Savour the Best of Meerut: Unveiling Meerut Famous Sweets

March 30, 2024

As far as the food choices are concerned, Meerut, a small city in Uttar Pradesh, offers a wide range of options to suit the palate of one & all. Whether you adore savoury delights or relish sweet delicacies, Meerut has something in store for everyone.

Meerut experiences the confluence of individuals from all corners of the country due to rapid industrialisation and urbanisation. Therefore, it is common to observe a divine mix of global cuisine from all parts of the world. Quite recently, Meerut has experienced the launch of a number of modern cafes, best restaurants, and even small eateries serving some of the most delightful delicacies, both savoury as well as sweet. If you are a sweet-lover, Meerut will not disappoint you either.

What are the Most Famous Sweets of Meerut?

Meerut is an ancient city quite close to the capital city of India, Delhi. Due to its rich cultural and historical importance, the city boasts an extensive menu of a wide range of delicacies, including your favourite mithais. If you have a taste bud for something sweet at all times, the city is famous for its exquisite taste of Revdi, quite renowned in the region.

Additionally, there are several more options for the most famous sweets in Meerut that you must try. Here are some of the most sought-after options:

1. Revdi


When it comes to Meerut ki famous sweets, Revdi tops the list. The best part is that there is a multitude of options in terms of taste and texture when you wish to order a packet of Revdi in Meerut. Right from Til Revdi to Gud or Jaggery Revdi, the options are endless. All of them taste equally delightful, and you might find them irresistible.

The delicious sweet is usually prepared during the winter season. Whether you choose Til Revdi or Gud Revdi, these delicious treats are available as delectable bites of brittle, crispy candies that are completely drool-worthy. The best part is that a box of Til or Gud Revdi makes up for a great gift for your friends and family.

2. Nimish


Nimish is a popular, traditional Indian dessert that has its origin in Lucknow. Due to its immense popularity, the sweet dish is significantly consumed across other parts of the state, including Meerut. The delicacy owes its origin to the Era of Nawabs wherein it was invented under the influence of the Middle East culture. Nimish is famed for its rich use of high-end ingredients like saffron and rosewater. Some of the other ingredients used in the preparation of this sweet delicacy are milk, almonds, pistachios, cashews, double cream, and sugar.

It is available as a light, creamy pudding prepared by boiling milk foam. Due to its richness and creaminess, the dish is quite popular during the winter season amongst the locals of Meerut. Both cream and milk are eventually cooled down and aerated in traditional clay pots to impart a unique flavour and texture.

3. Malai Laddu

Malai Laddu

Do you have a sweet tooth? When in Meerut, Malai Laddu is the ultimate sweet dish for you. Soft, spongy, creamy laddus are prepared out of milk solids, sugar syrup, and khoya. Ultimately, these are flavoured with cardamom and saffron to enhance the overall taste and aroma.

To make the delicacy even more special, the local sweet shops of Meerut roll these laddus in desiccated coconut to add a rich texture to almost every bite of this mithai. The perfect balance of the richness of milk and the overall sweetness makes Malai Laddu a great experience for those who have a penchant for everything sweet.

4. Banarasi Kalakand

Banarasi Kalakand

When in Uttar Pradesh, you are guaranteed to come across this sweet delicacy almost everywhere, including Meerut. A trip to this city is incomplete without trying out this rich, creamy, and melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat.

Prepared out of Paneer, sugar, and milk, this milk-based delicacy features a grainy texture to add to the overall unique charm of the mithai. Infused with the aromatic essence of cardamom powder and saffron, Banarasi Kalakand is garnished beautifully with chopped nuts like almonds and pistachios.

5. Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa

It is yet another royal treat from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Prepared out of a divine concoction of ghee, milk, sugar, and besan, this sought-after sweet dish in Meerut is a hearty dessert. To enhance your overall experience, the mithai is also topped with crunchy nuts and dry fruits to emanate a sense of luxury.

Sohan Halwa is renowned for its soft, velvety texture. As you take a bite of this heavenly treat, you will end up craving for more. You can easily order a box of Sohan Halwa from a local sweet shop in Meerut. To get doorstep delivery, you can choose online food delivery from Swiggy.

6. Lavanglata


It is a traditional dessert of Uttar Pradesh, especially Varanasi. However, the overall fame and rich taste of the dish have made it a highly sought-after option in Meerut as well.

The distinctive aroma, rich taste, and unique shape of the sweet dish make it an irresistible choice for most sweet lovers out there. The dense, delicious concoction is prepared by mixing sugar, ground cloves, and khoya or milk solids. Eventually, the dish features a uniquely spiced flavour to set it apart from other sweet options in Meerut.

7. Chandrakala


It is a beautiful, crescent-shaped Meerut famous sweet from the state of Uttar Pradesh. The dessert serves to be the ultimate representation of the divine culinary heritage of Uttar Pradesh.

In Meerut, across traditional sweet shops, the dish is prepared by mixing khoya (milk solid) with saffron and an array of dry fruits. Eventually, the delicacy is dipped in sugar syrup to enhance the overall flavours.


With a myriad of choices for famous sweets of Meerut, you will be surprised to try out the unique flavours and textures. With the option of online delivery in Meerut by Swiggy, you can now enjoy your favourite sweets right in the comfort of your home. 

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