Nagpur’s Sweet Delights: A Journey Through the City’s Sugary Best

March 17, 2024

A wide variety of mouth-watering sweets of Nagpur will tantalise your taste buds while also improving your appetite as you want more! From barfis to modaks, Nagpur has a world of sweetness and gastronomical delights. Let us help you unravel some of the must-have sweet delights of the city on your upcoming trip.

The local cuisine of Maharashtra and its sweet flavours are a perfect blend of diverse drool-worthy tastes and unique culinary skills. This rich amalgamation brings forth luscious, scrumptious savoury as well as sweet delicacies that would leave you speechless. Bring out the sweet-fanatic in you as you get to taste some of the most drool-worthy sweets of Nagpur.

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Nagpur?

In addition to spicy chaats, tangy curries, and other savoury delicacies, there is much more to local Nagpur cuisine that deserves to be tried at least once. Nagpur offers a long list of must-try sweets, right from sugar-loaded flatbreads to fulfilling bites of mango delights, there is ample treasure of appetising sweet dishes you would love to try.

Some of the most famous sweets of Nagpur are:

1. Orange Barfi

Orange Barfi

As we talk about the famous sweets of the City of Oranges, how can we forget a sweet delicacy prepared right out of the fruit? Orange Barfi truly lives up to its name by delivering the goodness and richness of this favourite fruit of the locals. The popular sweet dish has its origins in the city of Nagpur and has become quite widespread across different parts of the nation.

Also known as “Santra Barfi” locally, the primary ingredient of this dish is oranges. Traditionally, the delicious barfi is prepared out of mixing milk, pulpy oranges, sugar, and other secret ingredients by the local sweet shops of the city. While having this authentic delicacy, you can feel the divine texture of oranges melting in your mouth. The dish is commonly found across leading sweet shops and eateries of the city.

2. Soan Roll

Soan Roll

It is a soft, flaky dessert infused with a rice variety of intense flavours. All the core ingredients of the sweet dish will instantly melt in your mouth. Also referred to as Soan Papdi across other parts of the nation, it is a popular sweet in Nagpur. You will be surprised to come across a wide range of unique flavours, including mango, orange, chocolate, and so more. 

3. Gulgula


Gulgula or Gulgule is a famous North Indian sweet delicacy that is prepared by deep-frying a sweet batter. The batter usually features a mixture of whole wheat flour, jaggery, or sugar. Some sweet shops also add fennel seeds to the preparation to enhance the overall taste. 

Gulgule are sweet, crispy, and fluffy delights that are enjoyed hot with a cup of tea. Across Nagpur, it is a common sweet dish that is popular across households, especially on occasions or festivities.

4. Shrikhand


As we talk about the famous sweets of Nagpur, we cannot forget Shrikhand Maharashtrian delight that you would love to try. It is regarded as one of the most mouth-watering desserts of entire Maharashtra, quite famous across Nagpur as well.

The sweet dish is prepared from hung curd that is cooled down at the ice level to refresh your senses. To enhance its overall flavours, the curd preparation is topped with ingredients like crushed cardamom, chopped nuts, saffron, and sugar. During the summer months, locals of Nagpur highly favour this sweet recipe with mango pulp to magnify the experience. Whether you try the traditional version of this sweet dish or have it with divine flavours like Mango Shrikhand, you will relish the sweet affair.

5. Keri Amti

Keri Amti

Whether you try the nutty mango drinks or spic tangy mango slices in Nagpur, the delicious mango assortment known as Keri Amti has always been an all-time favourite amongst the locals. Keri Amti is a popular mango-based dessert that features a combination of raw mango pulp and other ingredients.

To make the sweet dish more flavourful, most of the local sweet shops add authentic Indian spices like cardamom and saffron to deliver an appealing palate. This dish serves to bring about immense relief from scorching heat. The best part is that this sweet curry is enjoyed with steamed rice as well. 

6. Malpua


Malpua garnished with rich sugar syrup and the crunchy toppings of delicious nuts, this Maharashtrian sweet delight is another must-have sweet in Nagpur. It is the Indian version of sweet pancakes, only loaded with more taste and aroma.

The dish is prepared by deep-frying a rich sweet batter. With crushed almonds or pistachios as its toppings along with a glass of chilled rabri, every bite of this delicacy is heavenly.

7. Puran Poli

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is the most loved sweet dish of Nagpur. It is quite widespread on special occasions or festivals in the city. Featuring a similar look to flatbreads, the dish is filled with a sweet lentil stuffing, referred to as Puran

The overall process of preparing this sweet delicacy is quite similar across Maharashtra. However, leading sweet shops in Nagpur have revolutionised its flavours by bringing about innovative, delicious variations in the filling. Some fill the dish with jaggery while others prefer filling the same with nuts or flour. 


There is no shortage of options when it comes to exploring the sweet world of the City of Oranges. If you are a sweet-lover, you would love trying out the unique and famous sweets of Nagpur, taking inspiration from the local sweet recipes across Maharashtra.

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