Unveiling The 5 Most Famous Food of Kakinada in 2024

March 23, 2024

Kakinada is an ancient South Indian city that is also known by other names like Kakinandiwada and Coconada. It is a popular city situated along the East Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh. The city is quite renowned for its intense food scene as well. As a matter of fact, the city is also hailed as the ultimate pensioner’s paradise. A number of travellers from different parts of the country and the globe prefer visiting the city for its divine taste in food. Let us guide you into the most famous food items in Kakinada you must try.

The beautiful city of Kakinada faces the scenic Bay of Bengal. Therefore, it is a famous tourist spot. As far as the local cuisine is concerned, Kakinada has an abundance to offer. Due to its rich cuisine culture, the city has also garnered the respect of being called “Kakinada Kaja.” Bajji, a famous food item in Andhra Pradesh, has its origins in Kakinada. Let us explore more!

What are the Most Famous Food Items in Kakinada?

When it comes to relishing the true essence of Kakinada, you will be impressed by the richness and authenticity of traditional Andhra cuisine here. A wide range of delicacies are famous in the city. While you have vegetarian options, the city is immensely famed for its scrumptious offering of unmatched non-vegetarian delights that are a must-have for all tourists.

If you are visiting Kakinada anytime soon, here are some of the must-have food items you should try here:

1. Pesarattu


Super delicious and healthy, Pesarattu is one of the most sought-after breakfast options in the entire Andhra Pradesh, including Kakinada. It is a popular Andhra-style moong dal dosa that is not only fulfilling but also nutritious at the same time.

Lightly spiced and crispy, Pesarattu or Moong Dal Dosa is a healthy crepe prepared out of green gram or green moong beans, herbs, and spices. These savoury delights are luscious as leading breakfast options. Most local street food vendors or eateries in Kakinada offer this delicacy with a hint of different chutneys to enhance the overall flavours.

2. Cauliflower Avakaya

Cauliflower Avakaya

Are you a pickle lover? Chances are you will fall in love with the divine taste of this ultimate pickle recipe that is quite widespread across Kakinada and surrounding regions. Within the warm climatic conditions of the East Godavari district in Kakinada, the Cauliflower pickle or Avakaaya is an art. The traditional makers of this appetising recipe still make use of century-old methods and culinary skills that have been handed down through different generations.

The Cauliflower Avakaaya is also known as Gobhi Achar and is available throughout the city to elevate  the gastronomy of any simple meal. The locals of Kakinada prefer this achar recipe with almost all meals of the day. In addition to Cauliflower Avakaaya, you will also come across several other popular variants of pickles across Kakinada.

3. Mysore Bhaji

Mysore Bhaji

Also known as Mysore Bonda, it is a popular South Indian snack that is quite popular across the streets of Kakinada. When you are exploring the city and wish to try something local and scrumptious, Mysore Bhaji is your go-to option. Otherwise, you can also order food online in Kakinada from Swiggy to enjoy the fresh, delicious zest.

Mysore Bhajji is an appetising snack option in the city prepared out of simple ingredients like freshly chopped coconut, lentils, vibrant spices, and herbs. All the ingredients are combined well into a thick batter. Eventually, bhajis are deep-fried to prepare fluffy, soft, and crispy fritters. Most vendors offer this culinary delight with a dash of delectable coconut chutney to enhance the overall experience.

4. Kakinada Kaaja

Kakinada Kaaja

A visit to the coastal landscape of Kakinada will be incomplete without relishing the delicious Kakinada Kaaja. The melt-in-your-mouth pastry is assured to give you the ultimate sugar rush that you have been craving. It is an authentic sweet dish from Andhra Pradesh. Also referred to as Gottam Kaja, the dessert is made out of authentic ingredients to impart iconic savour and aroma.

During the preparation process, pure desi ghee is added to the mixture to make the final product special and mouth-watering. Kakinada Kaja features a hard shell with a juicy and smooth inner texture to make you drool over this treat. This sweet dish is the ultimate lip-smacking dessert item you must try when in Kakinada.

5. Pulihora


Pulihora is a popular delicacy from South India featuring the goodness of local ingredients, like rice, tamarind, curry leaves, green chillies, and spices. Additionally, yellow lentils, mustard seeds, and roasted sesame seeds are also added to amplify the rich flavours of the dish.

The dish is quite a speciality during festivals and special occasions in the region. Also referred to as Andhra Tamarind Rice, Pulihora features the perfect balance of tangy, salty, and sweet taste. It is one of the most standard dishes that is common across Kakinada households and the best restaurants.


With a myriad of tantalising recipes to boast, the city of Kakinada is the ultimate food-lovers heaven. If you are fond of trying out new recipes or cuisines, you must give the local Andhra cuisine here a try. You will be mesmerised by the heavenly palate of the rich ingredients used in the unique preparations.

If you wish to truly explore the rich flavours of the local dishes, you can now order food online in Kakinada from Swiggy. You can do so by searching for the best food restaurant near me in the city. As such, you have the ease of enjoying your favourite meals right from the comfort of your home. 

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