7 Famous Foods in Pondicherry Every Food Lover Must Try

March 17, 2024

Pondicherry, which is well-known for fusing Tamil and French traditions, provides a wide variety of culinary delights. This union territory is famous for its well-liked cuisine. You can taste the full spirit of France in every dish, from warm croissants to decadent sweets. A delicious plate of Ratatouille or a flavorful Quiche Lorraine shouldn’t be missed. 

Along with French food, Pondicherry also offers a variety of traditional Tamil meals for visitors who want to experience the regional flavours. You may sample the genuine flavour of South India, from crisp dosas to savoury biryanis. Whether you choose to eat mouthwatering fish curry or fragrant sambar, the famous food of Pondicherry will leave you wanting more. 

Explore the distinctive culinary treats of Pondicherry <h2>

Some of the famous foods in Pondicherry include fusion food, which combines flavours from many regions of India, in addition to French and Tamil cuisine. There is something for every palate, from spicy Chettinad cuisine to savoury Mughlai specialities. Regardless of what you are craving for, Pondicherry’s eclectic cuisine scene has you covered.

Must-try food in Pondicherry

We take you on a gastronomic tour of the best dishes to eat in Pondicherry. The region’s residents are not the only ones drawn to Pondicherry’s famous food scene; tourists also find it to their liking. Prepare to tantalise your palate as you explore some of the city’s most delectable and popular dishes from some of the famous food places in Pondicherry. These dishes are coming straight from the top-rated Swiggy eateries. Let’s plunge in and discover Pondicherry’s thriving cuisine scene!

1. Biryani


Biriyani is sufficient to pique one’s appetite and cause salivation. And the urge is to launch a furious attack and devour it when it is in front of you – a sizzling and aromatic plate of biryani. How much we all adore biryani! This mouth-watering dish has emerged as the most famous food, not only in Pondicherry, but all of India. Do try the Pondicherry version of biryani at Hotel Sri Kamatchi, Biryani Pot, and Hot King. 

2. Kizhi Paratha

Kizhi Parantha

A spicy, chicken-and-vegetable-based masala is added to a Malabar parotta called a kizhi before it is wrapped in a banana leaf and steam-cooked, and voila, kizhi paratha is ready! This parotta, which is a substantial dish, can be eaten for breakfast. When you dip the parotta in curry, it soaks up the sauce and enhances the flavour. You can also go ahead and get the most delicious kizhi paratha from the famous food places of Pondicherry by choosing to order food online. In this way, you can surprise your loved ones or friends, and you can be sure that you will win their hearts!

3. Chicken Shawarma Plate

Chicken Shawarma Plate

This chicken shawarma is marinated in flavours and seasonings, including paprika, cumin, and turmeric. Stacks of thinly sliced meat, typically lamb, beef, or chicken, are placed on a substantial rotating skewer or cone. It is then cooked with additional meat fat to give it a juicier flavour. This is a must-have dish when you are throwing a party for friends, as this plate is so appetising and so fulfilling. It is one of the famous foods in Pondicherry, which can be ordered for lunch or dinner. 

4. Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

The taste of Butter Chicken is loved by people everywhere. A great sensory experience is produced by the smooth, rich, and creamy textures as well as the tasteful combination of spices. The flavorful sauces and well-cooked, juicy chicken are simply impossible to resist. This dish seems luxurious due to its silky-smooth richness and pleasantly flavoured tomato and cream-based gravy. It’s a dish that can be prepared with either chicken thighs or breast meat, with or without bones. Butter chicken is a hearty, warming dish that can be ordered from Pondicherry’s famous non-veg food places nearby

5. Mushroom Fried Rice

You must try this Pondicherry version of mushroom fried rice! Rice, mushrooms, soy sauce, onions, and black pepper are combined to make this tasty, quick dish that has unique flavours influenced by Chinese cuisine. You only need to eat this wholesome meal at one of the Pondicherry restaurants to fall in love with it!

6. Crab Masala

Crab Masala

For the fans of seafood cuisine, this fiery and delicious crab curry or crab masala is an ideal dish to try in Pondicherry. Coconut milk and flavorful spices are used to give this dish a creamy and delectable finish. With its pockets of sweet, soft meat, it is one of the most satisfying dishes that you can have. This crab masala mixes whole Dungeness or Jonah crabs with a hot, tomato-based masala sauce.

7. Roasted Coffee Creme Ice Cream

Roasted Coffee Creme Ice Cream

How can we complete this list without the mention of a dessert? You must try this freshly ground coffee and delicious ice cream flavour. All coffee enthusiasts will adore this cold ice cream that is available in coffee flavors. Made up of milk, cereal (wheat), nuts, and soy, this dessert ordered from one of Pondicherry’s famous food places will help you relax from stressful conditions whenever you feel a mood swing. 

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Online food ordering has emerged as a practical method of experiencing Pondicherry’s unique culinary scene. Discovering the city’s gastronomic delights has never been this simple, whether you’re a local or a guest. When you are thinking of ordering food online from one of Pondicherry’s famous food places, think of Swiggy, your one-stop shop for hassle-free meal delivery! We at Swiggy are committed to satisfying your taste buds and making food available to you in the least possible delivery time. It has never been simpler to order your favourite meals thanks to our user-friendly platform. Sit back, unwind, and get ready to enjoy the culinary flavours of Pondicherry.


What cuisines in Pondicherry must you try?

Pondicherry’s signature dish, khow suey, is a Pondicherry famous street food. It is also referred to as Kaukswe and is a vegetarian curry with a coconut base (a non-vegetarian variation is also available). It can be eaten with rice or noodles and has crispy noodles on top. 

Do other cultures influence the cuisine of Pondicherry?

Since Pondicherry was formerly a French colony, French culture has left a noticeable impression on the town’s cuisine. You can also experience culinary influence from neighboring states. 

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