Your Go-To Guide on the Top Famous Sweets of Bangalore

March 17, 2024

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, you must explore the famous sweets in Bangalore that will truly live up to your expectations. As you browse through Bangalore’s famous sweets names, you will come across an extensive list of popular sweet dishes that are native to the region and highly sought-after by both locals and tourists alike.

The famous South Indian city is not just famous for its savory delights but also for its huge offering of sweets and desserts to suit all palates. As you go through the list of Bangalore’s special sweets, you will encounter a wide assortment of sweet delicacies that are deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of the region. With Swiggy, you can now indulge in the unparalleled world of famous Bangalore sweets, wherein every bite serves to be a celebration of local traditions and unmatched taste.

Which is the Most Famous Sweet of Bangalore?

With their origins in the state of Karnataka and surrounding regions, sweets in Bangalore have quite a unique flavor profile. Wrapped in the sweetness of these delicacies is the warm essence of ultimate nostalgia. Each and every sweet that you try out in Bangalore comes with a special memory attached to it. Whether you try out the ubiquitous Mysore Pak or the rarer version of Halbai, every sweet dish is a trigger to release a joyful bag of memories. 

Bangalore, famous for its IT hub and rich cultural heritage, offers a unique assortment of sweets that leave a long-lasting impression on your taste buds. Here are some of the must-have sweets in Bangalore once you have had a savory tour of the city:

1. Mysore or Mysuru Pak

Mysuru Pak

There is no denying the fact that Mysore Pak is a treasured recipe across Karnataka. While the popular sweet is synonymous with the royal city of Mysore, it is still quite common to spot the same across famous sweet shops and eateries in Bangalore. 

This sweet dish is famous for its melt-in-your-mouth feel and heavenly taste that brings pure joy with every bite. Mysore Pak is famous for its two distinct versions. The first depicts a soft version that simply melts in your mouth. In this version, generous amounts of ghee, gram flour, and sugar are blended to deliver a luscious, dense confection. The second variant of the sweet is the hard Mysore Pak featuring a firmer texture along with a crumbly consistency.

2. Dharwad Pedha

Dharwad Pedha

With its origins in the city of Dharwad in Karnataka, this unique milk-based fudge is gaining quite an impetus across the sweet shops of Bangalore as well. The sweet dish is prepared by cooking milk gradually until it thickens. Eventually, sugar and additional flavours like cardamom are added to the thickened milk. 

As a result, you can relish the creamy, soft, and supremely delicious sweet dish along with the rich, nutty flavour profile. Dharwad Pedha is one of the popular sweet dishes of Karnataka. It is even regarded as the epitome of a sweet culinary delicacy famous for its excellent taste and richness.

3. Sajjappa


It is yet another famous traditional sweet of Karnataka that is preserved without using any refrigerator. The sweet dish is stuffed with the goodness of jaggery and coconut to enrich the overall taste. The dessert is usually prepared at festivals or special occasions across the state.

Sajjappa is a delicious sweet prepared by blending semolina, flour, and other ingredients. Eventually, these are deep-fried to make the sweet even more flavourful. It is a simple recipe that has been followed through generations.

4. Bele Obbattu

Bele Obbattu

Bele Obbattu is a traditional sweet dish that is quite renowned across the state of Karnataka. This culinary masterpiece features the richness of jaggery and lentils. The core ingredients of the dish are encased in soft, delectable bread. In turn, it creates a magical symphony of divine flavours that become ultimately irresistible.

Also referred to as Holige locally, this sweet bread is filled with a tasteful stuffing prepared out of lentils and jaggery. This helps in creating a delightful blend of excellent tastes and textures. You can easily spot this famous dessert item across famous sweet shops and eateries in Bangalore.

5. Kai Obbattu

Kai Obbattu

Kai Obbattu is a delicious traditional sweet dish with its origins in the state of Karnataka. The dish features a delectable combination of jaggery, flour, and coconut. The dish is a popular preparation during festivals and special occasions. However, you can find it across traditional sweet shops in Bangalore.

With its interesting blend of flavours, traditional recipe, and tender texture, this sweet dish is a must-have when you are visiting Bangalore. 


In addition to savoury delights, if you are craving something sweet and delicious, the city of Bangalore leaves no stone unturned to surprise you. The famous sweet shops of the city delight your sweet culinary senses with the most delicious offerings that you will ever have. The best part is that now you can order online in Bangalore from Swiggy. This allows you to enjoy your favourite desserts right in the comfort of your home.


1. What are some sweets unique to Bangalore?

As you are visiting Bangalore, you will realize that there are several food items and even sweets that are unique to the region. Some of the authentic delights found locally are Mysore Pak, Dharwad Pheda, Sajjappa, and others.

2. Why is Mysore Pak so famous in Bangalore?

Featuring a royal background, the origins of Mysore Pak are from the city of Mysore or the Royal City. The world-famous sweet dish was introduced to Bangalore in 1952. Since then, the sweet dish has gained immense popularity among locals and tourists alike,

3. When are sweets particularly enjoyed in Bangalore?

There is no particular season for enjoying some of the most famous sweet dishes and desserts in Bangalore. However, if you are visiting the city during special festivals or occasions like Onam and others, you can taste the true authentic taste here.

4. What is the history of sweets in Bangalore?

The origin of the sweet culture in Bangalore dates back to ancient times when the entire city was under Royal rule. Since the era of Kings & Queens, the state of Karnataka has been observing affirmative evolutions in terms of culinary delights, including sweets.

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