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March 29, 2024

Nashik or the City of Oranges is a famous city in Maharashtra. The city is renowned for its finest range of vineyards and other landmarks. Additionally, the city is also known for its rich culinary heritage, including sweets. As you explore the beautiful city, you will encounter a number of age-old sweet shops and modern eateries & cafes offering some of the most delicious sweets.

The temptation of having something sweet and delightful right after a hearty meal is irresistible. Nashik is no exception when it comes to offering a wide gamut of sweets or dessert options, especially for the sweet-lovers out there. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be delighted to know about the wide range of the famous sweets of Nashik that you must try out. Let us find out!

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Nashik?

Nashik’s love for delectable desserts and sweet dishes is never-ending. Right from traditional sweets or mithais to contemporary range of chocolate cheese pancakes and waffles, the city has something in store for all types of sweet lovers. You can head to or order from the famous dessert shops in the city to fulfill your cravings for something sweet and delicious.

When in Nashik, you can now order sweets online from Swiggy, right from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the most famous sweets in Nashik you must try on your next trip to the City of Oranges:

1. Puran Poli

Puran Poli

With immense fame across the state of Maharashtra, Puran Poli is a traditional dessert that is highly sought-after by the locals of Nashik. Dripping with the goodness of pure desi ghee, this ultra-soft, sweet delicacy is a type of spongy flatbread delivering indulgence throughout.

Typically, Puran Poli features two core components: a sweetened lentil filling flavoured with cardamom and jaggery, known as Puran. This sweet, lip-smacking filling is stuffed inside a dough made out of maida, known as Poli. The delicious combination is cooked on a conventional tawa in a generous amount of ghee. The dessert is prepared across Nashik on special occasions and festivals.

2. Modak


When in Maharashtra, you must try out this quintessential dessert, Modak. The sweet is ubiquitous to the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi across the state, including Nashik. Modak is a delicious sweet dumpling prepared out of rice flour dough.

To enhance the overall taste, soft, spongy dumplings are filled with the goodness of khoya, grated coconut, and a myriad of other spices. When you are looking for the best Modak in Nashik, you will come across immense variations, including Chocolate Modak, Gulkand Modak, Coconut Modak, and so more.

3. Amrakhand

Sirkhand is equally popular across Maharashtra like in Gujarat. As far as the origin of this delicious sweet recipe is concerned, it is believed that Bhima (from Mahabharata) created this lip-smacking dessert. Through years and generations, Shrikhand or Amrakhand has undergone major experiments to bring out unparalleled taste and texture.

Amrakhand is a special type of Shrikhand as it is prepared with the goodness of mangoes. When in Nashik, you must try out this innovative version of Shrikhand as there is an abundance of mangoes in the region. To make Amrakhand, the creamy mixture of Shrikhand is mixed with mouth-watering, luscious pulp of mangoes to enhance the overall flavour.

4. Gavhale Kheer

Gavhale is available as a handmade, thread-like pasta made with the help of semolina or suji. Also referred to as Valvat, Gavhale is eventually boiled with sugar and milk to prepare ultra-soft, delicious noodles or pasta. To the mixture, aromatic spices are also added to prepare the creamy kheer.

Gavhale Kheer is typically prepared on special occasions like weddings or festivals. It is also treated as one of the Prasadams to Goddess Parvati. This traditional form of Kheer is Nashik’s well-kept culinary secret.

5. Karanji


Quite similar to Puran Poli, Karanji is also a major festive preparation. The dish is regarded as the close cousin of the all-time famous North Indian sweet recipe Gujiya. The sweet delicacy is popularly prepared across households and sweet shops on special occasions like Diwali. Essentially, the sweet dish is a deep-fried, semi-circular dumpling featuring the delicious filling of grated coconut, dry fruits, khoya, and jaggery.

6. Shankarpada


Also referred to as Shankarpali, Shankarpada is a small-sized, sweet, crispy treat that is highly sought-after on special occasions like festivals or weddings. The dish is prepared by using ghee, maida, semolina, and sugar. All the ingredients are mixed religiously to form a delectable dough.

Across leading dessert shops and eateries of Nashik, you will easily spot a purchase-ready pack of Shankarpada. While the dessert item is quite popular in Maharashtra, it has gained immense impetus in Karnataka and Gujarat as well.

7. Mango Mastani

Mango Mastani

It is easy to get confused about this sweet delicacy being a dessert or a drink. As you have it in Nashik, you can figure out the same yourself. This indulgent mango-based delight is quite a sensation across cities like Nashik and Pune.

The beverage-like dessert usually overflows with rich cream, nuts, dry fruits, and lip-smacking ice cream. It is available as a thick, fulfilling mango-based milkshake that is usually garnished with almond flakes and silver varq.


When it comes to trying out the best sweets of Nashik in Maharashtra, there is no shortage of options. With Swiggy, you can now order sweets online in Nashik to end your cravings for something sweet and delightful. The ease of doorstep delivery in Nashik allows you to order your favourite sweet delicacies in the city, irrespective of the time of the day or occasion.

The city abounds in the number of age-old sweet shops and modern sweet cafes for you to try out. Whether you head out or order online, the famous sweets of Nashik are assured to leave you spellbound. Slurping already? We do not blame you! Try all the desired sweets here and let us know which one is your favourite! 

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