The Culinary Secrets of Ooty: Exploring the Town’s Famous Food

March 17, 2024

Ooty is undeniably one of the highly sought-after tourist destinations owing to its lush surroundings and pleasant weather conditions. It is a must-visit tourist destination for nature lovers. However, there is something more to add to the overall charm of this beautiful hill station. It also serves as the ultimate paradise for food-lovers out there.

Whether you are touring the local sights of the city or simply strolling around its streets, make sure that you make time to dig into some of the local must-haves that Ooty has to offer. You will definitely be mesmerized by the local famous food of Ooty. From its delectable chocolates to rich coffee, spicy kebabs and roadside delights, Ooty has something in store for everyone. With us, you can explore some of the famous food of Ooty you must try.

Which is the Most Famous Food of Ooty?

Ooty tops the list of must-visit places for all peace lovers as it boasts scenic surroundings all around. This stunning vacation hotspot in Tamil Nadu has much more to offer to its visitors. The place has the presence of multiple famous food joints and eateries offering some of the most scrumptious delicacies of the region.

Right from savory delights to sweet dishes, crunchy snacks, and much more, the city of Ooty has no shortage of options when it comes to satisfying your taste buds. Here are some of the must-have famous food items in Ooty:

1. Avial


It is a famous form of vegetable stew that is immensely famous amongst the locals in Ooty. The dish is prepared by using moderate spices while featuring a delectable blend of different veggies to enhance the overall taste. Due to its rich taste and intense flavors, the dish is regarded as the ultimate comfort food amongst the locals.

The local delicacy is not only flavour-rich but also healthy and nutritious at the same time. This is because the delicious stew features the goodness of a number of healthy veggies. For the best-ever taste, Avial is served with a topping of curry leaves and grated coconut. 

2. Kaima Idli

It is a popular version of the steamed rice cake that is quite famed across Ooty. This version of the standard kaima idli is prepared by mixing lentils and rice. To enhance the overall flavor profile, the dish is served with an assortment of delicious chutneys and tangy sambhar. 

The Kaima Idli is typically served as a popular breakfast option across leading street food stalls and eateries of the hill station. Due to its unique flavor and texture, it is a must-try dish for tourists.

3. Kozhi Varutharachathu

Kozhi Varutharachathu

The Kozhi Varutharachathu dish might be difficult to pronounce. However, it is a delicious blend of unique ingredients that makes the overall experience worthwhile. The dish features a rich amalgamation of intense flavors that are derived from tantalizing ingredients, including desiccated coconut, whole spices, succulent pieces of chicken, peppercorns, and bay leaves.

The classic South Indian cuisines of popular meat dishes will make you want for more. The tender chicken pieces are cooked gradually into a thick, soft, and mushy gravy featuring the goodness of tomatoes and a myriad of spices. The perfect blend of all core ingredients brings about interesting flavours that are too hard to resist.

4. Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad

Chicken is one of the most sought-after South Indian meat delicacies that is filled with rich and fiery taste to enlighten your senses. The dish is prepared in an authentic peppery gravy featuring the goodness of coconut milk. 

This classic Southern-style chicken preparation contains an abundance of rich spices and herbs to enhance the overall flavors. The dish contains a well-balanced blend of fiery spices and healthy herbs, along with the smoothness of coconut to feel heavenly on your taste buds. During the preparation, succulent chicken pieces are deliciously marinated in a mix of spices, including cumin, pepper, fennel, garlic, ginger, and red chillies. Eventually, chicken pieces are cooked until they become tender in the rich gravy. The dish is best served piping hot with steamed rice or hot chapatis. 

5. Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is regarded as one of the healthiest dishes out there, a perfect option for a healthy breakfast. Ooty serves as the ultimate heaven for all dosa-lovers out there. Neer or Bajjari Dosa is a thin, airy, and immensely light version of this healthy delicacy that will keep you full and satiated for the entire day.

Neer Dosa is one of the most sought-after traditional dishes that most of the households in Ooty relish for breakfast. The dish is prepared by using a thin rice-based batter and stuffed with the delicious aloo stuffing. When you order this dish from a popular eatery in Ooty, you will be served a delicious array of chutneys and piping hot sambhar to enhance the overall experience.


While Ooty might be famous for its scenic landscapes and natural beauty all around, the place is a food heaven for all food enthusiasts as well. If you love trying out unique recipes and dishes, you must try out the local delicacies the city has to offer. The best part is that now you can order food online in Ooty and get the most out of your trip.


Which foods are must-try in Ooty?

There are several eateries and high-end restaurants in Ooty offering some of the most delectable items you will ever have. From traditional Coorgi dishes like akki roti to Tamil delights like idlis and dosas, there is something in store for everyone.

Is Ooty food influenced by other cultures?

In terms of its food culture, Ooty exhibits a divine blend of unique traditions and recipes derived from surrounding regions. The recipes here are dominated by South Indian culture while also getting influences from other multi-cuisines. 

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