10 Delicious Sweets Of Dehradun

March 18, 2024

Dehradun is popular for its pleasant environment and sweet people. The city is one of the best tourist attractions in Uttarakhand and is famous for plenty of sightseeing spots, romantic weather, and delicious food that you can’t resist. In addition to serving donuts and basic Indian sweet dishes, Dehradun is known for some special sweet foods that you may not savour anywhere else. 

You may have not heard of these names before. But the moment you take the first bite of these sweets, they will beautifully melt in your mouth. So, are you ready to try Dehradun’s famous sweets? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 famous sweets of Dehradun that every tourist and local should try at least once. Here’s a look. 

1. Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai

The chocolate of Uttarakhand, Bal Mithai, looks as delicious as it tastes. It’s a chocolate-like dessert with white sugar balls coating. Almora’s famous Mithai is famous in Dehradun and can be ordered from any bakery or sweet shop. It is made of Khoya, which is cooked in Ghee until it turns slightly brown. These are shaped into small balls and are dipped into sugar syrup. The dessert is then garnished with white sugar balls and served chilled. It’s a tradition in Dehradun and other parts of Uttarakhand to bring this chocolate dessert when visiting friends or neighbours.

2. Singori


Another Khoya-based sweet dish famous in Dehradun is Singori. The city’s special dessert comes in a cone shape and is wrapped securely in Maalu leaf, giving it a Desi touch. The sweet flavours of Khoya are beyond good. The recipe is also pretty simple. Mix Khoya with sugar and cardamom and shape it into cones. Wrap a Mallu leaf around each cone and roast them until the Khoya turns slightly brown. There you have Singori. You can cook it for the guests or order it online to taste the sweetness of Dehradun. 

3. Arsa


Tourists who have a sweet tooth will love this Dehradun-special sweet dish that’s become a food staple in the city and the neighbourhood. Prepared mainly at weddings, Arsa is a healthy recipe for diet-conscious foodies. It’s low in calories and high in potassium, making it perfect for those who want nutritious value from food without compromising on the taste. It’s made of rice and jaggery. The dough is prepared and deep-fried until it turns golden brown. 

3. Pahadi Halwa

Pahadi Halwa

Pahadi Halwa is one of the many sweet dishes that can make your mouth water. What could be better than exploring the weather and hills of Dehradun with a plate of Pahadi Halwa, after all? The tangy and sweet taste of this Dehradun’s famous dessert garnished with nuts is just amazing. The key ingredients in this recipe are wheat flour, suji, and jaggery, all of which give it a delicious taste. When in Dehradun, you must taste Pahadi Halwa. You will surely want to have it every day.

4. Gujia


You might have made and had Gujiya before. It’s a famous sweet dish prepared during Holi in every household. Gujiya is a popular delicacy of Dehradun and is savoured regularly and on special occasions in the city. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you must try Uttarakhand’s Gujiya once. It’s a sweet dumpling consisting of Khoya and dried fruit mixture. The dough made of flour is filled with this sweet mixture, which is then deep-fried until golden brown. You can garnish it with green cardamoms, almonds, cashews, and other nuts.

6. Jhangore Ki Kheer

Jhangore Ki Kheer

Many Indians have the habit of finishing their meals with soft and delicious dessert recipes. Well, Kheer is just the right dessert for you. And Jhangore Ki Kheer is even more delicious. It has a super smooth texture and an incredible aroma. What sets it apart from the regular Kheer is the Millet, the main ingredient used in the recipe. Jhangore Ki Kheer is made by boiling millet with sugar and adding dry fruits, cardamom powder, and sugar. Keep stirring until you get a thick texture.

7. Roat


One of the best sweets in Dehradun, Roat is made on auspicious occasions and for weddings. It’s mainly used for Prasad. It’s a sweet flatbread made of wheat flour, jaggery, and milk. Jaggery syrup is poured into the wheel flour. Then, a dough is created and rolled into small balls, which must be flattened and shaped into a disc-like structure. It is fried until it achieves a crispy texture.

8. Rotana


It’s prepared in the same way as Roat but has more ingredients and a slightly different taste. Rotana is a famous Dehradun sweet, prepared mainly for Holi and other special occasions. In addition to jaggery and wheat flour, Rotana consists of Suji, fennel seeds, and milk. You can find it in large amounts during Makar Sankranti. You can also order it on Swiggy.

9. Gulgula


Another delectable sweet of Uttarakhand, Gulgula gained popularity in North India and nearly all parts of the country. This easy-to-prepare dish can be served as a snack or a dessert. It’s also quite easy to make. Mix yoghurt, fennel seeds, jaggery, and wheat flour in a bowl to form a thick paste, and then drop small balls into oil to deep fry them. This crispy, mouth-watering snack is perfect for special occasions or regular snacking.

10. Singhal


The list of Dehradun ki favourite Mithai is incomplete without this sweet pancake-like dish. Like other deep-fried sweets mentioned above, Singhal is made in the same way. The ingredients used in the recipe are powdered sugar, wheat flour, baking soda, and cardamom powder. You need to create a smooth dough, which is then rolled, flattened, and finally deep-fried. 

Bottom Line

Each visitor and local should try these 10 super delicious sweets of Dehradun. From Jhangore Ki Kheer to Bal Mithai, each recipe has Uttarakhand’s special ingredients that make it super delicious. If you are craving something sweet or have a sweet tooth, you should give these quick, super delicious recipes a shot. Order online from Swiggy and enjoy these flavourful desserts that will definitely make your day.

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