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March 23, 2024

While it is hard to spot sky-touching buildings and infrastructure in Agra, the city indeed showcases a peek into rich culture and immense diversity. In addition to ample historical significance, the city of Agra is also renowned for its rich, scrumptious local food scene, especially street food items. In addition to the presence of signatory eateries and top-rated restaurants, the historic city is also dotted with a number of famous and highly sought-after street food stalls selling delicacies hard to find anywhere else.

Food in Agra, especially the diverse street food culture of Agra, is highlighted by an immense variety of rich Mughlai delicacies that are a must-have. At the same time, you can also relish the divine chaats, spicy cheela, tikki, and much more when you are visiting this beautiful City of the Taj. 

Which is the Most Famous Street Food of Agra?

Agra is famous for its snacks, food, and sweets taking inspiration from all around. The succulent meat-based dishes, with ample Mughlai touch, are highlighted in any local eatery selling a myriad of delicacies. 

The rich culture and heritage of the city have been inherited by the henceforth Mughal emperors. The cultural importance of the city is not just limited to its world-famous architecture but also translates to the local food scene here. The street food of Agra is a culinary delight. Here are some of the must-have street food delicacies you must try when you are visiting Agra:

1. Bedai & Jalebi

Bedai & Jalebi

The locals of the historic city have a unique breakfast meal to themselves. They like having something that is equally spicy and sweet at the same time. Tantalise your taste buds with the delicious flavours of Bedai & Jalebi in Agra. Bedai is available as a deep-fried, spicy and puffy bread that is usually served on the spicier end. The delicacy is topped with a dollop of curd. 

Jalebi serves to be the sweetened aspect of the breakfast meal. The given combo is a mouth-watering breakfast staple in Agra. You can easily come across leading street food stalls and vendors selling this delicacy across every nook & corner of the city. 

2. Parantha


Paranthas are reminiscent of the ancient Mughlai kitchens. In Agra, they depict a unique flavour and texture that are unmatched by Paranthas of other parts of the country. If you were to assume that paranthas in Delhi are the most famous, you should have this delicacy in Agra.

Stuffed with a myriad of rich ingredients like potatoes, paneer, onions, carrot, cauliflower, and much more, flaky & buttery Paranthas are served with vegetable mashes, tangy pickles, and creamy yogurt to enhance the overall experience. 

3. Bhalla


Simply scrumptious, a plate of Bhalla is also known as Aloo Tikki in the city. Aloo Tikki is essentially a type of flattened and fried potato ball. Deep-fried potato balls are served with sweet and tangy chutneys. Most local food vendors offer a plate of Bhalla with a spicy chickpea curry as well.

You can easily stop by the famous chaat houses or street corners of the city to enjoy this delicious snack. There are several leading eateries and street food vendors in Agra offering this delicacy with a unique touch.

4. Petha


Petha is one of the prominent dishes that epitomizes Agra. Since our childhood days, we have fantasised the divine flavours of Agra Petha, available in different flavours. As a matter of fact, there are several traditional sweet shops and eateries selling this sweet delicacy in different flavours and textures. 

Petha is typically prepared out of ash gourd or white pumpkin and mixed with an array of rich dry fruits to enhance the overall flavours. You can come across both wet and dry types of Petha in Agra as you order the dish online from a leading sweet shop.

5. Dalmoth


If you are not a major sweet-lover and wish to indulge in something savoury and delicious at the same time, you can order Dalmoth as one of the most delicious snack items in Agra. As you are exploring the historic city, you can spend an easy-to-go evening with Dalmoth, a crunchy delight you would love to have.

This famous street food in Agra is best consumed with tea or coffee. It is a delectable mixture of rich spices, nuts, and fried lentils. The dish can also be used as a leading snack item with your favourite drink. It is a dry snack. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the same while travelling. You can order a pack of your favourite version of Dalmoth from a leading sweet shop in Agra.

6. Shawarma


You can get Shawarma in almost every city in India nowadays. However, due to the rich influence of the delicious Mughlai recipes, Shawarma in Agra is next-level. Served with delicious white mint and green sauces, this chicken-stuffed roll would indeed make you want more.

The presence of thick mayonnaise coating only enhances the overall taste of the dish. There are several famous eateries and local street food vendors selling this delicacy across the lanes of Agra. 

7. Mughlai Delicacies

Mughlai Delicacies

The overall Mughlai influence in Agra is unparalleled and is significantly evident in the local cuisine of the city. The meats of this cuisine are succulent and juicy. Mostly, meat pieces are cooked in a rich, spicy curry that is flavoured with the use of ground, whole spices in addition to nuts and dried fruits. Mughlai cuisine is a rich meal preparation, fit for the royals in every sense. 


The rich flavours of the local dishes in Agra are simply irresistible. You would love trying out the famous local dishes, whether you try from a famous restaurant or a local street-side food stall in the city. To top it all, you can now order food online in Agra from Swiggy to enjoy the ease of relishing your favourite food items from the comfort of your home.

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