Rajkot Famous Street Food: Discovering the Must-Try Local Food Items

March 28, 2024

The city of Rajkot is renowned for its quintessential contribution to the famous Gujarati cuisine. Rajkot primarily features a vegetarian platter due to its strong influences of traditional Hinduism and Jain vegetarianism. The dishes of Rajkot vary in overall taste while featuring a gastronomical blend of sweet, tangy, spicy, and savoury flavours.

Delightfully delicious, the local street food of Rajkot can be depicted through a combination of healthy & nutritious ingredients, including pulses and leafy vegetables. These ingredients are then combined with an array of spices to enhance the overall taste and experience. If you are visiting Rajkot anytime soon, you can enjoy its local dishes and delicacies by simply exploring the narrow yet beautiful bylanes of the city.

Which is the Best Street Food of Rajkot?

Undhiyu, Dhokla, and Khakra are some of the leading names that pop up in your head as soon as you hear the name of any city of Gujarat. While these are definitely a major part of the local cuisine of Rajkot, the city is known for an extensive array of other dishes and cuisines that you would love to try out. 

As you are visiting Rajkot, the city has its unique way of surprising its tourists, right from the famous landmarks to the classic Gujarati Thali and a hint of sweet flavours in every dish. Are you ready to indulge in the famous street food of Rajkot? Here are some of the must-try dishes:

1. Khandvi


Light, soft, mushy, and delightful, khandvi is a very popular street-side delicacy in Rajkot, Gujarat. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most sought-after breakfast options by both locals and tourists alike.

Khandvi offers an irresistible combination of both salty and sweet flavours. The dish is primarily prepared with a rich batter made by mixing gram flour, sugar, and salt. You can also give it a try to give your day a healthy start.

2. Dhokla


When in any city of Gujarat, this one is another healthy snack. Dhokla is one of the most frequently consumed Gujarati dishes across the globe. Whether you have it for your breakfast, lunch, or evening snack, it is always the right time to have this world-famous Gujarati snack.

The leading sweet shops and street food vendors prepare this soft, spongy dish out of fermented chickpeas and rice. When you order a plate of Dhokla from a famous street food stall in Rajkot, you will be served an array of delectable chutneys to enhance the overall flavours. The best way to have this delicacy is with spicy mint & chilli chutney. Some vendors also offer classic Methi chutney. Another popular variant of Dhokla that is highly relished by the locals of Rajkot features Dhokla squares, given a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and cumin seeds to impart a unique flavour to the dish.

3. Handvo


Handvo is yet another popular snack readily available across sweet shops and food stalls in Rajkot. It is a savoury, sweet cake offering ample depth and creativity to the local cuisine of Rajkot. The delicious vegetable cake is prepared by mixing a batter of bottle gourd, an assortment of healthy veggies, and crushed peanuts to achieve an irresistible flavour.

The cake is quite similar to Dhokla with respect to the overall texture. However, there is a stark difference in the overall taste. Therefore, you must try it at least once when in Rajkot. To complete the dish, a delicious tadka of hot mustard seeds, sesame seeds, curry leaves, and cumin seeds is added.

4. Thepla


The flavours of this Gujarati staple are unmatched. Thepla is a type of Indian flatbread prepared using a myriad of ingredients, including fenugreek leaves, cumin seeds, and wheat flour. The best part is that leading eateries of the city prepare multiple variations of this must-have local dish to help you have a great culinary experience.

With the right combination of rich ingredients, Thepla ultimately produces a vibrance of intense flavours that are too hard to resist. Most food vendors offer different types of side dishes, such as curd, chutneys, and chunda. Theplas can also be consumed hot or cold with your favourite beverage.

5. Gujarati Khichdi

Gujarati Khichdi

Khichdi is one of the most common dishes consumed across households in India. The city of Rajkot manages to create its own healthy yet flavourful version of this staple household dish to cater to the taste buds of one & all. 

The dish features ample nutrition in its overall content. The healthy flavours of the dish are accentuated by the use of fresh, local vegetables and a dollop of pure desi ghee. A plate of Gujarati Khichdi typically contains healthy ingredients like cereals, rice, veggies, and loads of ghee. Often complemented with a glass of chilled buttermilk in the city, Khichdi is one item you can try in Gujarat.

6. Khakra


The more you dive into the offerings of Rajkot cuisine, the more you will start loving light, delectable snacks of the city. Khakra is a Gujarati variant of flatbread that is popular in Jain cuisine. The snack item is prepared out of a combination of wheat flour, mat beans, and oil. You will observe this dish as a common addition to your breakfast platter anywhere in Rajkot. Khakra is a highly nutritious snack that is best enjoyed with Methi Chutney and spicy pickles.


Gujarat never fails to surprise you with its wide assortment of local dishes and delicacies. When in Rajkot, you can order food online from Swiggy and make the most of your gastronomical experience here. 

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