Flavors of Ajmer: Discovering the City’s Most Famous Sweets

March 17, 2024

The local Rajasthani cuisine in Ajmer boasts its royal culture and traditions. The locals of Ajmer prefer their delicacies to be full of flavours. In addition to savoury delights, the sweets in Ajmer are delicious and sinful. There is so much on the platter for everyone, spice-lovers and sweet-tooth.

Once you have had a spicy, fulfilling meal in the famous Dargah City, you must seek the extremely delicious and mouth-watering sweet delicacies that the city has in store for you. Being a famous pilgrimage destination, the city of Ajmer boasts a wide range of local sweet restaurants of Ajmer offering some of the most scrumptious sweet delights you would love to have.

What are the Most Famous Sweets in Ajmer?

The local cuisine in Ajmer is renowned for its rich, spicy flavors. Desserts, too, form an integral part of the delicacies here. Primarily prepared out of ghee or clarified butter, sugar syrup, mawa or milk cheese, and other aromatic ingredients, the sweet delicacies of this holy destination in Rajasthan are a paradise for all sweet lovers.

Here are some of the decadent sweet dishes of Ajmer you must give a try:

1. Imarti


Imarti resembles a funnel cake. The famous dessert in Ajmer is prepared by deep-frying a rich batter of black gram flour. While frying, the batter is given round, flower-like shapes to make it aesthetic. Later on, this delicacy is dipped in a sugar syrup to bring about the desired sweetness and taste.

The sweet dish is best consumed when they are still hot. It appears dry on the outside and juicy & gooey on the inside. It is recommended to try out this dessert like the locals do, with condensed or hot milk.

2. Ghevar

Renowned as a quintessentially Rajasthani sweet delicacy, ghevar is quite popular across the streets of Ajmer as well. It is made out of a combination of refined flour, ghee, and milk. The final preparation is ultimately dipped in a sugar syrup.

This juicy delight in Ajmer is usually given a disc-like shape. However, you can also come across different shapes, variants, and sizes. Some of the most sought-after variants of this dessert in Ajmer are plain ghevar, malai ghevar, and mawa ghevar. The delicacy is best served with a topping of scrumptious rabri on top to enhance its texture and taste.

3. Balushahi


It is a popular dessert item across North India, including Ajmer. The overall taste of the sweet dish is slightly on the savoury end to bring about a unique profile. It is usually prepared out of refined flour, sodium bicarbonate, milk, sugar, and yoghurt. 

Balushahi is available as a flaky sweet that is deep-fried on low flame. Eventually, the round sweet balls are dipped into a sugar syrup. The dessert item is quite popular during special occasions and festivities in Ajmera, like Diwali or Eid. 

4. Sutarfeni


The locals of Ajmer love feeni of different sorts, especially during festivities. Sutarfeni is a white-coloured sweet dish that is made aromatic with the help of screw pine or rose water. The sweet dish is either flavored or colored with the use of saffron, imparting a rich texture.

The sweet delicacy is prepared by roasting wheat in ghee while blending the same with white sugar powder. The dish is eventually topped with dry fruits and chopped nuts like almonds and pistachios. To enhance the overall flavor quotient of the dessert, most sweet shops or vendors use powdered cardamom as well.

5. Kalakand


With its origins in the neighbouring city of Alwar, kalakand is a highly sought-after dessert item in Ajmer as well. The dish is available as fudgy blocks prepared out of a rich blend of paneer (soft cottage cheese) and sweetened milk.

To enhance the overall flavour profile of the dish, it is topped deliciously with chopped nuts and saffron. The famous sweet dish is soft, both inside and outside. This mouth-watering confection in Ajmer will satiate the sweetest tooth out there.

6. Dilkushar


Also referred to as Besan ki Chikki, it is a scrumptious preparation made out of roasting gram flour with a generous amount of ghee to achieve the desired consistency and flavour. To enhance the overall flavour, the sweet dish is also mixed with mawa to make it more inviting. 

Over the roasted mixture, sugar syrup is poured. Eventually, the dish is allowed to set. Once it is complete, chopped dry fruits and cardamom are sprinkled on top of the sweet dish to make it richer and more delicious. This mouth-watering confection is finally cut into squares while featuring a sweet, grainy texture throughout. 

7. Mawa Kachori

As you travel across India, you will encounter kachoris in different shapes, sizes, and variations. In Rajasthan, mawa kachori is one of the most unique and delectable versions of the standard snack item. Prepared out of maida or refined flour, ghee, and a copious amount of mawa, these lip-smacking kachoris are infused with the goodness of crushed cardamom, pistachios, almonds, and other dry fruits.

Kachoris are deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup to bring out the best crunchy flavours. It is a wholesome dessert that you can spot across leading sweet shops and eateries in Ajmer and the entire Rajasthan.


Ajmer is a popular tourist destination in Rajasthan. Whether you are visiting here for a pilgrimage or a tour, you can have the best time as you explore the local streets for scrumptious, savoury, and sweet delights. With Swiggy, you can now order online in Ajmer to enjoy the delicious flavours in your comfort. 


What is the most famous sweet in Ajmer?

There are several famous sweets across Ajmer that are a must-try. If you are visiting the holy city, make it a point to try out its sweet delights in addition to savory items. Some of the must-have desserts in Ajmer are Sohan halwa, balushahi, mawa kachori, and so more. 

What makes Ajmer’s Sohan Halwa unique?

Sohan Halwa is one of the most sought-after sweet dishes in Ajmer. It features a unique crumbly texture along with a rich, buttery flavour. The dish is enhanced with a hint of cardamom and other dry fruits. 

Are there any festivals in Ajmer when sweets are particularly enjoyed?

While it is common to spot the most famous sweets across leading sweet shops through all seasons in Ajmer, special festivities like Eid and Diwali embark on the commencement of the sweet season. During such festivals, you can spot streetside shops selling some of the most delicious sweet treats.

What makes Ajmer’s sweets different from those in other regions?

Sweets in Ajmer are known for their rich and traditional taste. As Ajmer is a famous pilgrimage destination, special attention is given to the overall taste and quality of the sweet items prepared here. 

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