Shillong’s Top 5 Best Foods That You Need to Add in Your Food Diary

March 23, 2024

The breathtakingly beautiful capital city of Shillong has a rich and varied culinary tradition that reflects the region’s cultural diversity and natural bounty. The famous food in Shillong is a delectable combination of traditional Khasi flavours, influences from nearby villages, and a dash of modernism, nestled among lush hills and picturesque scenery. Traditional Khasi cuisines, which use a variety of ingredients from the fertile fields of the area, are at the centre of Shillong’s culinary identity and include some of the best food in Shillong. Many meals are built around staples like rice, millet, and vegetables that are farmed nearby. Khasi foods like “Jadoh” (rice cooked with meat) and “Tungrymbai” (fermented soybean chutney) have unique flavours, thanks to indigenous herbs and spices like Jaintia pepper and bay leaves.

Shillong has recently adopted international culinary trends, with a burgeoning number of cafes and eateries serving everything from fusion food to international cuisine. Shillong’s food is now a culinary joy for anyone looking for a once-in-a-lifetime meal in the picturesque Meghalayan hills. Let’s have a look at some of the best foods in Shillong.

The 5 famous foods of Shillong

1. Jadoh


An iconic Khasi dish that perfectly encapsulates the famous food in Shillong and its regional cuisine is Jadoh. It’s a tasty rice dish made with a variety of fragrant spices and soft bits of meat, usually chicken or pork. The utilisation of indigenous ingredients gives Jadoh its distinctive earthy and spicy flavour. A fiery hot chutney is often served alongside the dish and used as a garnish. Since jadoh has a deep, rich flavour that the residents adore, no trip to Shillong would be complete without indulging in this local speciality.

2. Dohkhlieh


Another popular food of Shillong that demonstrates the area’s love of pork is Dohkhlieh. The main component of this recipe is tender pork slices marinated in a flavourful mixture of herbs, spices, and mustard oil. The result is a spicy pork salad. Typically, onions, ginger, and green chillies are finely minced and combined with the diced pork to create a mouthwatering array of flavours and textures. Dohkhlieh is a delectable explosion of freshness and heat that perfectly captures the Khasi people’s enjoyment of robust, flavourful food. It goes amazingly well with steamed rice and is frequently enjoyed as an appetiser or side dish.

3. Putharo


Putharo, a well-known Khasi rice cake, typifies the nourishing side of Shillong cuisine. These tender cakes have a mildly sweet and nutty flavour since they are created with a combination of rice flour and grated coconut. Putharo is traditionally cooked in hollowed-out, cylinder-shaped bamboo, giving the cakes a distinctive flavour and scent. To provide a delicious flavour contrast, they are frequently served with a savoury side dish like Dohkhlieh or Jadoh. Putharo is a beloved component of meals in Shillong because of its simplicity and delicious flavour. You can visit the popular restaurants in Shillong to taste this unique rice cake, or you may choose to order it online by searching for the best food restaurant near you.

4. Tungrymbai


One of Shillong’s famous foods in Shillong, Tungrymbai, is known for its tangy and savoury fermented soybean chutney. Soaked and boiled soybeans are combined with a variety of regional herbs and spices, including ginger, garlic, and chilli, to make Tungrymbai. A distinctive and potent flavour profile is produced after allowing the combination to ferment for a number of days. Tungrymbai is well recognised for its potent umami flavour, which can be difficult for novices to become used to but is delightful for those who are. In most cases, it is offered as a side dish to go with rice or steamed appetisers like Putharo. Tungrymbai is a must-try for intrepid food fans and is praised by locals for its powerful and sour taste.

5. Pumaloi


The delicious Khasi dessert, one of Shillong’s best food, Pumaloi, is a perfect example of the area’s passion for sweets. Glutinous rice flour, jaggery (unrefined sugar), and grated coconut are used in the preparation of these steamed rice cakes to produce a decadently sweet and flavourful treat. Small cakes made from the dough and the sweet jaggery syrup are cooked until they are soft and chewy. Pumaloi’s overall richness and texture are improved with the addition of coconut. These mouthwatering rice cakes are some of the best Shillong famous food and are frequently relished as a sweet course or as a decadent snack all day. Pumaloi perfectly captures Shillong’s distinctive culinary tradition, where savoury and sweet flavours are valued equally.

These five best indigenous foods of Shillong give a tantalising look into the extensive and varied culinary traditions of this alluring area and are some of the famous foods of Shillong. Shillong’s food is a lively tapestry of traditions and flavours that continue to entice the taste buds of both locals and visitors. From the robust and spicy flavours of Jadoh and Dohkhlieh to the soothing simplicity of Putharo and the acquired taste of Tungrymbai. Finally, the sweet charm of Pumaloi makes for the ideal capper to a voyage through Shillong’s culinary treasures, providing an enduring sense of the area’s distinctive and fascinating food culture.

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1. Where can you find the best local dishes in Shillong? <h3>

You can find the best food in Shillong at a number of restaurants, and you can easily order them online from any part of the city.  

2. Are the local dishes of Shillong affordable?

The local dishes of the city are extremely affordable, and you can find them at great discounts if you order them using food delivery platforms offering discounts.

3. What can be attributed to Shillong’s unique food culture?

The tribal culture influences the cuisines and food of Shillong, and that is what makes the food of Meghalaya distinct from other states and renders it a delectable taste. 

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