Savour the Flavours of Tirupati: Top Famous Food 

March 17, 2024

What is the most famous food of Tirupati? If you are headed to this famous pilgrimage spot in Andhra Pradesh, you will be mesmerized by the immense variety of local food options to delight your senses. A great amalgamation of Telugu and Tamil recipes involving a diverse range of ingredients and spices makes up the local taste of Tirupati that you would love to have. Let us enlighten you more about the best foods in Tirupati that you must give a try!

One of the most interesting aspects of this holy town is that it boasts immense culture and a rich history to add to its culinary grandeur. As the city is frequented by a majority of Hindu population, it is common to come across scrumptious vegetarian restaurant delights that are available throughout leading restaurants and eateries of the city. Whether it is your first time visiting this pilgrimage destination or you are a seasoned traveler, it is high time you prepare a list of the local delicacies you must try.

Which is the Most Famous Food in Tirupati? <h2>

The native flavors of the local cuisine in Tirupati are derived from the characteristic spices and fresh ingredients of South India. These flavors are combined with the native cooking methods of the city to add more taste and texture to the dishes. On your next trip, make sure that you try out the mouth-watering taste of the famous food in Tirupati.

Some of the must-have local dishes here are:

1. Pulihora


Also referred to as the Andhra Tamarind Rice, Pulihora is a highly sought-after local delight in the city. It is mostly served as a part of the grand prasadam at the world-famous Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati. It is a flavourful rice-based dish that is favourite amongst the local people.

Every household in the city prepares its own unique version of this delicacy. The delicate recipe of the delicacy has been down through generations with the evolution of taste through the addition of new ingredients. Natives in Tirupati say that there is a distinct flavour to the serving of pulihora you get as prasadam at the temple.

2. Andhra Thali

Andra Thali

One of the best ways to experience the divine cuisine in Tirupati is by placing an order for the gigantic and full-of-flavors Andhra Thali. Traditionally served on a fresh banana leaf, this glorious feast is not just a sight to behold but is wholesome at the same time. Altogether, it is a hearty meal that fulfills your cravings for something authentic and delicious.

The classic thali combines the best culinary offerings of Andhra Pradesh. The perfectly sized portions of dishes in the expansive thali are linked together with a flavourful harmony and ample texture. As you order a plate of Andhra Thali in Tirupati, you will be treated to a royal meal combining the goodness of delicacies like idlis, vadas, sambhar, poriyal, kurma, a dollop of rice, a classic South Indian bread, and a curry-based dish to fulfill your platter. Most eateries also serve a bowl of delicious payasam as the perfect dessert to complete your meal.

3. Srivari Laddu

Do you have a sweet tooth? If you are fond of sweets, you will definitely fall in love with the rich flavours of this staple prasadam dessert in Tirupati. It is a sweet offered to the Venkateshwara Temple. The indulgent dessert is prepared by mixing the goodness of besan or gram flour, cardamom, cashews, and sugar in a heavenly mixture of ghee.

Once prayer ceremonies have been offered, Srivari Laddu is also offered alongside pulihora as delicious prasadam to the devotees. This flavour-rich dessert is now regarded as the staple sweet dish in Tirupati, especially in Venkateshwara Temple. The captivating sweet dish features a mild yet long-lasting taste to delight one & all.

4. Bisi Bele Bhath

Bisi Bele Bath

Featuring a myriad of divine flavors, this scrumptious preparation Tirupati is a traditional dish of Andhra Pradesh. Due to its authentic nature, the dish has made its way to the most famous food of Tirupati. Leading restaurants and food carts across the city serve this delicacy, right out of the pot.

It is a rich concoction made by mixing lentils, rice, native spices, and mixed veggies. All of the core ingredients impart a sophisticated mix of tangy and spicy to the famous dish. To enhance the overall flavors, the dish is garnished with a generous serving of ghee that brings about the characteristic aroma. If you are in search of healthy, delicious alternatives to your meals in Tirupati, you can order a plate of Bisi Bele Bhath without ghee.


While being a famous pilgrimage destination, Tirupati also boasts a rich culinary heritage and culture to its name. With a myriad of delectable dishes to try out, you can fulfill all your cravings by ordering your favourite dishes from Swiggy. It serves to be your one-stop destination to order food online in Tirupati. With Swiggy, you can enjoy the true taste of your favourite dishes right in the comfort of your home.


1. Which foods are must-try in Tirupati? 

Tirupati has an extensive menu featuring some of the most mouth-watering dishes you must try at least once. When in the holy city, you can try out from the famous food list, including pulihora, bisi bele bhath, Andhra thali, and so more.

2. Which foods are must-try in Tirupati?

The local food culture in Tirupati is unique and inviting. While many dishes here are well-recognized across different parts of Andhra Pradesh, the lip-smacking range of vegetarian dishes here, especially the prasadam, is drool-worthy. 

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