famous food of Vellore you must try.

Which is the Most Famous Food of Vellore?

As you think about the food of Vellore, you might think of signature dishes like idlis, dosas, and other South Indian delicacies. However, there is much more to the city’s rich platter featuring a divine range of multi-cuisines to fulfill your palate. 

Known for its wise use of spices and rich flavors, Vellore brings forth the best blend of ancient Mughlai recipes and South Indian palates. Most of the dishes here are unexplored delicacies but will tantalize your taste buds nonetheless. If you are planning to visit this famous South Indian city, here is a list of famous foods in Vellore you must give a try:

1. Chicken Varuval

Chicken Varuval

Chicken Varuval is a spicy delicacy featuring the richness of dry-fried chicken and a delicious curry to complement the overpowering flavours. The dish has been derived from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu. It is a highly sought-after curry dish in Vellore. 

The dish features an intense flavour of spices and herbs as tender chicken pieces are fried until they are almost dry. The spicy dried chicken gravy goes well with Indian breads and steamed rice. If you are looking forward to trying a classic Tamilian plate, you should not miss this dish. Seasoned with flavour-rich cardamom and a delicious coating, the dish is often creamy and thick and a delight to have.

2. Pazham Dosai

Pazham Dosai

It is a simple dosai recipe that is quite widespread across Vellore. The recipe is prepared without any fermentation or grinding. It is also famously referred to as Instant Banana Dosa. Fortified with the goodness of sesame seeds and flavoured with the empowering aromas of green cardamom, the dish features the sweetness of powdered jaggery and bananas. 

Pazham Dosai is a fulfilling, delicious snack that is often consumed as breakfast by the locals. The overall greatness of the dish lies in its overall simplicity. Even without any fermentation or grinding, the dish smells heavenly. With the presence of aromatic spices, it is a healthy snack to munch on.

3. Meen Kuzhambu

Meen Kuzhambu is a mouth-watering, spicy curry that is traditionally prepared in a mud pot across rural areas. The use of the traditional cooking method amplifies the overall flavours of the curry multiple times.

In this heavenly dish, Meen implies fish and Kuzhambu refers to curry in Tamil. Therefore, it is a popular Tamil-style fish curry recipe that is highly sought-after by the locals of Vellore. With the use of traditional cooking methods, the fish is cooked in a spicy curry featuring onions, spices, tamarind, and tomatoes. All of the ingredients of the dish are sauteed in sesame oil. The curry resembles rasam while delivering a burst of flavour.

3. Biryani

In simpler words, a classic plate of biryani features the divine amalgamation of rice and meat. Traditionally, this drool-worthy recipe is prepared in a leather pot on an open fire. The dish is often combined with a myriad of unique ingredients to bring about distinctiveness in the overall flavours.

In Vellore, the historical dish is loved by one & all. The famous restaurants and street food vendors of the city serve scrumptious mutton biryani to fulfill your senses. Traditionally, piping hot biryani is served on a coconut tree leaf. With an assortment of chutneys as delicious condiments, there is no denying the fact that biryani is a popular delight.

5. Barotta

Barotta is a layered flatbread prepared out of processed flour or maida. In Vellore, it is a popular street delicacy that is loved by locals and tourists alike. The dish is also served on special occasions or festivals in the region.

The dish is prepared by kneading maida with ghee and eggs in addition to water. The dough is effectively kneaded and beaten to form multiple thin, paper-like layers. These layers are eventually spiralled in the shape of a round ball. The balls are then flattened by rolling while being fried in a pan. The flatbread is usually consumed with a spicy curry like chicken or vegetable kurma. It is a famous South Indian delicacy. 


As you are visiting Vellore, you can savour these famous dishes and make the most of your trip. Make your stay in Vellore even more enjoyable by ordering food online in Vellore from Swiggy. As you order the famous dishes of Vellore online, you will get doorstep delivery to help you have a great time.


Which foods are must-try in Vellore?

Vellore is an ancient town featuring an extensive range of must-have food items. If you are visiting Vellore, some of the must-try food items here are vadai, murruku, pakodas, barottas, and so more. 

Is Vellore food influenced by other cultures?

Vellore has seen the rule of multiple ancient dynasties. Therefore, the cuisine and dishes here are a reflection of the ancient kitchens, with recipes being passed down through generations. The rich food culture in Vellore takes inspiration from the royal kitchens with the use of spices and fresh ingredients. 

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