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March 30, 2024

All the divine street-side delicacies like gol gappe, chaats, and jhalmuri are local to the city of Aurangabad in the state of Bihar. Historically, the ancient city of Aurangabad holds ample importance, especially with respect to its rich cuisine. The culinary scene of the city is an ode to the old civilizations, during which the local chefs of the city learned the unique art of preparing some of the most scrumptious recipes, including sweets.

The local cuisine of the city carries forward the rich tradition of cooking dishes gradually, mostly for several hours. Along with major ancient influences, the city’s local cuisine is also significantly influenced by the typical Bihari style of cooking. While most of the inspirations are directly translated into its rich, savoury delicacies, the famous sweets in Aurangabad are divine as well. Let us find out!

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Aurangabad?

Between refreshing Pani Puris and spicy Jhalmuris, Aurangabad has a plethora of sweet delights for you to relish. With famous desserts like Balushahi, Rasgulle, and Malpua are immensely renowned across the state of Bihar, there are several more delightful names to the list of the most famous sweets in Aurangabad that you would love to try out.

As you enjoy the rich, spicy delicacies of Aurangabad, you might need a plateful of mouth-watering desserts to cool down. With an array of options available across leading sweet shops and modern cafes of the city, you might be spoilt for choices. Here are some of the must-have Aurangabad famous sweets that you should try after a spicy treat:

1. Thekua


Also known by local names like Tikari, Khajuria, and Thokni, Thekua is a highly revered sweet item consumed across the state of Bihar, especially on the auspicious occasion of Chhath. It is a highly auspicious form of prasad that is cooked to perfection by using meticulous methods and fresh ingredients. The delicacy has served as a famous sweet snack for several centuries across the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

When you try out Thekua in Aurangabad, you are guaranteed to be spellbound by its delicious flavours and rich texture. Typically, the dish is prepared with fresh ingredients, including wheat flour, ghee, and chasni (melted sugar) or jaggery. A thick dough is made with these ingredients and additional items like cardamon are added to enhance the overall taste. Eventually, the dough is deep-fried in ghee or oil to achieve a reddish-brown hue and crispy texture.

2. Parwal ki Mithai

Parwal ki Mithai

Are you someone who is fond of parwal or pointed gourd as a spicy recipe? You might as well adore the sweetened flavours of your favourite vegetable in the form of Parwal ki Mithai in Aurangabad. The best part is that you might as well fall in love with both sides of the highly sought-after veggie in Bihar.

During the preparation of this delicacy, the vegetable is initially de-skinned, deseeded, and eventually, boiled to make the same tender and soft. Then, the split-half section of the vegetable is filled with a delectable mixture of dry fruits, nuts, khoya, and other delicacies. Finally, parwal pieces are dipped in a rich sugar syrup to impart the sweet flavours.

3. Khowa Lai

Khowa Lai

Aurangabad is blessed with rich flavours and divine textures as far as the local cuisine is concerned. Lai is a popular laddoo-like sweet dish featuring a crunchy round ball. The balls are prepared out of a mixture of puffed rice and jaggery. In Bengali, this dish is also known as Moya. Laai is one of the most common sweets of Aurangabad, especially on special occasions and festivals.

There are several variations of Laai available across sweet shops in the city. One of the most sought-after versions is the Khowa Lai. As the name of the delicacy indicates, it is prepared with the richness of Khoya. The main component of Lai is the Ram Dana seeds. These seeds are eventually processed and mixed with jaggery and khoya to bring about the crispy, divine flavours.

4. Khaja


Khaja is a traditional Indian sweet item featuring the goodness of sugar, flour, and a rich ghee-based dough. The dough is eventually deep-fried in oil until it turns crispy and golden brown. Once the preparation is ready, deep-fried doughs are dipped in rich sugar syrup to bring about the best flavours.

This tasty dessert is one of the primary sweet dishes on special occasions and festivals in Bihar. There are several variations of this delicacy in Aurangabad. For instance, some Khaja variations are renowned for their overall puffiness. On the other hand, some variants are flaky on the exterior and juicy on the interior.

5. Anarsa


Anarsa is quite a famous mithai in Aurangabad and Gaya. The delicious sweet is prepared out of a mixture of sugar, powdered rice, sesame seeds, and khoya. In addition to Bihar, the sweet dish is quite popular across Maharashtra as well. In Southern cuisine, it is also known as Adhirasam.

To prepare the local delicacy, rice is initially soaked in water. The water is changed at regular intervals for several days. Eventually, the rice is drained, ground, and made into a powder form. Then, powdered rice is mixed with jaggery to create a thick dough. The dough is left to mature for around 4-5 days. Later on, the dough is rolled with other ingredients like poppy seeds. The same is deep-fried in oil and enjoyed fresh.


As you head out to try the rich cuisine of Bihar, there is no shortage of options, especially desserts. Cities in Bihar like Aurangabad are renowned for their divine flavours and popular sweets. You can now order online in Aurangabad from Swiggy to enjoy your favourite delicacy right in the comfort of your home. With the ease of doorstep delivery, you can fulfill your cravings for a sweetened dish right after a hearty meal. 

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