Eat Like a Local: Guide to Kozhikode Famous Foods

March 23, 2024

We all love to travel and explore all the new and wonderful places. Travelling has even become a passion for many people. It also allows you to earn a living by being a professional travel blogger or explorer. However, the beauty of a place is not the only thing that makes the place worth visiting. The local dishes in Kozhikode attract more people than just the scenery. If you visit the southern parts of India for its beauty alone, you might not know about the local food here.

The food of Kozhikode and other southern areas, especially in Kerala, are famous for their local flavours. So, if you want to visit Kozhikode, then do not forget to try the following dishes at least once:- 


Breakfast is considered the most energizing meal of the entire day. Without a good breakfast, your body might not function properly. So, breakfast should be nutritious and light at the same time. Local breakfast dishes can be the best food in Calicut.

1. Local Pancakes


You might assume that pancakes are not an Indian dish, and you are right, too, but these pancakes are different. These are more popular as Ari-Pathiri, the softer and Indian-style pancakes. These are made with rice flour and can easily be found at any local eatery. This dish is often served with fish, mutton, and even chicken. These breads are so soft and fluffy that they can enhance the taste of anything served. This is also preferred as an evening snack if enjoyed with tea. 

2. Sharbat


Sharbat here is not what you might think. It’s unrelated to milkshakes and can be served as an antidote drink for breakfast. It’s made using a famous local natural ingredient called Sarsaparilla or Nannari by locals. This sharbat can also be served with milk to soothe children’s taste. However, it’s highly recommended to try the best meals in Calicut as it is. It would be best to try this drink from a local stall, not a fancy restaurant. Try enjoying this drink at the time of breakfast.

3. Banana Chips

Banana Chips

Banana Chips are the most commonly found snack in almost the entire South India. These chips hold a high ranking in people’s favourite lists. These chips are the healthiest and most natural that you could ever find. Also, these chips are crunchy and come with different spices. You can also have normal salted ones to have a simple flavour. Locals prefer eating these with evening and morning tea as a snack. These are both light and yummy, best to compliment your breakfast.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner can be the heaviest part of your meal in an entire day. So try having something that can give you both energy and smoothness. The best food in Kozhikode that you can have in your lunch are:-

1. Arikadukka


If you are a diehard seafood lover, then Calicut is the place for you. As you must know, Kerala is a Coastal area, and a coastal area is incomplete without fish. People in Calicut prefer eating fish and fish dishes regularly. Many of the locals eat fish even daily. Arikadukka is one of the many popular fish dishes in Calicut. This dish is prepared by stuffing the spiced rice into the mussels, steaming, and frying.

2. Mutton cutlet

Mutton cutlet

Mutton Cutlet might not sound like a proper filling meal option. Still, it’s often eaten by locals as a starter dish. Cutlets are also available in Lots of varieties with different stuffings. However, mutton cutlet is most famous among the local foodies as it is packed with aromas. The local chefs use different spices to cook these meals, which enhances their taste even more. You can also try chicken cutlets; they are also popular starters.

3. Fish Curry and Fry

Fish Curry

Fish and other seafood dishes are the soul of Kerala’s food culture. So, if you truly want to try the best food, Calicut fish fry is a must. However, the fish fry might not suit the taste buds of everyone, especially foreigners. This is because fish fry in these areas is prepared using spices and coconut oil heavily. 

However, fish fry can be good for everyone’s taste buds. This is because it has a very Creamy texture that melts in your mouth. It’s best for those who are not used to spices.

4. Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani

Biryani is a mouth-watering experience for everyone. There might not be anyone who has tried biryani and is not obsessed with it. People often say that biryani is a Hyderabadi dish and is a beast found there. Still, Calicut’s Chicken biryani is not away from the competition. It has its share of fans. So, if you haven’t tried biryani before, go to the beachside area to try the best beach chicken biryani. Even if you have tried biryani before, try Calicut’s, which might create a new favourite. 

Dessert and Drinks

Dessert is mandatory after every long day and heavy or even light meal. So we will introduce you to the best Calicut’s desserts. They are:-

1. Halwa


Halwa is a common dish in India, but halwa in Calicut is different. Halwa in Calicut is made with different ingredients uncommon in other parts of the country. The most famous flavour to try a halwa for the first time is “Jaggery” flavoured. It is highly possible that you won’t be able to resist carrying them back to your place.

2. Milk Shakes

Milk Shake

Milkshakes are a rather appealing drink in the entire world. However, the milkshake in Calicut is known as the Sharjah shake. This shake is made with banana as its main ingredient. The other ingredients in Sharjah Shake may differ according to the cooks who prepare them. However, it is worth trying, especially after a meal.


Eating locally in Kozhikode isn’t just about tasty food; it’s also about experiencing the city’s culture and history. The special savours and fresh ingredients they use in their recipes make the food yummy and show how skilled they are at cooking in this area.

Calicut is filled with different dishes that can give your taste buds immense pleasure. If you are confused about which dish you should try first, then the article will help you. Go through it and enjoy all the flavourful best food in Calicut.

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