Making Life Easier with Swiggy Genie: How it Works and Why You Should Use it?

April 3, 2024

Let’s recall a situation when we forget things at home in the rush to reach the office on time. Imagine reaching the school but forgetting the lunch box. Remember the time when you were not well, and you needed someone to get you the medicines? Do you also wish to send your handmade food to your relative living in a far-off area but fail to do so due to a lack of time to deliver the same? Relax! Swiggy, a problem-solver, has devised a solution for all such situations. 

Swiggy identified the rising demand for home delivery of products and services. Two years ago, the food delivery platform introduced Swiggy Genie to leverage this opportunity of delivering daily products and services using the same delivery infrastructure that it has been using for the delivery of food for customers, which has created a revolution in the hyperlocal delivery space.

The idea of “Swiggy Genie” was to deliver anything to the doorstep of the user. It was called “Genie” because of the stories we heard from our childhood that a Genie is a wish-granting saviour. Similarly, this service fulfils the wishes of its users by assisting them in making quick deliveries from one location to another. Read on to find out what exactly Swiggy Genie is and what services are included in it. 

What is Swiggy Genie?

The service of Swiggy Genie enables people to send or receive anything from one place to another in their city, including lunch boxes, paperwork, laundry, goods for repair, shoes, stationery, and other supplies. While using Swiggy Genie, if you are wondering about the price that needs to be paid, here is the answer: the price structure for Swiggy Genie is determined by the separation of the pick-up and drop-off points. The initial price for any service is Rs. 40 for the first two kilometres of travel. The fare then increases in accordance with the distance travelled and the terms and conditions. 

How to use Swiggy Genie?

●  Get the most recent version of the Swiggy app for using Swiggy Genie.

●  Launch the Swiggy app and scroll down.

●  Click the “Create task” button in the app once you’ve located the choice of creating task.

●  Enter the task information, pick-up and drop-off locations.

● For example, if the task is to deliver lunch to the office, you can click the photo of the lunch box. For assignment details, a picture can also be clicked.

●  Apply a discount code, if applicable. 

● Now, all you have to do is hit the “Place Order” button, and Swiggy Genie will assign a delivery partner to complete your order. 

Benefits of Using Swiggy Genie

You will get the following perks when using Swiggy Genie: 

1. Affordable service fee

Swiggy Genie offers an interface for sending or receiving parcels from any area in the city or for running errands like picking clothes from the laundry or picking medicines from a medicine store. The service assesses fees based on the overall distance between the pickup and drop-off places. This is a fantastic effort to make delivery services affordable while maintaining confidence in the security and safety of the delivered goods.

2. Ease of creation of pickup/drop off task

You can now add pickup or drop-off task details under the “pick-up or drop any items” section. Choose a source address and enter your desired location, along with providing the sender’s contact details. Similarly, add the destination address and provide the receiver’s contact details. Pick a task and add the task details. For more clarity, you can also add pictures in the task details section. At the end, save your task details. Choose your preferred mode of payment and finish the order. A partner is assigned once the order is placed. 

3. Saves time and effort

You don’t need to leave your house to run errands like grocery shopping, purchasing medicines from pharmacies, going to laundries, etc., as now you can use Swiggy Genie to run these errands. Sit back, relax, and use Swiggy Genie’s pick-up and delivery services for daily necessary tasks. 

4. Keep a track of your package

Tracking is simple and convenient with Swiggy Genie because you can place a task order and then track the status of your service.

5. Availability of flexible timings

The services are flexible, letting you decide on the kind of service and the pick-up and drop-off times.

6. Safe and secured delivery

After understanding what Swiggy Genie is, you will know that you are assured of 100% secured delivery with Swiggy Genie. The service providers make sure that your shipments and other items are 100% safe and secure during pickup and drop-off, allowing you to relax.

Features that set Swiggy Genie apart 

Swiggy Genie provides both of the following service features:-

Pick up and delivery: You can send any item from point A to point B by entering the pick-up and drop-off locations when you are learning how to use Swiggy Genie. Your contact information for both points has to be entered. The delivery partner (DP) will get in touch with the recipient at location A, pick up the item, travel to location B, get in touch with the recipient there, and deliver the item to them. You will be able to track the DP’s location throughout this time.

Buy from a store: When understanding how to use Swiggy Genie, you can type the address of a store in your neighbourhood and add the products you wish. The delivery partner will buy and deliver these for you if you require a minor item or medication that is not featured under Swiggy Stores. If any item is not available, the delivery partner will contact you to discuss your options.

Bottom Line

Swiggy always seeks to offer the modern customer a comprehensive ordering and delivery solution with its services of food delivery, grocery delivery, and service delivery. In order to make your daily errands easier, Swiggy Genie also allows you to purchase items from paan shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and stationery stores. This suggests that you don’t need to get in touch with any other delivery service providers, and you can simply continue to use your favourite food delivery app for these tasks. This service has made it possible for individuals as well as home-based businesses or small businesses to carry out deliveries quickly and efficiently.

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