Gorakhpur’s Culinary Trail: Explore The City’s Most Famous Foods

March 23, 2024

Uttar Pradesh, or UP, is one of the 28 states of India with a diverse population and a rich cultural heritage. Being the most populated state in India, it is also one of the most diverse states in terms of culture. People of different origins and beliefs live in this state, and it has a huge influence on the Indian political landscape. This state has a huge contrast in urban and rural areas and also has a significant influence on Indian society. 

Gorakhpur is one of the biggest cities of Uttar Pradesh and an important educational, economic, and cultural hub of UP. This beautiful city shares its international border with Nepal and is also just 275 kilometres away from Lucknow, the state capital. The historical heritage of the city resides in its name, Gorakhpur is named after a saint from medieval times, Guru Goraknath. The key sightseeing spot in the city is Goraknath temple which is a pilgrimage site for Hindu people. It is true that the food of a city is the true reflection of its cultural soul. The cuisine of Gorakhpur is also the mirror of the city’s soul. It is heavily influenced by the traditions of the Uttar Pradesh region, with a bit of influence from Nepal. The famous food of Gorakhpur has many flavourful and diverse dishes that can leave anyone eating them in pure awe. 

What Kind of Food is Gorakhpur Famous for?

Let us look at some popular dishes of Gorakhpur city: 

The favourite food of Vegetarians in Gorakhpur

1. Puri Aloo

Puri Aloo

Potatoes are the comfort food of all vegetarians, and the people of Gorakhpur aren’t strangers to this either. Puri aloo is the favourite breakfast dish in the area, enjoyed at home and restaurants alike. It is basically deep-fried bread/puris with a spicy potato curry, make it at home or order from your favourite restaurant; this dish never disappoints. 

2. Ghughni


Yet another favourite dish of vegetarians in the area, Ghughni is made from dried peas and spices. It is served with tamarind chutney and is available on street food stalls in Gorakhpur. 

Sweet treats for the people of Gorakhpur

3. Peda


Pedas are the most famous dessert in Gorakapur, and they are enjoyed by people of all cultures and ages throughout the city. They have the tendency to melt in your mouth and leave behind their aftertaste long after you are done eating them. Made with sugar, cardamom, and khoya, these aromatic desserts are sure to make you come back for more. The good news is with the rise in technology, you do not have to step out of the house to satisfy your dessert cravings. Now you can order simply by sitting at home as you search for the best restaurants near me in Gorakhpur. 

4. Kalaadi

The authentic desserts of Uttar Pradesh are famous all over the country, but there are also some underrated gems that are not appreciated enough. Kalaadi is one such underrated dessert of Gorakhpur which is made from sugar and cottage cheese. Give it a try on our recommendation; you will not regret it. 

5. Malaiyo


Yet another special dish of Gorakhpur which has the right balance of sweetness and aroma in it. A delicious frothy dessert made from saffron and milk, this is truly a delight for the tastebuds. 

6. Balushahi


Sugar syrup dripping from deep-fried pastries is such a soothing sight for sore eyes. Just the name of Balushahi is enough to get our imagination running and our mouths watering! That is the impact this delicious dessert has on everyone. We know you are craving it too, so order it right now and enjoy. 

Famous Non-Vegetarian food of Gorakhpur

7. Mutton Curry

Mutton Curry

The meat lovers of the city enjoy this flavourful dish with steamed rice every now and then. This is one of the most loved nonvegetarian dishes not only in Gorakhpur but all over the country. 

8. Kebabs


The kebabs of Gorakhpur have a separate fan base. Dishes like Seekh Kebab and Galouti Kebab are enjoyed widely by the people of this city along with the tourists who visit. 

9. Biryani


Biryani is the most popular non-veg dish in India and is enjoyed by people all over the world. This preparation of basmati rice with meat and aromatic spices satisfies not only a person’s hunger but also their soul. 

Street food delights

10. Chaat


No Indian city can be complete without the chaat stalls on the street side. Chaat, pani puri, dahi puri, aloo chat, bhel puri, and a lot many varieties are sold by the chaat stalls of Gorakhpur. This city’s street food scene is very vibrant and is sure to keep you on your toes (with its spicy nature, of course!)

11. Samosa


With the popularity samosas have in the country, they should be declared the national snack. It is one of the staple snacks of Gorakhpur and can be found in many street food shops and sweet shops around the city. 


From pedas that melt in the mouth to aromatic biryanis, Gorakhpur has them all! The city has both sweet and savoury delights for foodies to feast upon. The simple dishes like aloo puri and the complex delicacies like biryani all come together to form the diverse and interesting food culture of Gorakhpur. Do you also crave these dishes every now and then? Do you also find trouble in taking time to go out and enjoy these delicacies? You are not alone in this. Online food ordering platforms like Swiggy are here to rescue your cravings from your cruel routines. You can now order your food and enjoy it without leaving your routine behind. Swiggy offers food delivery services seven days a week to make sure you never go hungry. Now enjoy the famous food of Gorakhpur from the comfort of your home with this advanced platform! 

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