A Dessert Lover’s Guide: 5 Best Sweets in Gurgaon

March 19, 2024

Many travellers are foodies. Whenever they travel to a new place, they research all the best eateries, bakeries, and restaurants nearby where they can taste the deliciousness of the city food and try new food items. The same goes for Gurgaon. Also called Gurugram, the city is one of the largest IT and banking hubs in India. It attracts many job seekers from the engineering and banking fields, thus presenting a huge array of job opportunities. 

So, a vast majority of the population residing in the town have moved temporarily for jobs. They are always on the hunt for some good food. While there are many restaurants and bakeries serving fresh desserts that are prepared by popular chefs, locals often crave something that originates in Gurgaon. No doubt, the options are countless. But if you are looking for the best sweets in Gurgaon that are the city’s specialty, you are in the right place. In this post, we have shared 5 such recipes that you will totally love on your trip to this city.

Let’s take a look.

1. Dhodha Barfi

Dhodha Barfi

The deep-golden brown fried Dhodha Barfi is full of healthy nutrients. This mouth-watering recipe is famous across different parts of India, but it mainly originates from the North Indian region, i.e. Haryana. Many popular restaurants and bakeries in Gurgaon serve Dhodha Barfi. If you have never had this before, Gurugram is the best place to try this gooey and incredibly delicious dessert with your loved ones. 

Prepared with a mixture of Mawa, ghee, and dry fruits, Dhodha Barfi has gained immense popularity across India. The recipe is prepared by boiling milk until its quantity is reduced to half and adding all the required ingredients. There you go! Your Dodha Barfi is ready. You can garnish it with some dry fruits and your favourite spices.

Dhodha Barfi is believed to have existed since 1912 when a famous Punjabi wrestler wanted to prepare a sweet dish that was as healthy as delicious. He came up with Dhodha Barfi, which soon became a popular dessert in Punjab. Today, it can be easily found at many local restaurants in Gurgaon.

2. Alsi Pinni

Alsi Pinni

Are you looking for something beyond Gulaab Jamun, Kheer, and the usual Indian recipes? Alsi Pinni makes a great dessert for those wanting to try North Indian desserts. If you have tried Haryanvi Thali before, you might have had Alsi Ki Pinni. Well, that’s a traditional dessert recipe of the state, and it’s quite popular in Gurgaon. The dish is made of flax seeds, which doesn’t just make it scrumptious, but adds lots of healthy nutrients. Flaxseeds are a rich source of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. For this recipe, you need jaggery, flaxseeds, gond, ghee, and dry fruits. 

The flax seeds are roasted in a frying pan and are then put in a grinder to get them into powder form. In the same way, a fine powder of Gond is prepared. These ingredients are then added to the jaggery syrup and mixed with grated coconut and dry fruits. Once the batter is prepared, it’s shaped into small balls. The easy recipe of Alsi Ki Pinni and the incredibly delicious taste make it one of the most savoured foods in Gurgaon and other parts of North India. Add to this the nutritious benefits and you will know why people are crazy about it.

3. Meethe Chawal

Meethe Chawal

The Punjabi dessert, Meethe Chawal is another Gurgaon-special dessert that you might find at weddings, Baisakhi, Diwali, and other special occasions. Basmati rice, which is primarily grown in Haryana, is used in this recipe. The soft and creamy texture of Meethe Chawal melts seamlessly in your mouth, and every bite gives you the taste of Punjab’s sweetness. You can order it on Swiggy in Gurgaon. 

For diet-conscious foodies, you don’t have to worry about an excess calorie intake. It’s prepared with Basmati rice, ghee, oil, cloves, cardamom, and other spices. It also includes dry fruits, like cashews, almonds, and raisins, which enhance its taste and increase its nutritious value. Later, saffron colour is added to the rice to give it a perfect finish. You may have had Meethe Chawal at a wedding, anniversary, or other such events. It’s mostly popular in Muslim weddings.

4. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is a popular Indian dessert prepared across the country. Each state prepares it differently, but there’s something special about Gurgaon’s Gajar Ka Halwa that people love. Those who have never had Gajar Ka Halwa before, know that it’s not a pudding nor does it contain any thickening agent. 

It’s simply the grated carrot that’s cooked until all the water is soaked, and the delicious flavours of this vegetable give a sweet aroma. The recipe tastes better in the North, as they use Delhi Gajar, which is juicier and sweeter than the regular ones. Gajar Ka Halwa has different recipes, but in most of them, the dry fruits are first roasted. Grated carrot is the key ingredient of the recipe. It is cooked until the milk evaporates completely. 

Gajar Ka Halwa is best served with garnished dry fruits after the meal. If you are craving a sweet dish after lunch or dinner, order Gajar Ka Halwa in Gurgaon and enjoy the deliciousness of this dessert.

5. Malpua


For office-goers, having a Malpua for breakfast is the best way to maintain their energy levels throughout the day and keep their hunger pangs at bay. Malpua is quite popular in all parts of India but is especially consumed in large amounts in Gurgaon. Those ordering food from the local bakeries and coffee shops in Gurgaon for breakfast mostly prefer Indian pancakes, as they are not only healthy but absolutely delicious.

Bottom Line

These were the famous sweets in Gurgaon that every local or tourist should try at least once. You can also cook these desserts at home, as they have simple recipes and minimal ingredient requirements. There you go! Hope you like these delicious sweets in Gurgaon. 

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