Local Delicacies Unveiled: 12 Best Food In Nashik

March 23, 2024

Nashik is a place where you can find the most famous north Indian delicacies. It is a very ancient city in North India. One in every 12 years, a Kumbh Mela is organised in Nashik, a major attraction source. It’s also known for being a Hindu pilgrimage site and is quite famous for that reason. However, these are not the only things that make Nashik a major tourist site. The Delicacies are a major source of attraction among tourists from foreign and India. 

For those who want to enjoy their visit to Nashik at 100%. Here are the 12 best Nashik foods from the top restaurants that you can’t miss:-

1. Misal Pav

Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a name that everyone must have heard. It’s a popular dish and a favourite breakfast in all parts of Maharashtra. It’s filled with different spices that are common in North India. It combines Misal (curry) and pav (bread), which taste amazing. If you are a spice lover, then Misal Pav can be the best food in Nashik for you. It can usually be found at any street stall, but try to have it from a reputed place. 

2. Vada Pav

Vada Pav

Visit to Maharashtra and especially Mumbai and Nashik is incomplete without Vada Pav. It’s the most famous dish that you could ever find in Maharashtra. Vada Pav has gained so much popularity that it can now be found in different states. Locals generally enjoy Vada Pav regularly as their breakfast and snacks. It’s quite easy to find Vada Pav in Nashik, as it can be found at any restaurant or stall. 

3. Thalipeeth


Thalipeeth is a dish that can’t be found generally in states other than Maharashtra. This is because iIt’s a complete meal and can be prepared perfectly only using North Indian seasonings. It’s an Authentic Cuisine that will make your visit to Nashik even more worth it. The best part about this is that it’s a complete meal and won’t cost much. So, if you are looking for a simple lunch, the thalipeeth can be the best food to eat in Nashik.

4. Bhel


Bhel is a snack that can make anyone crave for them, even just by thinking. It’s a great combination of sweet, sour, and different seasonings. People of India might already know about Bhel dishes as they are quite popular in different states, too. However, the Bhel of Maharashtra, especially Nashik, is worth a shot. Since it’s much more popular in Nashik, people here are crazy about it. 

5. Dabeli


Maharashtra is popular for all of its Pav dishes like Vada pav and misal pav. Dabeli is another one of them but with a twist. Dabeli may look like any other ordinary Vada Pav, but it’s built differently and tastes different. This dish is also popular as Kutchi Dabeli among locals. Vada Pav contains a fried Vada between Pav, which is obvious. On the other hand, Dabeli has a Patty filled with all sorts of Indian masala between two pav.

6. Shawarma


Shawarma might be a new name for you, especially if you haven’t visited Nashik recently. Shawarma is not a dish that was popularly formed in Nashik earlier. However, it has become one of the most famous foods of Nashik recently. So, on your visit to Nashik, try having Shawarma and other authentic dishes. This would surely be a great experience. You will find Shawarma at limited restaurants only.

7. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji

North India is immensely popular for all its seasonings and how they mix and serve them. In Nashik, there’s nothing more deliciously filled with seasonings  than Pav Bhaji. Pav is, again, just ordinary bread that is roasted in butter. On the other hand, Bhaji is a mixture of many vegetables and different spices. All veggies in it make it a healthier meal option.

8. Biryani


Biryani is like a jewel of North India which can never be hated. The craze of biryani makes it an even more popular dish than shawarma itself. Biryani is spiced rice cooked with chicken or mutton, even without them. It’s a perfect meal for all non-veg visitors. Biryani might be oily and heavy, but mixing veggies makes it healthy. Biryani might not need much introduction, but try it from a reputable place. 

9. Keema Pav

Keema Pav

As we already know, Maharashtra and local areas like Nashik are full of Pav dishes. Keema Pav is another one of them. Being different from all other paw dishes, keema Pav is another amazing and unique dish to try. Unlike Vada Pav, Keema Pav can generally be found in other states of India. So keep Keema Pav on your priority list, and try it on your visit. 

10. Cooling Lassi

Cooling Lassi

Lassi is originally a sweet drink from Punjab. Still, this amazing drink is a craze in the entire country and even foreign countries. Foreigners who visit India generally keep lassi on top of their priority list. In Nashik, lassi is famous as a cooling drink in summer, also due to its different texture and making style. It’s not from Nashik but is still Nashik’s famous food.

11. Vadas

Vada in Vada pav is not the only famous Vada in Nashik and the entire Maharashtra. Locals of Nashik surely enjoy fried foods, and you will love them, too. Vada in Nashik of different varieties are available. Some that are especially popular are Sabudana Vada and the one from Vada Pav. Vadas might not seem like the healthiest meal, but it can surely be the tastiest meal on your list. 

12. Jalebi

Jalebi might be last on our list, but it’s at the top when discussing desserts. Jalebi is a dessert that can soothe your soul and satisfy your sweet craving. Nashik’s Jalebi is so sweet that you won’t need any other dessert with or after it. 


Local food is a must-try whenever you visit a new and popular place. Knowing Nashik’s best food dishes will help you to create your priority list. So, whether you’re a traveller seeking new taste experiences or a food enthusiast eager to dive into Nashik’s gastronomic wonders, this city’s culinary offerings will leave an indelible mark on your senses. As you savour these local delicacies, you’ll taste not only the flavours of Nashik but also the essence of its culture and heritage. In conclusion, Nashik’s best foods are an invitation to explore, indulge, and celebrate the culinary treasures of this beautiful city.

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