Discovering 5 Most Famous Sweets In Allahabad

March 29, 2024

Tradition, nostalgia, and taste perfectly define the lip-smacking cuisine of Allahabad. Prayagraj, or Allahabad, is a holy city serving as a major destination for pilgrims from all around the country. There is no denying the fact that Allahabad is one of the most sought-after places for spiritual hearts, especially during the world-famous Kumbh Mela. 

The city boasts its immense importance in spiritual scriptures and references, especially with respect to the amalgamation of three holy rivers, Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. In addition to its high-end cultural, religious, and spiritual significance, the city is also famed for its rich culinary culture. As thousands of tourists from all parts of the country and abroad visit the holy city every year, Allahabad is also a leading hotspot for food lovers of all sorts. This includes sweet lovers as well!

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Allahabad?

The delightful city of Allahabad allows you to indulge in the richness and goodness of divine sweets you would love to try. Whether you fall for the iconic Jalebis or aromatic and creamy Malai Peda, there is something in store for everyone out there. With Swiggy, you can explore the rich culinary delights of Allahabad, including sweetmeats that are a must-have in the city.

If you have a sweet tooth and looking for the best sweet options in the city, here are some of the most famous sweets in Allahabad that you must try:

1. Gujiya


Gujiya is a popular sweet meat with its origins in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a deep-fried, rich pastry filled with the goodness of delicious ingredients. You will be mesmerised by the blend of khoya (milk solids), aromatic spices, and dry fruits. The dough is prepared with all-purpose flour and a generous amount of ghee.

The heavenly mix of the dough imparts a flaky and crispy texture throughout. The filling of the pastry is also deliciously prepared by mixing khoya, almonds, pistachios, and grated coconut. The final mixture is infused with the aromatic essence of saffron and cardamom. Once the pastry doughs are in place, they are deep-fried until golden brown. Then, these fried delicacies are dipped in a rich sugar syrup to enhance the overall taste.

2. Makhan Malai

Makhan Malai

Makhan Malai is yet another delightful sweet delicacy from the city of Allahabad. This sweet meat originates from the state of Uttar Pradesh and has become quite a famous option across neighbouring states as well. The delicacy is famous for its creamy, rich texture. It is a popular traditional dessert that is prepared by churning milk and collecting its fresh malai or cream forming on the top.

Eventually, the thick, creamy malai is flavoured with saffron, cardamom powder, and chopped nuts, imparting a distinctive aroma and a touch of sweetness throughout. This leading dessert item is usually served chilled. When you taste it, it leaves a melt-in-your-mouth experience to satisfy your sudden sweet cravings. This decadent sweet treat is usually enjoyed on special occasions and festivals.

3. Peda


Peda is a delectable sweet item from Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, it is quite prevalent across sweet shops and eateries of Allahabad as well. Peda, in Allahabad, is a quintessential delight that captures the culinary essence of the region. The exact origins of this sweet dish date back to several centuries. Local sweet shops and leading eateries craft this delicacy with the help of simple yet unique preparation methods. 

Peda serves to be a divine combination of rich ingredients like khoya (condensed milk), an impressive blend of aromatic spices like saffron and cardamom, and sugar. The process starts by simmering milk for multiple hours until the same thickens to form khoya. Then, khoya is mixed with sugar and other ingredients to be shaped into beautiful Pedas. Some sweet shops also enrich the overall experience by garnishing it with pistachios and edible silver foil.

4. Agra Petha

Agra Petha

When anywhere in Uttar Pradesh, it is a must-have sweet delicacy that you can try in Allahabad as well. Renowned for its translucent and soft texture, this sugar treat is prepared out of the finest range of white pumpkins. These pieces are then cooked to perfection to achieve the desired texture and taste. Eventually, pumpkin pieces are dipped in sugar syrup while being infused with saffron, fragrant cardamom, and rose syrup to enrich the overall aroma and taste. 

The meticulous preparation process helps you access this soft, luscious sweet treat that is irresistible. Agra Petha is renowned across the country for its rich taste and texture. It is often enjoyed as a traditional dessert of Uttar Pradesh, especially on special occasions and festivals. 

5. Balushahi


Balushahi is yet another iconic sweet meat that is readily available across sweet shops in Allahabad. This unique sweet dish emanates the perfect blend of distinctive textures and unparalleled taste. Featuring a golden-brown, flaky texture on the outside, this deep-fried pastry is too good to simply melt in your mouth. 

The true, divine flavours of the dish lie in the soft, luscious core of the dessert. As you take a bite of the flaky exteriors, you will be greeted with the subtle sweetness of rich sugar syrup and a hint of saffron & cardamom to enhance the overall flavours. The dish is popularly enjoyed on special occasions and festivals across Allahabad. 


When in Uttar Pradesh, there is no need to hunt explicitly for delicious food. All the cities of the state are dotted with rich culinary culture to impress its guests. When in Allahabad, you have the luxury of trying out both savoury as well as sweet delicacies that tantalise your taste buds. Get the most out of the culinary experience here as you order sweets online in Allahabad from leading shops through Swiggy. You can get doorstep delivery of your favourite sweet delicacies as you enjoy them in the comfort of your home. 

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