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March 23, 2024

Kanpur is regarded as the ultimate food hub of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Let us help you explore the best street food of Kanpur as you visit this historic city next time.

As you are exploring any city, it is recommended to try out the local delicacies to get an idea of the true innate essence of the place. It is true for Kanpur as well. With the presence of a diverse range of street food delicacies in combination with excellent taste, the local food walk in Kanpur is a must-try for all tourists.

Which is the Best Street Food in Kanpur? <h2>

Also famous as the “Leather City,” Kanpur has also emerged to be a popular Tier-II city. You can come across a number of leather manufacturing factories across the city, along with several textile factories, sugar mills, and shoe factories. In addition to its popular industrial manufacturing units, Kanpur is also renowned for its high-end educational institutions like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and major coaching areas. On top of it all, you will relish the unmatched food items that are famous across the city and the state.

Kanpur is known to feature one of the richest cuisines in the state, right next to Agra. As a number of tourists frequent the city due to its industrial and cultural significance, it is imperative for you to be aware of the best street food in Kanpur. Here are some for you to know about:

1. Sultani Dal

Sultani Dal

Sultani Dal is a scrumptious soup made by combining pigeon peas boiled in a pressure cooker with a wholesome range of delectable spices. Once the pigeon peas have been boiled to perfection, they are later fried with an interesting blend of herbs and spices. After this process, yoghurt and fresh cream are also added to the mixture to impart a creamy, delicious texture and flavour throughout.

As the dal recipe is quite rich and mouth-watering, the dish is primarily served on special occasions, especially to guests visiting homes. The dish is quite process-intensive and takes around two hours to complete the complicated preparation process. However, the rich taste and texture of the lentil soup are worth the wait. In addition to households, you can also try this dish at leading restaurants and eateries, including street food vendors in the city. You can have this delectable combination with steamed rice or roti.

2. Shami Kebabs

Shami Kebabs

This scrumptious recipe in Kanpur has evolved to become a staple food item across the state of Uttar Pradesh. A number of other neighbouring cities boast the deliciousness of this dish, especially since the colonization by the British Empire. The flavour-rich dish primarily features minced meat mixed with an array of delectable spices. Succulent, minced meat is mixed with rich chickpea flour to serve as the binding agent.

Certain local recipes, quite famous amongst street food vendors, recommend mixing eggs to the unique recipe to enhance the overall flavours. Eventually, they are moulded into piping hot rods and cooked in a coal-supported oven. The recipe of Shami Kebab in Kanpur might vary from one street food vendor to another. In addition to the delectable non-veg options, there is also something delightful for veg lovers. You can come across a plethora of veg options, including soya-based recipes, that are a hit in the city. You can stroll through the roadside carts to get an authentic taste of this famous dish in Kanpur.

3. Biryani


The overall traditional picture of Kanpur is incomplete unless you include the delectable taste of rich Biryanis on the menu. The entire city and the state of Uttar Pradesh have managed to retain the original, authentic taste of Biryani of different sorts. Whether you are looking for non-veg or vegetarian options for this dish, you will find them all at the famous street-side food vendors of the city.

Just like the recipe of Shami Kebab, every chef or street food outlet will have a unique flavour of Biryani. This implies that you can keep trying divine flavours every single day from different food carts and stalls in the city. While it is a common preparation across households in the city, there are several famous places and eateries to enjoy a plate of hot biryani.

4. Imarti


It is a famous sweet dish that is quite similar to the taste of authentic Jalebis. The only difference lies in the overall taste. Imarti actually originated from Jalebi. However, the former has evolved in terms of taste over the years. The changes are directly or indirectly linked to different empires and cultures that have ruled the city.

Imarti is a famous sweet dish of North India. It is prepared by deep-frying a rich batter of vigna mungo flour. While frying, the batter is given spiral shapes. These pieces are eventually soaked in a rich sugar syrup. Some of the alternative names for the sweet delicacy are Jhangiri, Jahangir, Emarti, and Amriti.

5. Roasted Aloo

Roasted Aloo

Smoked potatoes or Roasted Aloo are anything but the usual. Kanpuri Roasted Aloos is slow-cooked on a specialised Bhatti after potato pieces are coated in a rich mixture of spices and herbs. The thin skins of potatoes easily absorb the rich flavours. The potatoes feature a rich, creamy texture that functions great in contrast to the smoky, crispy skin after they are roasted.

You will find Kanpurites relishing this famous street-side delicacy at almost every nook & corner of the city. This is because the dish is quite famous amongst the locals, especially during the chilly weather.


Being a famous tourist destination, Kanpur has also garnered ample respect for its rich street food scene and culture. When in this famous industrial hub, you can now order food online in Kanpur from Swiggy to enjoy its local delights. As such, you can enjoy the ease of doorstep delivery by sitting in the comfort of your home. 

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