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March 30, 2024

The city of Rajkot is renowned for its delectable Gujarati cuisine. Primarily, a typical vegetarian cuisine is highly favoured by the locals here. In addition to a wide selection of mouth-watering savoury treats, the city of Rajkot also delights its visitors with unmatched flavours of sweet dishes or mithais. Let us help you explore Rajkot famous sweets!

Delightfully lip-smacking, the local cuisine and famous sweets in Rajkot are described as the heavenly combination of rich taste and high-end textures to enhance your overall experience. As Rajkot serves as the cultural and commercial capital of Gujarat, the local cuisine of the city will never disappoint you, especially its delectable desserts.

What are the Most Famous Sweets in Rajkot?

From texture-filled Mohanthal to scrumptious Shrikhand to Basundi, the list of must-have desserts in Rajkot is endless. The palate-appealing combination of sweet and savoury flavours of the state of Gujarat is what makes the cuisine here quite incomparable.

Besides all the must-have snacks in Gujarat, the local cuisine of Rajkot offers an unparalleled assortment of Gujarati sweet recipes that are too irresistible. The exquisite range of sweetmeats is hard to find at high-end restaurants. However, you can easily spot them across leading sweet chains or sweet shops throughout the city. If you are visiting Rajkot anytime soon, here is a list of the most Rajkot special sweets to try at least once:

1. Shrikhand


The sweet and creamy delicacy is right straight from the kitchens of heaven. This Rajkot famous mithai features a thick dollop of hung curd sweetened with sugar and enhanced with rich spices like cardamom and saffron to make up for this traditional Gujarati dessert. Due to its widespread popularity across the state of Gujarat, this sweet dish is equally famous in Rajkot as well.

Also referred to as Matho, this juicy and melt-in-your-mouth delicacy is also served on special occasions and festivals. In some temples and religious gatherings, the dessert is also served in the form of prasad. With a creamy, rich texture and divine flavours, Shrikhand has effectively become one of the most favourite sweets of all age groups.

2. Ghari


It is a Surati special. However, it is equally loved by the locals of Rajkot as one of the most delectable sweet dishes out there. Due to its origin in Surat, the dish also goes by the name of Surati Ghari. The treat is prepared with the help of a sweetened dough along with sugar, ghee, and milk. To enhance the overall flavours, the makers of this dish also add a hint of rosewater.

Eventually, the entire mixture is shaped into round balls with a sweet filling of dates. The dessert is primarily consumed on leading festivals or occasions like Chandni Padva. When you order a box of Ghari in Rajkot, you will come across delectable variations like Mawa Ghari and those featuring almonds, pistachios, and kesar.

3. Mohanthal


Delivering the rich flavours of roasted besan in a generous portion of ghee, Mohanthal is quite a renowned dessert across Gujarat and Rajasthan. When you have this delicacy in Rajkot, you will get added flavours of khoya and cardamom to magnify your overall experience of having your favourite sweet.

Mohanthal is a delightful Gujarati sweet delicacy that is mostly prepared on special occasions and festivals like Diwali. Either diamond-shaped or square-shaped barfis are prepared out of gram flour, nuts, and milk. The rich concoction offers the dish a delicate, deep flavour that is simply drool-worthy.

4. Basundi


When in Rajkot, you must try a serving of Basundi as one of the most famous sweets here. Basundi can be regarded as the nearest sibling to the famous North Indian dessert, Rabdi. Basundi is not just popular across Gujarat but also throughout North India due to its rich flavour and divine texture.

This milk-based dessert is prepared by condensing milk and flavouring the same with saffron and cardamom to enhance the overall texture and aroma. The dish features a mildly thick and creamy texture throughout. Therefore, it is best served chilled with a garnishing of chopped dry fruits and nuts.

5. Golpapdi


It is a simple blend of jaggery and wheat flour. However, you will be surprised by the heavenly flavours of this dish. Golpapdi is a common sweet dish in Rajkot due to the overall simple process of preparing the same. Most households prepare this delicacy on special occasions or festivals like Diwali.

In Sindhi cuisine, the dish goes by the name “Sukhdi.” Gol Papdi or Gur Papdi are some other variations of the sweet dish. Gur Papdi, as the name implies, typically features a rich blend of wheat flour with Gud or Jaggery. The ingredients are kneaded properly to impart a biscuit-like shape. The biscuits are then set in the refrigerator to be consumed in the form of a famous sweetened snack item.

6.  Atte ka Sheera

Atte ka Sheera

It is a rich, decadent dessert from the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Prepared on special festivals like Diwali, Atte ka Sheera is nothing but rich wheat flour halwa. The rich, thickened pudding is prepared with a divine combination of wheat flour and a generous serving of ghee or clarified butter.

Sweetened with the goodness of jaggery, the dessert is stirred continuously to bring about the most desired consistency and texture. Eventually, the dessert is garnished with chopped nuts, cardamom, and saffron to bring out the best flavours.


When you are visiting any city in Gujarat, you enter the ultimate food paradise. Whether you choose savoury or sweetened delights, the wide range of some of the must-have dishes in Gujarat is endless. Thankfully, for all the sweet-lovers out there, the city of Rajkot has some of the most delectable sweet dishes to try out.

Whether you have a plate of Sheera or order a pack of Basundi from a leading sweet shop in Rajkot, the overall experience is simply heavenly. The best part is that now you can order online in Rajkot from Swiggy to get doorstep delivery. 

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