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March 23, 2024

Every other day, a new restaurant is opened in the fiercely competitive food market, making it even harder to thrive. In order to rapidly and effectively serve a large number of customers, restaurants, and eateries look forward to adopting technology by Swiggy and other food delivery services. It is a platform that forges a link between the food sector and its clients. With more and more individuals choosing to order food online rather than dining out, there is an opportunity for restaurant owners looking to increase their consumer base, and they can benefit from Swiggy’s partner program. Swiggy is the first company that people think of when they think of food delivery, so there is even more incentive to sign up and use the service. In the following section, we will discuss how to add restaurants in Swiggy easily.

How to add restaurants in Swiggy: A step-by-step guide

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You can add a restaurant in Swiggy with the help of the following steps: 

Step 1: Create a Swiggy account

  • Visit Swiggy’s website to submit an application to become a partner with Swiggy and add your restaurant. Pick “Partner with us” from the “Contact” section at the bottom of the page.
  • Provide all the required information, such as restaurant name, name and contact details of the owner, restaurant POC designation, and city information. Then click on the “Proceed” button. 

Step 2: Submit all the relevant documents

The next step while adding a restaurant in Swiggy involves entering the business entity name and address details. With that, the restaurant owner also has to upload an FSSAI certificate and GST certificate and then complete the KYC. 

Step 3: Verification of documents 

A cancelled cheque, a copy of the menu, and the takeout bill are required to be submitted for the verification process.

Step 4: Signature of the partnership agreement 

A Swiggy employee will visit your location to verify the information and sign a Partnership Agreement once all of these facts have been successfully submitted. Once the registration is complete, you will receive an acknowledgment message on your registered mobile number and email address.

Step 5: Payment of commission

The restaurant has to pay a commission to Swiggy in a timely manner. The commission is based on the locality of the restaurant and whether any additional promotional services have been availed. 

Documents required for Swiggy restaurant partner registration

The applicant must also be prepared with the required documentation in order to register as a Swiggy partner online. Following is a list of the required documents:

  • PAN
  • Shop license
  • Owner information and tax details
  • FSSAI certificate
  • GST certificate 
  • Cancelled cheque

Now that we have discussed the step-by-step process to add a restaurant in Swiggy and the documents required to do so let us focus on the numerous benefits that a restaurant owner can avail of after registering on Swiggy.

Why should you become a Swiggy restaurant partner?

Adding a restaurant in Swiggy will help a restaurant owner get more orders and enjoy other additional perks such as:

1. Expansion of customer base 

Any food business must consider the needs of the customers. Any food business needs a sizable clientele. Swiggy partners with eateries and guarantees them a ready and sizable consumer base. Swiggy is also spending money on aggressive promotion to draw clients and let everyone know it exists, and this is why you should consider Swiggy restaurant partner registration.

2. Business feedback 

In order to survive the cut-throat competition in the food delivery industry, a restaurant owner must frequently evaluate the performance of the business and then implement customer feedback. Swiggy offers customers an option to rate, comment on, and provide feedback. This tool allows users to quickly and succinctly provide feedback on their meal orders. They may comment on the food’s flavour, serving size, timeliness of delivery, packaging, etc. Feedback is very helpful since it allows restaurants to identify areas for improvement and work on them to improve the level of service.

3. Ease of delivery

Food distribution involves the completion of a series of tasks like correctly receiving the order, communicating it to the kitchen, packing the food in, and finishing all the steps prior to food delivery on time. Consequently, the restaurant typically faces difficulties making accurate and on-time delivery. Because of this, Swiggy restaurant partner registration is beneficial to ensure that the delivery procedure goes off without a hitch. It guarantees that the order is delivered as promptly and effectively as possible, thanks to its army of delivery personnel. 

4. Improvement in service quality 

Swiggy is a food delivery company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Their primary goals are to provide customers with quick food delivery and the finest level of service. Swiggy is a customer-friendly service. The delivery personnel are kind, and the user interface is user-friendly. Additionally, Swiggy gives users real-time updates on the progress of their food orders. Customers are reassured that their meal is being made and will be delivered to them on schedule. 

5. Reduction of operational expenses

When Swiggy handles expenses like advertising, deliveries, and other overheads, restaurants can experience a decrease in operating costs. Through its army of delivery workers, it also offers restaurants a big customer base, prompt and simple deliveries, and a guarantee of high-quality service. This benefits restaurants by lowering operational costs, other business expenses, and other economies of scale.


Swiggy’s delivery personnel collect orders from restaurants and deliver them to the right customers, thus helping restaurant owners streamline the process of food delivery. Due to this, some restaurants have teamed with Swiggy in an effort to draw in more customers. 

When restaurants, cafés, cafeterias, diners, and bistros partner with Swiggy, they can draw a lot of people and increase sales. Swiggy registration is a simple online process that can be completed in a few minutes. Filling out the required information and any additional information is all that is required in this straightforward process. A few additional documents must be uploaded by the applicant as well. After following these easy steps, the restaurant’s name will appear on Swiggy, and the Partnership Agreement can be signed. With this, restaurant owners become Swiggy partners, and they can embark on a process of hassle-free food delivery while expanding their customer base. 

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