Exploring the Most Famous Sweets of Mumbai

March 17, 2024

Do you wish to embark on a sweet journey when visiting Mumbai? We have prepared a must-have list of the most famous sweets of Mumbai to help you enjoy the culinary delights of this vibrant city. From rich peda to delectable jalebis, you have a chance to unfold the rich flavours as you define the vibrant sweet culture of this famous coastal city.

Mumbai is undeniably one of the most bustling metropolises in India. The city is renowned for its rich culture and diverse lifestyle. No matter what corner of the city you are sitting comfortably in, you can find the top restaurants serving the best sweets in your vicinity. In addition to a myriad of street-side savoury delicacies, the city is also famed for its scrumptious offering of some of the most delectable sweets you will ever have. Let us find out!

What are the Most Famous Sweets in Mumbai?

The rich culinary heritage of the city boasts an extensive array of sweet treats that are cherished by both locals and tourists alike. With Swiggy, you can unravel the local sweet delights that are assured to leave you wanting for more. 

Unknown to most travellers, Mumbai has an entire genre of sweets or mithai that you would relish. Some of the desserts here have roots in ancient kitchens or have travelled long ago across expansive distances through princes and dynasties. If you have a sweet tooth, you can rely on the sweetness of the city through its wide range of sweet dishes. Some of the must-have sweets of Mumbai are:

1. Jalebi


A visit to the iconic city is incomplete without trying out the sweetness and crunchiness of this famous sweet delight. Jalebis are mouth-watering, crunchy, spiral-shaped treats that are a must-try when in Mumbai. 

Across most sweet shops in the city, these delights are prepared by deep-frying flour batter while eventually soaking them in a sugary syrup. As a result, you get a plate of hot, crispy, and syrupy delight you would love. You can enjoy jalebis fresh and hot from the popular sweet shops to experience the heavenly burst of flavours.

2. Pedha

It is yet another delectable dessert item that features milk as the core ingredient. Pedha is a popular milk-based dessert that is highly sought-after on special occasions or festivities. It is a common sweet to spot across the leading sweet shops of the city. 

The sweet delight is prepared by thickening milk by cooking it gradually on low flame. Eventually, sugar is added to thicken the paste even more. The entire concoction is flavoured with cardamom and garnished with dry fruits and nuts. These creamy treats simply melt in your mouth and leave a long-lasting impression on your taste buds.

3. Modak

One of the most sought-after and traditional sweet dishes across the state of Maharashtra, it is common to spot this sweet dish across shops on special occasions. Modak is a traditional sweet of Mumbai that is especially prepared for the world-famous festival Ganesh Chaturthi.

Modak is a type of sweetened dumpling featuring rich fillings to enhance the overall experience. The dumplings feature a soft shell made out of rice flour. These are eventually filled with a rich mixture of jaggery and grated coconut. The rich, caramel-like texture and intense flavours make this sweet dish a must-have in Mumbai.

4. Mawa Samosa

It is a unique twist to the most famous savoury snack, Samosa. The sweet version of the dish features mawa or milk solids. Rather than a spicy, savoury filling, the typical samosa features the classic mawa filling to bring about a unique burst of flavours.

Mawa samosas are available as triangular pastries that are deep-fried to bring about crispy and golden perfection. To enhance the overall flavour, these sweet delicacies are sprinkled with powdered sugar.

5. Basundi

It is a creamy, rich dessert that is prepared by thickening and reducing milk by cooking it gradually. The reduced milk is eventually sweetened with sugar or even condensed milk. To enhance the overall flavours, this sweet delicacy is enriched with the aroma of cardamom. 

Most local sweet shops in Mumbai offer this delicacy by garnishing the same with chopped nuts or dry fruits. Basundi is a popular Gujarati dessert that is quite famous among the locals of Mumbai as well. This is because a higher population of Gujaratis also reside in the mega city.

6. Chikki

It is a crunchy, delicious sweet treat that is made out of caramelised sugar and different types of nuts, including almonds, peanuts, and even sesame seeds. Chikki is a popular snack-time sweet that is mostly consumed during colder months. To have a healthier version of this sweet dish, you can order the one that is prepared out of jaggery. 

7. Kaju Katli

Kaju Katli is also referred to as kaju barfi. This simple yet delectable sweet dish is a common household dessert delight. It is a popular fudge featuring cashew nuts as the main ingredient. Additional ingredients used in its preparation are ghee, sugar, and other dry fruits. It is an ultimate melt-in-your-mouth sweet delight that is usually adorned with edible silver leaf. This process makes this mithai quite appealing on the visual front.


When it comes to relishing the most famous sweets of Mumbai, the vibrant city has a lot in store for you, especially if you are a sweet lover. To enjoy the delicacies even more, you can now order online in Mumbai from Swiggy. 

FAQs <h4>

1. Are there any sweets unique to Mumbai?

If you are searching for authentic sweets in Mumbai, it comes as no surprise that modak is one of the most unique and delectable sweets the city has in store for you. There are several more delicacies, including mawa samosa, jalebis, and others to delight you.

2. Where can I buy traditional sweets in Mumbai?

Mumbai has no shortage of famous places from where you can order the most delicious sweets of your preference. Some of the must-visit sweet shops in Mumbai to order your favourite sweet delicacy are Bombay Sweet Shop, R Bhagat Tarrachand, and so more. 

3. Are there any seasonal sweets that are unique to Mumbai?

When you wish to try out the famous sweets of Mumbai, the best part is that they are easily available through all seasons. However, on special occasions and festivities like Ganesh Chaturthi, modak is one of the most sought-after sweets in the city.

4. Can I find fusion sweets in Mumbai?

When it comes to the culinary delights of Mumbai, it is common to spot a number of fusion dishes, including sweets. For instance, mawa samosa is a perfect example of one such dish. 

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