Exploring Ludhiana’s Famous Food: Dishes You Must Try

March 17, 2024

Situated right in the heart of Punjab, the renowned city of Ludhiana is famous for its cultural heritage. In addition to being a popular tourist destination in Punjab, the city of Ludhiana is also famed for its highly sought-after local food scene. You can easily come across the typical Punjabi style of cooking in Ludhiana that is accentuated by the amalgamation of different cuisines from all around.

Whether you are here to explore or try out the delicacies, the city offers, Ludhiana has you covered by all means. There are many high-end eateries and local street food stalls offering the best delicacies in terms of both veg as well as non-veg options for all food enthusiasts out there.

Which is the Most Famous Food in Ludhiana?

In addition to being a major industrial hub, the city of Ludhiana is gaining immense impetus for its local cuisine culture. As you are traveling to this beautiful city, you should prepare a list of the must-have famous food items of Ludhiana to help you have a great time throughout. 

The local cuisine in Ludhiana is famous across the world for its classic Tandoor-style cooking. According to food experts, it is believed that the food culture of Ludhiana has received ample influence from the Mughlai style of cooking and preparing scrumptious dishes. However, over years, the entire food landscape in the city has evolved significantly and for good! 

As you explore the famous historical city, here are some of the local delicacies you must not miss out on:

1. Aloo Matar

Aloo Matar

This rich, spicy curry is primarily prepared out of two core ingredients, potatoes and green peas. Additional spices like cumin, ginger-garlic paste, chilli powder, and others impart this local dish a unique flavour and texture.

The dish is renowned for its spicy and tangy flavours that are distinctive to the region of Punjab. Aloo Matar makes up a great side dish with different types of accompaniments, including different Indian breads, rotis, and even rice. 

2. Samosa


It is a popular snack item across North India. As a matter of fact, this popular snack item is gaining popularity across the world as well. The snack typically features fried or baked pastry in a half-moon or triangular shape with delicious, spicy fillings.

When in Ludhiana, you can easily come across multiple street food vendors selling this delicacy with innovative creations that you would love having. For instance, you can come across creative fillings like potatoes, noodles, paneer, lentils, and even meat. The typical Punjabi version of samosas tends to be distinct from others. In Ludhiana, these hot, crispy delights are usually filled with spiced potatoes, cheese, and crushed green chillies. In some cases, they even feature the goodness of dry fruits. Most street food vendors serve an array of chutneys along with samosas to enhance the overall taste.

3. Pakoda


Also referred to as bhaji in other parts of the nation, pakodas are another staple snack item in Ludhiana and the entire Punjab. It is a popular snack item that is prevalent across famous restaurants and street food stalls in the city. 

While preparing this delicacy, a wide array of ingredients are used. Some of the common ingredients for preparing this rich, spicy, and flavourful dish are cauliflower, potatoes, onions, eggplant, plantain, chilli pepper, paneer, or tomatoes. Fish and meat pakoda are yet another famous and highly sought-after variants of this dish. All the ingredients are dipped in a rich besan batter and deep-fried until crispy and golden brown.

4. Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is one of the most common curries that is highly consumed across Ludhiana. The Indian name of the curry translates to a rich lentil gravy. In Ludhiana, the preparation of this rich, delectable curry differs from the usual dal preparations across other parts of North India.

In Ludhiana, red lentils are typically substituted with black lentils (like urad dal) along with red rajma beans. Most of the restaurants and eateries in the city follow a lengthy and rich process of preparing this delicacy with full flavours. The dish is both healthy and scrumptious to be tried on with either Indian flatbreads or steamed rice.

5. Baragara


Baragara is a local term Punjabis use for referring to Burgers. There is no denying the overall popularity of this snack item across the world. While burgers hail from the Western culture and cuisine, the Punjabi version Baragara features a unique touch of spiciness and improved flavours to enhance your overall experience.

In Ludhiana, you can spot a number of local food eateries and carts offering a spicier and delicious version of this western snack. In terms of the patties, the Punjabi version features mouth-watering variations, including shahi paneer, butter chicken, and other drool-worthy flavours. As the overall taste tends to be slightly distinct from a typical Western Burger, you will have a lovely time enjoying this delight with add-on spices and delicious sauces.


The entire state of Punjab is famous for its rich food culture and heritage. As such, even cities like Ludhiana are not left out. Being a major tourist hotspot, Ludhiana boasts a rich culinary culture with the amalgamation of local flavours with innovative international cuisines. You can enjoy even more as you order food online in Ludhiana from Swiggy to enjoy your favourite delicacy in your comfort.


1. Which foods are must-try in Ludhiana?

There are several must-have food items when you are exploring Ludhiana. Personifying true Punjabi culture in the best sense, Ludhiana boasts an array of dishes known for their spicy and tangy flavours. Some of the must-haves here are dal makhana, samosas, butter chicken, and so more. 

2. Is Ludhiana food influenced by other cultures?

The local food scene in Ludhiana portrays a strong influence of the Mughlai cooking style and preferences. Therefore, it is common to spot many dishes prepared in the traditional tandoor to deliver unique flavors.

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