Indulge in Vijayawada’s Best: Must-Try 5 Sweets

March 22, 2024

The second largest town in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada, is one of the sacred places as it is home to the famous Kanaka Durga Temple. What makes it a special place for foodies is the dozens of street shops that open early in the morning and serve some of the best desserts and snacks of Andhra Pradesh. As you explore the city, you will come across plenty of restaurants and street stalls that serve foods containing spices and the authentic taste of the city. 

Vijayawada has foods that originated within the city, as well as foods inspired by different cultures in India. Fortunately, it’s not just the savoury snacks that captivate our attention, but the city has many special desserts that you can have after your meal or for your snack time. So, are you ready to taste the sweetness of Vijayawada? We’ve come up with the 5 must-try sweets of Vijayawada that you should definitely not miss in this city. Let’s take a look. 

1. Bandar Laddu

Bandar Laddu

The most famous and scrumptious sweet of Vijayawada, Bandar Laddu has gained immense popularity all across the state in no time. These are prepared as Prasad for the Pooja conducted at Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada. You can also order them online, as most restaurants, local sweet shops, and eateries in the city prepare these delicious Ladoos

Bandar Laddu is different from Besan Laddu, and what makes it popular is its unique preparation method. The perfect combination of the soft and crunchy texture with lots of sweetness makes this recipe the favourite of locals. It only requires Besan (gram flour), jaggery, and ghee. These three magical ingredients prepare a super smooth Laddu that melts in your mouth while retaining its crunchy texture. These are loaded with nuts, making them incredibly healthy and nutritious for people looking for a tasty and healthy sweet recipe for their family. 

The speciality of the dessert is the time and effort that goes into making these Laddus. It takes approximately 7 hours for chefs to prepare it. When you are in Vijayawada, do not miss out on Bandar Laddu. This delicacy will surely leave you craving more sweet dishes.  

2. Gavvalu


You have probably not tasted Gavvalu if you have never been to Vijayawada or the surrounding cities in Andhra Pradesh. Prepared during the festive season, like Sankranti and Diwali, Gavvalu is a shell-shaped dessert that comes in many variations. It’s not just the unique aesthetics and the mouth-watering taste of this sweet dish that make people crazy about it, but Gavvalu carries many health benefits. 

It is believed to have a great impact on your cognitive abilities, immunity, and blood glucose levels. Also called sweet shells, the dough mixture of the recipe is prepared by mixing flour, water, and milk. The resulting dough is rolled and flattened, giving it a shell shape. The shells are deep-fried in ghee until they turn golden brown and are dipped in jaggery syrup to add some extra sweetness to the recipe. You can have Gavvalu with your meals or during your snack time. Gavvalu is a native sweet dish of Andhra Pradesh, which has now become a popular dessert in Vijayawada and the nearby areas.

3. Kakinada Kaja

Kakinada Kaja

Kaja is the signature sweet of Vijayawada. This pastry-like sweet dish is dipped in sugar syrup, which enhances its taste and adds just the right amount of sweetness to the recipe. Kaja originated in Andhra Pradesh in 1891 when a popular sweet shop in the city started selling these. They are given a cylindrical shape with a small space inside. Kajas look just like layered pastry and have a crunchy texture on the outside. 

The dish is deep-fried and dipped into the sugar syrup before serving. The dough is made of ghee and maida and is shaped like diamonds. There are many versions of Kakinda Kaja, all of which have some uniqueness, but the texture and the appearance remain the same. Gottam Kaja and Madatha Kaja, for instance, are the two popular sweet recipes you should try in Vijayawada.

4. Sunnundalu


Another popular sweet dish in Andhra Pradesh, which is popular across the state and India, Sunnundalu is people’s favourite. It’s famous as Urad Dal Laddu in other states. Not just taste-wise, but these Laddus are quite beneficial for your health. Thanks to their nutritional value. The recipe has many proven health benefits, like improving your digestion, clearing your skin, and improving your bone health. 

The fresh Sunnundalu tastes incredibly delicious, although they can last for up to two weeks when stored in a refrigerator. Commonly called energy boosters, Sunnundalu is great for you and your kids’ health. For snack time, you can order these healthy and scrumptious Laddus for your little ones and boost their energy level for the day. Made of roasted Urad Dal, these laddus are perfect for your mealtime and snacks.

5. Pootharekulu

Pootharekulu has a history dating back to 300 years ago when an old woman in the village was cooking rice in a pot when she found the starch accumulating on the outside of the pot in a thin layer form. Today, this sweet dish has become incredibly popular in Andhra Pradesh and Vijayawada especially. The paper-thin layer is made of starch, jaggery, and gram flour. 

The recipe is prepared by soaking rice and grinding it. The stuffing is made of jaggery, ghee, and dry fruits. Once the filling is done, the sheets are carefully folded. You can have these in your native town too. Check if any sweet shop in your city offers Pootharekulu and order it online on Swiggy. Or, you can wait till your next trip to Vijayawada to taste the deliciousness of this dessert. 

Bottom Line

These were the Vijayawada special sweets you should try on your visit to this city. Whether it’s a spiritual trip or you are a foodie exploring different towns for authentic recipes, Vijayawada has a lot of delicious and healthy desserts for you. The above-listed 5 recipes are just perfect for those who want to try something unique and authentic in the city. 

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