Famous Sweets That Define Chennai’s Food Culture

March 17, 2024

Discover a newfound love for sweets as we explore the unique heritage and rich culture of Chennai with respect to the famous sweets in Chennai. With Swiggy, you get to unravel the true traditional delights, right from the creamy Pongal Payasam to the crunchy Mysore Pak. Enlighten your taste buds and experience the unmatched culture of Chennai through its delectable sweets and desserts.

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, is an ultimate paradise for food lovers, both savory and sweet lovers. The street food culture of the vibrant city is characterized by flavorsome and diverse offerings, including delicious sweet dishes. While you might encounter many top restaurants near me and street-side stalls selling scrumptious savory delights, the city is also heaven for those having a sweet tooth. 

Which is the Most Famous Sweet in Chennai?

To delight the sweet senses of all the sweet-lovers, Chennai features a myriad of famous sweets restaurants of Chennai and outlets serving some of the most delectable desserts you will ever find. If you crave something sweet right after your savoury meal in Chennai, here are some of the must-have sweet dishes in this lively city:

1. Jigarthanda


It is an iconic dessert item in Chennai. The dessert holds a special significance in the hearts of the locals. With its origins in a Muslim community in the city, this amazing concoction has served to be a delightful treat for both the locals and tourists alike.

The term “Jigarthandaimplies “cool heart” in classic Urdu. The dessert, therefore, perfectly encompasses the refreshing nature that is loved by all. To prepare the famous sweet dish, a unique combination of ingredients is used to deliver a rich, creamy texture throughout. 

2. Palkova


The sweet dish is also famous by the name “Theratti Paal.” It is a traditional sweet delicacy that is prepared out of milk & sugar. The dish is quite popular across South India, especially in Chennai. It is mostly prepared on special occasions or festivals. 

The process of preparing Palkova involves cooking milk slowly until it has thickened and reduced to form a solid consistency. The milk is eventually simmered on low heat for a longer duration to help it evaporate gradually. The process of slow-cooking assists the milk to concentrate into solids while improving the overall flavours of the dish.

3. Kozhukattai


Kozhukattai is referred to as Modak in other parts of the nation; this sweet dish is a festive delight. It is usually prepared at popular Indian festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and other festive occasions. The sweet dish is prepared out of rice flour and other delicious ingredients.

Typically, it features a soft, dumpling-like outer covering that features a fulfilling sweet stuffing inside. The filling of the sweet dish can vary. It usually includes ingredients like jaggery, grated coconut, cardamom powder, and even dry fruits or chopped nuts. The filling is mixed well and enclosed in the rice flour dumplings. 

4. Athirasam


It is another quintessential sweet dish of Chennai. The sweet dish holds an important place in the culinary traditions of the city, particularly during festive occasions. Also known as Adhirasam, this delight is deep-fried and features a harmonious blend of jaggery, rice flour, and ghee. As a result, you get access to a rich, flavourful, and aromatic sweet delicacy.

The methodology of preparing Athirasam is quite complicated as it requires precision and skill. The rice flour is combined with jaggery soup, imparting a distinct sweetness and caramel-like taste. Then, ghee is added to the mixture to enhance the overall richness and impart the dessert its unique texture. The dough is kneaded carefully to bring about the perfect consistency.

5. Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak is a crumbly, indulgent sweet dish that is renowned across South India. The sweet dish has its origins in Mysore. However, it is also a popular sweet treat in Chennai. The dish is prepared with the help of a simple yet interesting combination of sugar, ghee, and gram flour or besan. 

To prepare the same, besan is roasted in ghee until the base develops a strong aroma and a rich golden color. Ultimately, hot sugar syrup is precisely added to the roasted gram flour mixture. The entire mixture is stirred continuously until it thickens. The final batter is poured into a greasy tray, wherein it is allowed to cool down. Eventually, you get a melt-in-your-mouth sweet dish featuring a rich butter flavor. The dessert is extensively enjoyed in Chennai on special occasions or festivals. In some places, it is also consumed as a special accompaniment to filter coffee in Chennai.


While you might relish the savory delights of Chennai, there is no denying the overall popularity of sweet dishes in Chennai as well. When in Chennai, you can visit the local sweet shops and eateries offering some of the most famous sweets in Chennai. If you wish to make the most of your trip, you can even order online in Chennai from Swiggy. This way, you can be assured of on-time doorstep delivery as you get to enjoy your favorite sweets.


1. What are the most famous sweets in Chennai?

There are several popular sweet delicacies across Chennai. If you wish to taste the authentic flavours of the city, some of the must-have sweet dishes here are Mysore Pak, Payasam, Butter Murukku, and so more. 

2. What sweets are unique to Chennai?

Serving as a major food hub of South India, you can come across innumerable options when it comes to trying out the best sweets in Chennai. Some of the authentic sweet dishes you must try here are Ukkarai, Kozhukattai, Boorelu, Payasam, and so more. 

3. When are sweets particularly enjoyed in Chennai?

If you wish to relish the divine taste of mouth-watering sweets in Chennai, you can try them out on special occasions or festivals. The locals of the city love preparing delicious sweet dishes for festivities. Still, it is common to find popular sweets in the leading sweet shops throughout all seasons.

4. Where can I buy traditional sweets in Chennai?

There are multiple famous sweet shops and eateries in Chennai offering some of the most sought-after sweet delicacies of the city. Some of the famous options are Nithya Amirtham Sweets, Nandhiniee Sweets, and Shree Mithai. 

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