Top 7 Famous Sweets in Guwahati Every Food Lover Must Try

March 23, 2024

Guwahati is a tourist destination in Assam. The city is famous for its wide range of flora and fauna, historical museums, mountains, and some renowned temples. Boasting pleasant weather all year round, Guwahati has the best geographical features. But it’s not just the beautiful scenery and the excellent weather that brings people to this city. Guwahati is popular for offering some scrumptious desserts that help satisfy your taste buds. 

One of the key ingredients found in most sweet recipes made in the city is rice. Usually, the desserts in Guwahati feature coconut, rice, and the garnishing of cashews, almonds, and grapes. The desserts here go beyond Gajar Ka Halwa and Moong Dal Ka Halwa. To taste the authentic flavours of Guwahati, you must order to city’s special delicacies on Swiggy. Here are the 7 famous sweets in Guwahati that every foodie visiting the town should try.

1. Komolar Kheer

Komolar Kheer

Featuring an extensive range of flavours and a smooth texture, Komolar Kheer is the speciality of Assam and one of the most ordered desserts in Guwahati. The sweet and tangy flavours of the dish melt in your mouth. Rice gives it a thick texture, while oranges give it a tangy flavour. It’s gained so much popularity in Assam that no meal or festival is complete without Komolar Kheer. The dessert is prepared in the same way as normal Kheer

The milk is boiled until it achieves a thick consistency. Dry fruits, including cashew nuts and raisins, are added to the milk to give it nice flavours. Once it’s boiled perfectly, fresh orange pulp is added to the Kheer to complete it. Roasted nuts can also be used for this recipe. The best part is that Komolar Kheer tastes perfect whether it’s served hot or cold. The next time you visit Guwahati, do not forget to order Komolar Kheer. This blend of delicious flavours will give you the taste of the authenticity of the state.

2. Payasam


Payasam or Rice Payas is a kheer made of boiled rice. It’s made of ghee, sugar, rice, and dry fruits. Payasam is garnished with saffron and spices. You can also add nuts to give it a perfect look. The dessert is associated with a strong history. It’s believed that Buddha broke their 7-year-long fast by having a bowl of Payasam. Although it originated in Odissa, the dish gained immense popularity in different parts of the country, including Assam. Today, it’s a staple dessert of Guwahati.

3. Pitha

A staple food in Assamese food, Pitha is a delicious rice cake that has a crispy flavour on the outside and soft filling on the inside. The filling can be salty or sweet, based on how you like it. Pitha is prepared during Bihu, a festival that’s celebrated with enthusiasm in Assam. It marks the beginning of the New Year. 

Pitha is prepared by steaming rice flour and adding jaggery, sesame seeds, and coconut. The sweet recipe can be prepared in different ways and with different ingredients. For instance, it can be made of rice flour, sugar, and milk. It can also be served with curd. A few variations of this sweet dish include Til Pitha, Narikol Pitha, Tora Pitha, and tekeli Pitha.

4. Narikolor Laru

Narikolor Laru

Laddus are Indians’ favourite. Whether it is Motichoor Laddu or Coconut Balls, each consists of delicious flavours and a soft texture. Guwahati has a special Narikolor Laddu dish that’s perfect for people who love coconut-based desserts. It is made of dry coconuts, which are roasted and mixed with condensed milk. 

These are garnished with dry fruits and shaped into small coconut balls. The recipe is incredibly simple, and the taste is beyond good. Whenever you visit Guwahati, order Narikolor Laddu on Swiggy and try them. It’s a perfect tea-time recipe. You could also add lime juice to make it a little tangy, but that’s completely optional. Lime is used to give it a white colour. 

5. Khaja


Another popular sweet delicacy of Assam, Khaja is made of wheat flour. It’s an ancient recipe of Assam that’s equally popular in Andhra Pradesh. The flattened dough is deep-fried until it achieves a crispy texture and a golden brown colour. It is then dipped into sugar or jaggery syrup, which gives it a sweet taste. The dish is garnished with cardamom powder, black pepper, and cinnamon powder. 

The dish is sometimes served hot, i.e. right after it’s taken out of the hot oil. It’s a layered form of pastry that tastes incredibly delicious. If you are craving something sweet and crunchy, feel free to order Khaja on Swiggy. This mouth-watering dessert will give you the flavours of Assam. Besides, many street food shops serve hot Khaja in Guwahati. You will most likely come across a shop serving this delicious Assamese cuisine.

6. Qubani Ka Meetha

Qubani Ka Meetha

If you are looking for something different than rice and coconut-based sweet recipes in Guwahati, try Qubani Ka Meetha. Qubani is apricots, and this Guwahati-special cuisine is made of dried apricots, which are soaked in water for a few hours. Water and sugar are added to the mixture to give it the perfect texture and the right flavour. Qubani Ka Meetha is one of the most flavourful desserts in Assam. It’s also a popular sweet dish in Hyderabad, but the ingredients and preparation techniques might differ. The dish is garnished with almonds, cashews, and the seeds from the apricot.

7. Jolpan


The traditional breakfast in Guwahati consists of Jolpan. In fact, locals start their day with a bowl of this sweet recipe that has minimal ingredients and a delicious taste. It’s made of sticky rice, which is mixed with curd or cream to give it a smooth and thick texture. Jaggery is added to give it a sweet taste. It can be garnished with cashew nuts.

Bottom Line

Guwahati offers some scrumptious sweets with rice as the key ingredient in most. The chefs use many spices and nuts to add rich flavours to each recipe. You can also taste the deliciousness of the city by indulging in these sweet dishes.

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