Taste the Golden City: Try Top Famous Sweets in Amritsar

March 29, 2024

Amritsar resides at the heart of Punjab, the land of rich heritage and deep culture. In addition to its rich historical background and religious significance, Amritsar truly holds the status of being the Food Capital of Punjab. Retaining the traditional Punjabi food culture, Amritsar is also renowned for its divine offering of the most famous sweets in the region. Let us find out!

While savoury delights often tend to dominate the list of must-have food items of Amritsar, the sweet delicacies here are unmatched. Amritsar features an equally delicious tradition of everything sweet, perfect for sweet-lovers. The old, walled city features an extensive range of attractive bazaars, katras, and chowks to offer you a delightful experience. The narrow bylanes of the city are dotted with sweetmeats for those craving something satiating right after a fulfilling meal in Amritsar.

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Amritsar?

As you visit the world-famous Golden Temple in Amritsar, you are bound to try out the rich local cuisine of the city as well. Whether you prefer something flavourful or sweet, the city has something in store for everyone. As you crave for something sweet and delicious, you can order your favourite sweets online in Amritsar from Swiggy.

If Amritsar is on your list of the next travel destination, make a list of the best sweets of Amritsar that you should not miss out on:

1. Kada Prasad

Kada Prasad

Your trip to Amritsar will be incomplete without a visit to the famous Sri Harmandir Sahib or the famous Golden Temple. At the same time, your trip to the Golden Temple will be incomplete without trying out the must-have Kada Prasad.

Kada Prasad is a popular sacred offering of a delicious concoction of wheat flour (atta), a generous amount of ghee, and sugar. This delicious dessert is cupped into the hands of devotees after they have paid their homage to the Guru Granth Sahib. It is indeed one of the best ways to start your sweet trail.

2. Pede Wali Lassi

Pede Wali Lassi

Most tourists in Amritsar will agree to the delicious flavours of rich Amritsari khana, whether you try fluffy paranthas or spicy Chhole Puri. The spiciness and richness of these scrumptious dishes can be wiped down with a fulfilling glass of creamy, sweet pede wali lassi topped with a dollop of velvety, thick cream.

If having this rich beverage is not sinful enough, head to the famous sweetmeats or local sweet shops, milk fudge or fresh peda are blended and muddled with sweetened yoghurt and fresh cream to create a thick glass of luscious lassi.

If you wish to take your sweet experience a notch higher, pair your glass of thick lassi with hot, crispy jalebis. Most of the leading sweetmeats and sweet shops are located close to the Golden Temple, so you can have a great time as soon as you indulge in the spiritual journey.

3. Mithai


A number of famous sweet shops tucked inside the bustling lanes of the old city can be on your list of must-eats for their extensive Chhole Puris. To enhance the platter, the dish is paired with tangy & sweet Aloo ki Launji and seasonal pickles.

These leading sweet shops also offer some of the most delicious Mithais, or sweet dishes, prepared in Amritsar out of pure desi ghee. Here, you will find almost everything, right from panjeeri (a sweet mixture featuring assorted nuts and roasted semolina), besan ke laddoo, to patisa (a finer sibling of soan papdi).

4. Gur ka Halwa

Gur ka Halwa

There are only a few famous Halwai shops across Amritsar that prepare this rich delicacy, especially during the winter season. Made from jaggery and semolina, the rich texture of the sweet dish lends the Halwa ample depth and a great taste. To enhance the taste and aroma, the Halwa is topped with heavenly ingredients like seeds, nuts, and dried fruits.

This ghee-soaked desi sweet is a must-have in Amritsar. The halwa is deep brown in colour and soaked in a generous amount of ghee. You will also spot strands of saffron and crushed cardamom that add to the overall taste and texture. The fragrant richness of the sweet dish imparts a comforting warmth to the dessert, highly enjoyable during the warm winter sun.

5. Pinni


Pinni, in Amritsar, is the quintessential winter-time sweet treat. This ghee-loaded sweetmeat is prepared with wholewheat flour, known as Atte ki Pinni. You will also love the other variant of this sweet dish made with Black Lentils or Ground Urad. A serving topped with dried fruits and chopped nuts enhances its beauty.

Leading sweet shops in the city vouch for preparing the most delicious Pinnis in Amritsar. Due to its extended shelf life, Pinnis also travel impressively. Therefore, you can order a packet of Pinnis online from Swiggy and take it back home for everyone to taste. The best way to relish this must-have dessert in Amritsar is by warming it up slightly to ooze out the ghee while the delicacy itself crumbles to your touch.

6. Bhugga


It is yet another winter-time sweet essential. Bhugga is available as a round confection prepared with a divine mix of sweetened khoya or milk solids, raisins, nuts, and sesame seeds. Some of the most famous variants of Bhugga in Amritsar are Badam Bhugga and Cashew Bhugga.

Prepared by slow-cooking khoya with sugar in a large bowl, Bhugga tastes divine throughout the chill of the season. The mixture is eventually cooled down while being mixed with dried fruits and nuts. The dessert is ultimately flavoured with rose water, a dash of kewra, and cardamom to enrich the overall flavours.


Make the most of your devotional trip to Amritsar by trying out its famous sweets. Now, you can enjoy them without having to travel all the way to the respective shops. Just order sweets online in Amritsar from Swiggy and have a great experience. 

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